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Italian Area
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Lot 1409
Italian Area, The Roamin' Collection, 1851-1999. Three Scott Specialty albums covering Italian States, Italy proper, Offices and Colonies, plus San Marino; Italy includes mint #119-122, 159-164, 174A-174G, B1-B4, B20-B25, B39-B42, C20-C22, C42-C47, C48 (I-LONG), C52-C55, C66-C72, C100-C105, and used #37-43, 55, 60-62, 64, 66, 310-314, plus a number of advertising tabs; solid Colonies, including Aegean Islands #C28-C31 mint, plus several Garibaldi and Ferrucci sets, plus Eritrea, Fiume, Libyan area and Somalia (both pre- and post-independence); San Marino features mint #111-114 and 133 (!); generally clean material throughout, with many part-sets mint or complete sets mixed mint and used; much post-war mint, Fine to Very Fine with much better, a solid foundation on which to build, and great stock selection as well.
Estimate $800 - 1,200.
Current Bid$400
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Lot 1410
Italian Area, Valuable Mint and Used Collection, 1879-1956. In very good condition overall, with very many expensive and hard-to-find issues present like Italy 1889 and 1891 to 5L, popular issues of the 1920s and '30s (e.g., three high-value Garibaldis mint), as well as many Airmail issues and good Back-of-the-Book including Occupation stamps; the real strength, however, is in the Colonies, including Cyrenaica (much mint and complete sets, including Zeppelin and Rome-Buenos Aires Flight issues), better Fiume and Rhodes, WWII Occupation of Ionian Islands, good Eritrea, Libya, Somaliland, etc., etc.; the Scott album, despite being partly plundered, is still very well-filled; massive catalogue value and many key items present, Fine to Very Fine or better, inspection invited.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Current Bid$1,500
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Lot 1411
Italian States: Lombardy-Venetia, Exhibition Collection, 1850-63. A wonderful specialized collection, fully annotated, in an album; includes singles off-paper, on piece and on cover, Newspaper stamps; Austria, Sardinia and Italy used in Lombardy-Venetia; postal stationery; stamps used in the Levant, and more; covers include Revenues as postage, a wealth of cancels (with points noted), ship cancels from Lake Garda and Venice, Military and Registry cancels, Lloyd Agency cancels, etc.; covers alphabetized by town, with two Adria covers signed E. Diena; several stamps with Sismondo certificates, Fine to Very Fine, much rare material; inspection urged.
Estimate $3,500 - 5,000.
Current Bid$2,000
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Lot 1412
Italian States: Modena, Exhibition Collection, 1787-1887. An absolutely mouthwatering collection, starting with pre-stamp covers (as early as the late 18th century, all annotated) displaying a great variety of cancellations, transits and additional markings; the stamps include many expensive issues, cancellations, plate flaws and varieties, fakes (noted), etc.; note a Registered cover, Sardinia used in Modena, and cancels including line, "PD", diamond grids, boxed and circular town, even a Railroad or two; several items signed E. Diena, Fine to Very Fine with better, much scarce material; be sure to view.
Estimate $4,000 - 6,000.
Current Bid$2,000
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Lot 1413
Italy & Colonies, Mint & Used Collection, 1855-1990's. Many thousands of stamps, hinged or mounted in two Scott International albums, nice 1934 Colonial Arts Exhibition and other early 1930's commemoratives scattered among the colonies, countries consisting of Castellorizo, Cyrenaica, Dalmatia, Eritrea, stronger Fiume, Ionian Islands, useful early Italian States with Roman States, Sardinia, Italian Colonies, Italian East Africa, Italy: 24-33 used, a few Victor Emmanuel with advertising labels, 58-63 mint, nice early commemoratives, useful 1930's commemoratives that are always so popular, a few offices abroad with Italian States hidden among the offices issues, Aegean Islands, Trieste, Libia, Oltre Giuba, San Marino, nice earlies, Somalia, Tripolitania, Vatican City 41-46 and 49, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Current Bid$500
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Lot 1414
Italy & Colonies, Mint & Used Collection, 1888-1975. Better mint has Italy 174A-174G, C42-C47, C66-C72, CE8-CE9, parcel posts, Eritrea CB1-CB10, Libya EY1, Somalia 61, 63-64, 164-169, Tripolitania C16-C20, with many better mint & used, some mixed condition, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Current Bid$250
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Lot 1415
Italy: Trieste Zone A, A.M.G. Collection, 1947-54. Neatly mounted on Scott Specialty pages, nearly complete, containing 18-29, 33-41, 58-68, C13-16, C23-26, E1-4, J7-15 and Q13-26, Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $4,060+ (Owner's) Estimate $600 - 800.
Current Bid$300
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Lot 1416

Italian Local Issues, 1943-45. Housed in an album, this collection is presented in alphabetical order, and includes Ariano, Barge #1-18 (mix mint and never hinged, with a catalogue value of over €14,400, which includes the 75c with red overprint, which catalogues €10,000 alone!), Bassano, Cuvio with #1-6 in pairs never hinged (€10,500), Domodossola #1-11 complete never hinged (€21,250 !!); Imperia #1-20 mint/never hinged mix, and 22-23 never hinged (€10,500+ !!), Maccagno, Mantova, a great section of Partigiani, Piacenza, Ponte Chiasso, and Roma, along with other uncatalogued material including a nice section of poster stamps, a unique collection of this very rare and seldom-seen material, possibly never to be seen again.
Estimate $6,000 - 8,000

At the end of WWII, various Italian cities and provinces started overprinting existing stamps, with many in quantities of only 25 or 50 (!)—so rare are these, in fact, that most are unpriced in catalogue
Current Bid$3,000
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Lot 1417

Italian Offices and Colonies, Fabulous Collection, 1874-1934. Mounted on Marini pages, containing Garibaldi sets of Italy regular issue and ten Garibaldi sets and 16 Ferrucci sets from various islands, strong Offices abroad including Offices abroad #3, China #12-21, Crete, Tripoli complete, Albania, Constantinople, Durazzo, Janina, Salonika, Scutari, Smyrna, Valona, Aegean Islands C15-18, CE1-2, 1934 Second Colonial Arts Exhibition regular issues and airmails of Cirenaica, Eritrea, Italian Somalia and Tripolitania, generally Fine to Very Fine appearance.
Sassone €18,000 ($20,180) (Owner's).
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Current Bid$1,200
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Lot 1418
Italian Colonies: Somalia, Accumulation, 1926-28. 88 (x25), 100 (x70), 101 (x67), 102 (x25), 103 (x26), Q43 (x26) and Q44 (x26), overall condition is better than usual, some minor perf telescoping, o.g., mostly never hinged, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $13,700 (Owner's) Estimate $2,500 - 3,500.
Current Bid$1,300
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Lot 1419
Italian Colonies: Tripolitania, Powerful Collection, 1923-34. Virtually complete and in very good condition, including the Tripolitania overprint sets, the scarce "Fiera de Tripoli" sets, the scarce and rare Airmail sets, the rare 1924 Segnatasse Per Vaglia set used very fine, etc., Fine to Very Fine with better throughout, a beautiful collection; be sure to view.
Sassone €20,000+ ($22,420).
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Current Bid$1,400
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