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Spain and Colonies
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Lot 1484
Spain, Fantastic Collection, 1850-1930. Mostly mint, on stockpages in binder; much better material such as used #1-5, 11, 15, 16, 19, 52 and 70; and mint #77 (no gum), 179-189, 201-210, 212-221, 232-241, 242-251, 255-270, 272-286, 287-296, 318-330 and C12-C17, along with Spanish Andorra #13-24, etc.; high catalogue value with great retail potential, Fine to Very Fine with better, seldom offered this nice.
Estimate $8,000 - 12,000.
Current Bid$5,000
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Lot 1485
Spain & Portugal, Mint & Used, 1880-2000. Mounted in two Lighthouse hingeless albums and a box, with mint Spain B74-B105, mint Portugal, mint Mozambique Company C1-C15, Nyassa 26-38, plenty of complete mint sets, please examine, o.g., some never hinged / some hinged, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Current Bid$500
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Lot 1486
Spain & Colonies, Delightful Collection, 1850-2000. In two Specialty albums plus a sheaf of loose pages; a nice collection with room to grow; still plenty of nice material, including Spain mint #94, 95, 204, 371-372 (never hinged), 386-402, 433-448, "Republica" overprints, #585c, the 1961 Velazquez souvenir sheets, #B108K (never hinged), C1-C41, C43-C57, plus Barcelona and Valencia issues, along with Back-of-the-Book and a few Carlist stamps (mint and used); Colonies run La Agüera through Spanish Sahara, with some early 1900s issues, but most complete (and virtually all mint) coverage from the 1950s on; the occasional condition issue on earlier items, but generally fresh and very nice, Fine to Very Fine with better throughout, a solid collection worth a look.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Current Bid$500
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Lot 1487
Spain & Colonies, Mint & Used Collection, 1850-1990's. Many thousands of stamps, hinged or mounted in three Scott International albums, nice colonies with desirable mint sets from 1940's to 1960's, countries consisting of Andorra, Elobey, Annabon and Corisco, Fernando Po, Ifni, Rio De Oro, Rio Muni, Spain a few better early Isabella and coat of arms, Amadeo, Alfonso, including 185 mint, 245, many modern mint from 1960's-1990's, B74-105, Spanish Guinea, Spanish Morocco and Spanish Sahara, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Current Bid$300
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Lot 1488

Spanish and U.S. Philippines, Collection, 1854-1944. One of the best Philippine collections we have encountered in quite some time hinged to Scott National pages, with a great selection of early Isabella's including 1-5 with beautiful 4 and 5, both with amazing color, 6, 10 with a great strike of Manila c.d.s., 18, 31 with amazing deep color, 39-42, nice looking 70, 84 mint, great section of Rizal's with 241-54, 255-60A, 261-74, 284 mint, 340-53 mint, 433-46 mint, 481, C1-6, C9-14 with decent copies of C13 and C14 that can be so difficult to find genuine, C18-28 mint, E1-4, amazing section of 56 mostly mint UX1-2 entires, UY1-2 entires, UZ4 entire, U.S. Administration envelope cut squares, N1-7, some good post office seals including OX4 strip of 3, an amazing selection of Aguinaldo issues including some difficult early used issues, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Scott approximately $11,900 (Owner's) Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Current Bid$2,000
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