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Lot 585
Poland, Herculean Accumulation, 1910's-70's. In three large boxes and nine smaller boxes, packed with loose stamps, stamps crammed into glassines and stock pages, the occasional album or stock book, some highlights include: a fascinating group of 20+ dealer tear pages of containing quantities of early 1920's Polish locals with 1921 Aero Targ stamps and many complete sets we have never seen before, several thousand glassines of Polish CTO's filling the small boxes and the bottom of one of the larger boxes, another large box containing many stock pages, album pages and albums of mostly the earlier issues from 1918 through the 1930, crammed together in a huge mass that will require some sorting time to unravel this hoard and the final box seems to be a hybrid of the previous boxes with large envelopes full of CTO sheets, large envelopes, stock books, stock pages and old album pages packed with many early 1920's-1930's issues, generally Fine to Very Fine appearance, after just a little bit of sorting and processing, there is a lot of potential to generate serious Scott value.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $2,500.
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Lot 586
Poland, Collection, 1918-2014. On home-made quadrille pages with a very high level of completion, in five binders, plus approximately 200 black stock pages of souvenir sheets, 205-14, 246-48, 251, 314-16, 347-56, 909-13 sheetlets of four, B29-29C, B31, B49c, B107, C26d, J7, some offices in Levant, Allenstein, Central Lithuania, Eastern Silesia, Marienwerder and Upper Silesia. Lovely collection of better than usual quality and good modern issues that can be so difficult to find these days, o.g., mostly never hinged, generally Fine to Very Fine.
2004 Scott $11,700+ (Owner's) Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $3,250.
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Lot 587
Poland, Nicely Filled Used Collection, 1860-1977. In four Schaubek albums, in which we find better material such as #1 (2!), 251 (selvage partly missing), 314a-316a, 363, 368, 389, 539, 763 footnoted, 830, B26-B27, B29, B29C, B31, B105, B106, C26Cd, etc., Fine to Very Fine, a nice lot.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $425.
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