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Netherlands and Colonies
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Lot 580
Netherlands, That Town's Named Collection, 1867-94. A beautiful old exhibition collection (vermeil) of town cancels in an album holding homemade pages; sorted by province, with over 1000 stamps in all, including many better, Fine to Very Fine, a nice collection.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
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Lot 581
Netherlands, Mint and Used Selection, 1852-1953. In a filled stockbook, including many better such as used #3 (4, 1 with Bergen semi-circle Type A cancel on piece), 6 (2), 12, 18, 33, 105 (2), B54-B57 (3), and mint #48, 52, 69, 74, 80 (2), 102-103, 136 (2), 137-139, 166c, 195, 201, 226-243 (never hinged), 278-281 (never hinged), B1-B3, B21-B24 (never hinged, 2 sets), B25-B32 (2), B54-B57 (2), B144a-B145a (never hinged), 298-300 (never hinged), plus syncopated issues (used, mint, never hinged), plus Colonies such as Curaçao, etc., Fine to Very Fine, a lovely collection; viewing encouraged.
NVPH €23,500 ($28,670).
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
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Lot 582
Netherlands & Colonies, Dam Busting Accumulation, 1850's-1970's. In a seven large stock books or albums and six small boxes and a bunch of loose material made up of glassines and album pages, packed with loose stamps, crammed into glassines and stock pages, some highlights include: decent early Netherlands with a decent amount of William III spread around several groups of loose pages and collection, but the real value seems to be among the Colonies issues with some occasional nice early issues, an old time black Elbe stock book packed with Colonies issues, a section of the European collection albums are highly complete with many complete sets that are often missing from most collections and so much Scott value worth of some of the more common sets in quantity in glassines and in partial sheets, generally Fine to Very Fine appearance, after just a little bit of sorting and processing, there is a lot of potential to generate serious Scott value.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $1,600.
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Lot 583
Netherlands Colonies: Curaçao, Near-Complete Collection, 1873-1990. Mint or used in a Davo hingeless album containing #7, 12, 43-44, 74-74a pair, 75-81 (mint), 110-126, 184-187 (mint), C1-C3 (mint), C18-C32 (never hinged), C44-C50, CB1-CB8 (mint), J11-J20, J23a-J27a, etc.; also includes a complete never hinged Aruba 1986-91 collection, Fine to Very Fine, very pretty; inspect.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $1,100.
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Lot 584
Netherlands East Indies, Very Well Filled Mint and Used Collection, 1864-1949. Largely parallel in a Davo album, including mint #1, 6 (no gum), 8, 23-30, 31-37, 59-62, 79, 80, 97, 98, 102a-123a (2), 151-157, 218, 220, 240, 249, GY1-GY7, J4 (repaired), J6, O1-O20, O21-O27, and used #1 (2), 2 (2), 3-16, 97 var ("Java" at top), 102a-123a (Bandoeng), 140a, 151-157, 237, 238, 249, J3-J6, etc; along with a sampling of Indonesia, including Sunflower numeral stamps imperforate (no gum; NVPH #72-80H) and Netherlands New Guinea, Fine to Very Fine, a nice collection with very high catalogue value; inspect.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $3,250.
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