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Lot 160
U.S., High Value Holding. Incredibly valuable holding of better U.S. commemoratives; 37 desirable stamps; used items include an attractive #122, two #241's, 243, 2 each of 292 and 293; select unused includes 166, 218, three 241's, five 243's, two 244's, two 245's, 276, four attractive 292's the popular Cattle in Storm, five 293's, 312-313. 404, and two C13's; a tremendous holding with an immense catalog value - perfect for the Ebay dealer looking for a wonderful selection to offer his clientele; don't miss out this impressive holding, as they rarely come this nice with such a choice selection of great stamps, one 244 with 2004 P.S.E. certificate, another 244 with 2018 P.F. certificate and 293 with 2004 PSE certificate graded Fine-70.
Estimate $12,000 - 18,000.
Realized $10,000.
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Lot 161
U.S., "Buy It Now" Selection. Tremendous offering of over 200 better quality United States stamps neatly presented on #104 cards; each stamp comes complete with description and handy "Buy It Now, or Best Offer" pricing for easy upload onto Ebay, Hipstamp, or your own website; all the works been done and the total marked buy it now price totals a whopping $34,150.00; highlights of this handsome selection include 12 used, 15 used, 71-72 used, 95 used, and 278 used x (3) and 292 Cattle In Storm, 118-119 used; choice unused stamps include nice examples of 237-239, 400A, 403, 419, 421, 505 error of color in a combination strip/3, 515 with PFC, 532 JUMBO showing part of surrounding 8 stamps, choice selection of better airmail issues including C5 x (4) - each with certificate for block from which they came, some attractive Special Delivery issues, excellent Shanghai's and Officials, plus some better Newspaper, Parcel Post, and Parcel Post Due issues; there are even some select Confederate States issues including some huge JUMBO's along with a couple choice Hawaiian issues; no junk to be found throughout this wonderful offering - just a perfect lot for any dealer willing to spend a few bucks for a tremendous offering.
Estimate $12,000 - 18,000.
Realized $10,000.
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Lot 162

U.S., Phenomenal Holding. Wonderful selection of better U.S. neatly presented in large stockbook; all stamps placed on black cards for preservation; highlights of this wonderful intact offering, which it being offered intact, as received, per instructions of the seller include a nice array of high value 1893 Columbians, 241, 242 x (2), 243 x (2), and 244; a nice group of 50¢ Trans-Mississippi issues x (5); choice hinged #325 block/4; a spectacular group of Airmails including C1 center line block/4, C2 x (2) center line blocks/4, C2 block/4, C3 x (2) center line blocks/4, C3 x (3) regular blocks/4; and there is an incredible selection of better Duck Hunting Permit stamps including RW6/RW11 singles in quality, blocks of RW10-RW12, RW13 x (2), choice plate blocks of 6 include scarce RW6 (no side selvage), RW8, RW10, RW13 x (2), RW17, and RW25; one of the most beautiful array of "key" salable items any dealer could ever hope for, as this extraordinary offering has a little bit of everything.
Estimate $10,000 - 15,000.
Realized $8,000.
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Lot 163

U.S., Remarkable Newspaper Stamp Holding - Many With Certificates. Neatly presented on black cards; a useful grouping correctly identified that includes PR5 with top margin imprint, PR14-16, RPR23, PR57 x (17), PR58 x (10), PR59 x (11), PR60 x (2), PR81 (63) along with two blocks/4 plus a right sheet margin strip/3, PR90 x (6) each with recent Crowe certificate, PR91 x (23) never hinged examples - each with recent Crowe certificate, PR92, PR104, and a decent group of PR114/125 the quality is much better than normally encountered of these tough Newspaper stamps and any dealer willing to put in a small amount of effort will find this lot very rewarding.
Scott $51,392 Estimate $8,000 - 12,000.
Realized $6,250.
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Lot 164
U.S., Remarkable Holding of Popular Issues. Impressive lot of mostly never hinged stamps - including a handsome group of Washington-Franklin coils, 1938 Prexies, and 1954 Liberty series; all better numbers neatly presented on black stock cards or dealer counter pages; highlights of this fascinating lot include #353 used x (80), 442 x (50) singles (89) pairs, along with strips and line pairs, 483 x (21) plate blocks/6, 484 x (23) plate blocks/6, a nice quality of 492 in pairs, strips and line pairs, a selection of 509/517 in choice multiples; the 1939 Presidentials include 832 x (117) singles) plus blocks and a few plate blocks, 833 X (96) singles along with (28)blocks/4, 834 x (106); $5.00 Liberty Series - 1053 x (43) singles plus a plate block/4; incredible holding of these popular and highly salable stamps.
