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Lot 196
U.S., Awe-Inspiring Dealer's Stock. Sensational offering of all better U.S. neatly presented on black stock cards or dealer stock pages; virtually all mint - either lightly hinged or never hinged with just an occasional no gum example included (and noted) - each carefully divided into hinged or never hinged packages; a superb lot for any dealer looking to enhance their inventory with a barn yard full of better, salable numbers; highlights of this incredible holding include a choice group of #9's, a #23 type IV on cover along with a nice group of used 1869 Pictorials including 36 examples of #115; the strength of this collection begin with an impressive selection of 219-227 in mint condition; the 1893 Columbians are perhaps the largest selection of hinged or never hinged examples we've ever offered; you'll find quantities of #230 x (194) plus five blocks of 4, 231 x (364) plus 14 blocks of 4, 232 x (172), 233 x (58), 234 x (82), 235 x (94), 236 x (58), 237 x (34), and 238 x (35); the 1898 Trans-Mississippi's are also well represented, featuring a lovely array of better mint stamps including #285 x (66), 286 x (292) plus 2 blocks of 4 and two imprint pairs, 287 x (31), 288 x (29, 289 x (15), and 290 x (8); the 1901 Pan-Americans are a gorgeous group - #294 x (149), 295 x (18) plus five scarcer plate blocks/8, 296 x (43), 297 x (68), 298 x (32), and 299 x (34); the next grouping is a pristine selection of the more difficult 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition issue in excellent quantities including #323 x (50, 324 x (140) along with 8 Post Office fresh blocks/4, 325 x (37), 326 x (16), and 327 x (15); he 1909 commemoratives include excellent quantities of #372 x (92) plus 3 blocks/4, and the scarcer imperforate #373 x (40) singles (20) pairs plus nine top quality blocks/4; moving on to the 1913 Panama-Pacific Exposition issue that includes #397 x (104) along with four blocks/4 and two blocks/6, 398 x (247), 399 x (61), 400 x (14) plus an immaculate mint block/6, 400A x (13), 401 x (401 x (8), 402 x (12), and the "in demand" #403 x (18); this ultimate assortment of commemorative issues finishes up with a striking selection of the 1919 Victory issue - #537, with (332) singles (21) blocks/4, and (4) plate blocks/6; this remarkable offering is loaded with Post Office fresh stamps that look like they were just broken from mint sheets; this lot would be virtually impossible to duplicate as better Commemoratives in this quantity are virtually unobtainable at any price; a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity and one of the highlights of this auction - this is a lot that shouldn't be missed.
Scott $226,587 Estimate $35,000 - 50,000.
Realized $24,000.
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Lot 197
U.S., Classic Dealer's Stock of Better Stamps. Tremendous used classic lot from the 1861 issue to a particularly strong 1970's Banknote section; this is the balance of the Gordon Eustic stock that we removed from tattered old-time 1930's stock pages and re mounted on black stock pages; a large number of better cancellations and many VF or better stamp are present throughout; a few of the highlights include a desirable selection of the 24¢ 1861 issue with #70's, 70a's, scarcer steel blues 70b's, and 78's; better Banknote issues include an unbelievable group of the 10¢ Jeffersons with singles, pairs and strips with fancy stars, bold corks, a nice group of unused examples including scarcer 187's and 188's numerous examples with gum; there are over 40 of the 15¢ value including National, Continental and American Bank Note Co. printings; plus a nice group of 30¢ values and four choice 90¢ Perry's; there are two dozen #208's and three dozen choice used #217's; this lot has it all, and should be carefully reviewed.
Scott $63,000+ Estimate $10,000 - 15,000.
Realized $8,000.
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Lot 198

U.S., Massive Mint Dealer's Stock of Better Stamps. Phenomenal selection of nearly all unused better stamps, some in enormous quantities; we've spotted a choice used #1, an unused #30, 31 used, a rare offered #165 block/4; a tremendous Columbian holding including a huge number of 232-233 and 237's; then a nice group of 239's and 240's; there's a wonderful pile of #397's in singles and blocks; there is a rare #424e - imperforate booklet pane/6 with/P.F. cert (crease); plate blocks of 370, 425 coil stamps plate/10, 549-550; and a select group of #J52 in large multiples that came from freshly broken sheets; a wonderful opportunity for the astute buyer who wants an enormous lot at a small fraction of it's catalog value.
Scott $84,278 Estimate $10,000 - 15,000.
Realized $8,000.
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Lot 199

