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Lot 147
Italian Area, Dealer Stock, mostly from 1850's-1950's. Each stamp on dealer 102 card, mostly using Sassone catalog (converted from Euros into $58,000 U.S. dollars), with most stamps appearing to be correctly identified, occasional faults and some misidentified, fake or with incorrect catalog value, so you will need to view to properly calculate current catalog value, better items include, used: Bengasi 1 (3), Estero 9, Eritrea Postage Due 11, Italian Colonies 22-29, 30, Italy 64, 191, 206-9, 345-49, 600 (5), Airmail 32-38, Express 10, 13, Parcel Post 3-6, Libia 32, Trentino-Alto Adige 22-27, Tuscany 8, Vatican City 43-46 and mint: Eritrea 3 block of four, 6, 24, 34-37, 113-15, Fiume 4, 17, Italian Colonies 15-21, 31-36, 46-50, Italy 34 (2), 38, 87-90, 151-55, 385-87, 388-93, Airmail 2-7, 21-24, 69-72, Levant 65-67, Libia 25, 31-32, 62, Oltre Giuba 9-10, 13-14, Parcel Post 10-11, San Marino 2, 3 (3), 5, 6, 7, Trieste B 29 block of four, Tripoli di Barberia 10, Tripolitania 69-72, Vatican City 41-46 and 43-44, some spot checking would be prudent to properly evaluate as we could not possibly check everything; usual mixed condition, generally Fine to Very Fine appearance.
Estimate $5,000 - 7,500.
Realized $3,000.
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Lot 148
Italy & Colonies, The Circus Maximus Italy & States Collection, 1851-1955. On Vintage reproduction pages in very worn blue International binder, both used and mint (some never hinged but most o.g.) with some issues parallel mint and used; with some varieties, shades and nice postal cancels; highlights include: dozens of stamps from Modena, Parma, Romagna, Sardinia, Tuscany and Two Sicilies mint or used, massive catalogue value, no doubt includes reprints but some are clearly genuine; Italy (used unless noted): #24-33, 46 mint o.g., 57 (corner fault), 58-63 mint and used, 64-66, 64a (scarce overprint variety), 67-72, 115-118 mint, and on-and-on, 95% complete; after 1928 many runs of sets mint and used; better Airmails with (mint): #C3-C9, C23-C26 and all the other sets; many Special Delivery, Postage Due and Parcel Post, including (used): #E12, J2, Q1-Q6 mint or used, Q7-Q16; major San Marino, including a number of the scarcer First Issue, and errors, such as (used): #25a, 26a, from 1930s on largely complete, with back-of-the-book; Vatican City fairly complete, including #35-40 mint with Raybaudi certificate; dozens of Italian Offices Abroad, generally Fine to Very Fine, enormous catalogue value, Vatican City #35-40 mint with Raybaudi certificate.
Scott $35,000 ++ Estimate $3,500 - 5,000.
Realized $2,900.
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Lot 149
Italy & Colonies, Collection, 1862 to early 1990's. With Italy in Palo album, Colonies in a Scott specialty album and four stock books containing duplications, collection containing nice colonies with interesting Cyrenaica and Eritrea including 58-64, a few Italian States, early embossed Victor Emmanuel II perf and imperf issues, better Italy, with many larger complete sets with many of the better sets of the 1920's and 1930's, with: 24-33, 37-44, 45-51, 58-63, 64-66, 67-72, 97-110, 115-16, 117-18, 119-22, 140-42, 142A-D, 159-64, 165-70, 171-74, 174A-G, 201-10, 248-56, 258-64, 268-79, 280-89, 290-305, 324-28, 331-41, 345-48, 349-54, 359-66, 377-86, 400-9, B17-19, B26-38, C3-9, C10-11, C23-26, C28-34, C42-47, C62-65, C79-83, C89-94, C95-99, D1-8, E1-13, J3-20, J21-24, O1-8, Q1-5 and some interesting back of the book issues, some usual favor cancels and mixed condition, with occasional faults among used issues, generally Fine to Very Fine, many better long sets adding up to substantial Scott value.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $1,700.
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Lot 150
Italian Colonies, Il Italia Imperiale Collection, 1892-1955. On Vintage reproduction pages in folder, both used and mint (some never hinged but most o.g.) with a few issues parallel mint and used; with some varieties, shades and nice cancels; really extensive; 20th century is mainly complete; some highlights include: Italian Colonies (used) #38, 43, 48, C28, and (mint o.g.) #1-40,l C1//C25; Aegean Islands (mint o.g.) #1-16; the scarce ()complete or mostly complete) first set(s) from each of the 12 Dodecanese Islands (Calchas, Calimno, Caso, Cos, Leros, Lifro, Nisiros, Patmo, Piscopi, Scarpanto, Simi and Stampalia) mint o.g.; Rhodes (mint o.g. #1//25 and (used) #Q1-Q11 attached (scarce), and others; very strong Trieste, including some very scarce used; Italian East Africa nicely represented; grouping of Castellorizo; Cyrenaica (mint o.g.) #24a (perf 12-1/2), 59-77,m B25-B28, etc.; major and very extensive Eritrea (mint o.g.) #47-52. 65-73, 106, 107A, 109-115, 116-133, J1-J4, J11-J12, J14, and (used) #108, B21-B24, C7-C16, E2, J7-J8, and (used and / or mint) #1-15, 19-44, 97-105, 134-140, 155-174, B25-B32, and many major Parcel Post stamps, and (mint never hinged) #B11-B16;;Fiume stunning and 98% complete, mint and / or used; Italian Somaliland (used) #14-15, and (mint o.g.) #1-2, 19-20, B1-B4, B6-B20, an d others mainly mint; extensive and top=notch Libia, mint and / or used; Oltre Giuba #20-23 and others mint; Tripolitania very well-represented mainly mint, generally Fine to Very Fine, a philatelic eye-popper!
Scott approximately $25,000 Estimate $4,000 - 6,000.
Realized $3,000.
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