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Lot 1439
Romania, Doh! Mania Collection of Printing Errors. A true one-of-a-kind compilation dating mainly from the 1918 period of overprints; each item is neatly mounted on an exhibit-size page; includes pre-printing paper folds (including one of a corner margin pair, used, plus one of the overprint on the gum side); shifted, doubled and inverted overprints; split and broken overprints, imperforate-between and imperforate-at-margin items, double-line perforations (as singles, pairs and multiples), color varieties, and more, Fine to Very Fine, with much better, you won't find another like this soon; inspect.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Current Bid$1,000
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Lot 1440
Romania, Calm, Cool Collection, 1859-1975. One complete stockbook plus pages from a second, holding a surprisingly complete collection for the period; earliest issues, with perforation varieties, a bit spotty, but solid from the Romania issues of 1865 on; note #196-206 mint, 396-399 mint, 1952 new value overprints mixed mint and used, 1082-1093 imperf mint, B5-B8 mint, B9-B12 mint, B40 mint, B148 mint, C43 used, C43-C44 mint, C49-C52 overprinted mint block of nine, C57 overprinted (1959) used, C71 mint (hinged in selvage only), plus Dues, Postal Tax issues, even some Occupations and "9th Army" overprints, Fine to Very Fine with better, a ready-made collection on which to build, or solid stock; inspect.
Scott $7,999 Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Current Bid$750
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