U.S., Spectacular Airmail and Back-of-the-Book Dealer's Stock. Powerful accumulation strong in better airmail issues, neatly presented on black cards or dealer stock pages neatly organized in hinged, and never hinged selections; highlights of this great lot include C1 x (232) along with sic blocks of 4, C2 x (82) plus sixteen used examples, C3 x (105) plus two blocks/4, C4 x (258) plus four blocks/4, C5 x (182), and C6 x (130); other Back Of The Book issues include a beautiful selection of Official stamps - particularly #O35 x (14), seven of which include P.S.E. certificates of authenticity; there's also a decent grouping of the 193 Parcel Post issues with a nice group of never hinged examples; an impressive holding that would yield a ton of value if broken down and sold individually.
Scott $76,387 Estimate $10,000 - 15,000.
Realized $11,000.
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Lot 200
U.S., Awesome Duck Stamp Dealer's Stock (Scott RW1//RW73b). An incredible investment holding of these popular revenue issues, the vast majority are in extremely fresh mint condition with unused no gum examples here and there; quantities include RW1 used on license, RW2 x (20) hinged and (2) used, RW3 x (12) and one used, RW5 x (32) and two used, RW6 x (16), RW7 x (14), RW8 X (18) and four used, RW9 x (18), RW10 x (29), RW11 x (17), RW12 x (22), RW13 x (23) plus seven used, RW14 x (17), RW15 x (12), RW16 x (19), RW17 x (7), RW24 x (19), and a sensational selection of the 2006 sheetlet - RW73b x (24) with both the artist and engraver's signatures, along with (12) with just the artist's signature; a wonderful and useful selection that would be very marketable if broken down.
Scott $36,855 Estimate $6,000 - 8,000.
Realized $5,750.
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Lot 201

U.S., eBay Dealer Stock, 1873-1990's. The U.S. portion of this prominent eBay dealer's stock of better singles, each in #4 glassines that should be easily scanned and integrated into your own EBay inventory, some better items include: 165 dist o.g., 188, 247 (2), 285 (13), 286 plate number pair, 295 (4), 304 NH, 323, 397 (14), 398 (4), 443, 557 (7), 559 (12), 571, 587 plate block, 588 (2), 597-99, 606-3 Line pairs, 666 (3), 679 (6), 847 (4 strips of 4 and 3 line pairs), 2474a (11), 2833c (2), E6 (3), J6, J43, PR92, RE156 (3), RE164 (4), RE197, RW6, RW12 (2), RW19 (5), RW24 (6), U3, W53, U66, U101, U195, U632a, U632b (2), U646a (6), UO15, UO16 and DWI 18 block of 4. A few of the items should be inspected for condition and correct identification, so inspection is encouraged, owners Scott value is in excess of $30,000, generally Fine to Very Fine appearance.
Estimate $6,000 - 8,000.
Realized $4,750.
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Lot 202

U.S., Stock of Better Revenue Issues, 1954-63. Containing: R685 (4 singles and 1 single with receipt), R685a (10 full booklet panes of four), R730 (6 singles with receipts), R730a (3 full booklet panes of four), RJA68a (6 singles and 1 pair), RJA99b (5) and RJA105a (6), o.g., never hinged (some no gum as originally issued), Fine to Very Fine, ex Smithsonian.
Scott $24,165 Estimate $4,000 - 6,000.
Realized $3,250.
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Lot 203

U.S., Mint NH Dealer Stock 1893-1925. In a mint sheet file you will find 230 (32), 231 (33), 234 (15), 237 (15), E3 (11), E6 (3), & Q3 (32), many in blocks, all fresh as a daisy, inspection will be a joy, Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $21,000 Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $2,200.
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Lot 204
U.S., Mint and Used Stock, 1862-2000. A collector-formed stock of many hundreds of mint and used stamps and plate blocks; begins with #65 and ends at #3370; minimal 19th century, followed by Washington-Franklin issues, 2¢ Reds, 1930s with plate blocks and a 1938 Presidential stock; comprehensive stock from 1945 up to 2000 mainly plate blocks but also includes mint and used singles and blocks; face value alone is $1745, Fine to Very Fine with better.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $850.
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Lot 205
U.S., Dealer Stock of Farley Issues, 1933-34. In large G&K stock book containing Farley souvenir sheets, gutter pairs and park issues, o.g. or without gum as issued, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Realized $475.
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Lot 206

U.S., Dealer Stock, 1901-30's. Two blue binders of dealer tear pages of Scott 294//770a, some duplication and some well centered copies, o.g., never hinged, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $4,400 (Owner's) Estimate $600 - 800.
Realized $450.
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Lot 207
U.S., Plate Block Stock, 1920-60's. Thousands of plate blocks including: 548 (2), 549 (2), 615, 617 (2), 619, 1926 rotary plate blocks, 2¢ red commemoratives, Famous Americans, Presidentials to $1, Overrun Countries, 3¢ purples, 3¢ commemoratives to 1950's, early airmails including C11, C19 (4), special deliveries, postage dues, etc., generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $650.
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