Scott $57,834 Estimate $7,500 - 10,000.
Realized $5,250.
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Lot 165
U.S., Interesting Selection of Better Stamps. With an extraordinary selection of the 24¢ issue in a wide assortment of color shades, 70c violet shade x (2) including 78's x (14), plus several choice used examples of 229 and 240; then you'll find a huge accumulation of 224's 227's, 271's and 272 in used condition; finally there is a handsome group of State Duck stamps and Junior Duck stamps, including JDS3, AK5b, LA 1a-2a, MS17A Governor signed, Montana A10, and NH 5b Governor's Edition; an interesting lot that has a little bit of everything for everyone.
Estimate $6,000 - 8,000.
Realized $4,250.
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Lot 166
U.S., Selection on Old-Time Auction Cards. Impressive holding of dozens of better and interesting United States stamps still on the old-time auction lotting cards they were originally purchased on; includes a better selection of Black-Jacks, early bisects still on piece, a 144, a C3 center line block, Special deliveries, locals on and off cover, and even a choice group of 1909 Parcel Post issues; plenty of value to be found in this eclectic offering.
Estimate $6,000 - 8,000.
Realized $5,000.
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Lot 167
U.S., Valuable Selection of Quality 19th Century. Housed in the finest handmade stockbook we have encountered (from Safe); a well-described holding of better singles and multiples ready to be priced for resale individually; includes used #7 (lovely pair), 9 (2 pairs and 2 strips of 3 plus four nice singles), 14, 17 (3), 25 (2), 35 (4 quality singles), 36 (5), 38 (2), 68 (7), 68a (3), 69 (5), 71 (3), 72, 73 (5), 76 (2), 77 (4), 78b, 93 (2), 96, 97 (3), 98 (3), 100, 117 (Extremely Fine copy), 149 (2), 154 (2), 155, 160, 163, 165, 166 (2), 189 (3), 217, 218 (3) and a nice #102e $2 revenue perf; mint or no gum highlights include #7, 26, 65, 68a, 69, 73, 94, 148, 179, 209, 214 (2), 216 (2); a few small faults but overall a nice quality holding with a number of superior stamps, Fine to Very Fine, with much better, well worth inspection.
Scott $21,000 Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $2,400.
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Lot 168
U.S., Mint & Used Premium Stamp Holding, 1847-1975. A view hundred mint & used stamps on display cards, with stamps used 1 with pen cancel, 67, 72, Black Jack collection, 112, 117, 119-120, 218, 240, plus a few better cancels, mint 287, 330, K4-K6, K8-K10, small group of card proofs, light but useful duplication, with a few mint NH items, set aside sufficient time to properly evaluate this lovely selection, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $3,500.
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Lot 169
U.S., Wide Ranging Holding, 1861-1999. A delightful lot presented for your pleasure, mint includes 719, E12, J88, RW35 plate blocks, 157, 240, 288, 298, 550, 619, RW42, used C1, two Rare U.S. Stamp Investment Portfolios, Reader's Digest United States Postage Stamp Collection, mint sheet album with 5¢ & 6¢ postage, first day covers include three albums from Reader's Digest, album of One Hundred Stamps of the 50 States, State Birds & Flowers, plus plenty of postage with a few high values, plus a small box of 3¢ to 10¢ plate blocks, be sure to check it out, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Realized $375.
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Lot 170
U.S., Better Holding, 1861-1975. On display cards and auction sheets, a small sample includes mint Q8, O18, O39, O75, O92, used plate blocks 832-834, mint & used Banknotes including a huge 2¢ and a 3¢ with complete offset on reverse, plenty of saleable items, please review, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $275.
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Lot 171
U.S., Nice Little Assortment of Better Items on Stock Cards. 1 used and mint: 308, 399, 570, 571, 572, 573 single with imprint, 1053 plate block, C13, C18 plate number pair and some decent Presidential and Famous American plate blocks, o.g., some never hinged / some hinged.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $800.
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