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Lot 1548
Liberia, Exhibit / Collection, 1860-1952. Silver Bronze 32 page exhibit from 1881-1952, plus extra pages and some loose approval cards and glassines of unusual items, exhibit contains #21 four defaced die proofs and three Fournier forgeries, 24-31 (two values are imperf), five specimens from 1892 issue, five specimens from 1897 issue, 94 two trial color proofs, group of 1915-16 surcharges, 163-75, B3-15, C3a and C3f proof pairs, C68 two different trial color proofs of early state of frame, one nearly completed state of frame, completed die proof, and mint single with inverted center, F13 trial color proof of vignette and frame and supplementary material contains group of 1860 Liberia singles and 80+ specimens (approximately half of which are revenue usages, the other half is regular issues, airmails and officials) and C69a with various trial color proofs of souvenir sheet with frame in various colors, generally Fine to Very Fine, a lovely collection / exhibit from this often forgotten and difficult to find country.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Current Bid$600
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Lot 1549

Liberia, Mint & Used Collection With Many Varieties, 1860-1978. Mounted in a Scott International album, we note 7-8 trial color proofs, 1a used with watermark, mint 7-9, used 7-9, 7 & 9 plate proofs, 18 defaced proof, 13-15 imperfs, 14 blocks of four in three shades, 39, 434, 48 imperf, 61 "Specimen", 64 no pearls, 65-68, 71-72, 74, 76, 85-86, 91b, 104 block of four misperfed, 113a imperf, 156, 172 & 175 imperf pair proofs, 195-208, 214-227a, B3-B15, C1-C2, C3, C3A-C3F imperf pairs, C4-C13 proof pairs, C18-C26, also registration stamps, officials, with dozens of varieties, this collection would be a sure fire medal winner, careful examination will only confirm this lots true value, don't let this on get away from you, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Current Bid$1,500
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Lot 1550
Liberia, Lovely Specialized Collection, 1940-75. Presented in 9 volumes and pages, includes 322, 325 & C118a, C134 imperfs, #347-349 imperf pairs, color trial proofs C78-C79, C81, #368-#370 proofs on India paper, C107-C110 imperf pairs, special collection of Jehudi Ashmun issue including sunk die proofs, revenue specimens (16) early flight covers, with dozens of proofs, trial colors, imperfs, etc., this makes for enjoyable viewing, take your time it will be worth it, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Current Bid$750
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