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Lot 46

U.S. and Foreign, Duck and Hunting Stamp Collection, Inception to 2008. In five Scott Specialty albums of state ducks, in order by State and then by year, with most of the little panes, varieties and a numbers that can sometimes be difficult to find, with better items that include: California 1-2, Colorado 1a-4a, Connecticut 1b signed single and plate block of four, Florida 1, Illinois 1-7a, 17a, Iowa 1, 8, Louisiana 1a-2a, Michigan 2, Missouri 1 with tab, Montana 34 left and right pair from booklet pane, New Hampshire 1a-3a, New Jersey 11b-12b, 21c-22c, 21c full pane, North Dakota 32, 1982-1987 better booklet singles, Oregon 2 booklet single, 11b imperf, 19, Rhode Island 1a-4a, South Carolina 1-5, 2a-5a, Tennessee 1-4, 3 (3 part card), Texas 16-17 in booklets, Wyoming 1-6, plus two albums of worldwide ducks from 16 different countries, with strong sections of Australia, Canada, Quebec and United Kingdom, etc., adding up to approximately $7,000 of additional Sam Houston retail value, Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $55,000+ Estimate $15,000 - 20,000.
Realized $12,000.
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Lot 47
U.S. and Foreign, Massive Accumulation, 1850's-2000's. Many albums, loose album pages, glassines, stockbooks, glassines and everything else one would find in a stamp collectors back room, packed into approximately a couple dozen (before repacking) large boxes, with many single country album collections (many from Western European countries), a decent amount of U.S. face value postage, many covers, including a few better U.S. FDC's (with a few nice early Byrd, Farley and C20-22 FDC's), there is a particularly nice group of Belgium album pages, packed with stamps from early Leopold issues to 1975 with some potential to pull out some decent items when broken down as well as a group of Postal Commemorative Society promotional folders, containing Great Britain 1, U.S. 119, 121, 238-40 mint, 300-8 mint, 323-27 mint, 803-34 mint, Confederate States 1, a nice Confederate States Wallpaper Adversity cover, etc., as with all of these messy back room accumulations, there is a great potential to find some useful pockets of treasure mingled among the dreck, so some careful sorting and an optimistic attitude are the prerequisites to turn this messy hoard into treasure, generally Fine to Very Fine, viewing highly recommended.
Estimate $5,000 - 7,500.
Realized $4,500.
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Lot 48
U.S. and Foreign, Mint & Used Collection, 1857-2010. Many hundreds of mint & used stamps and plate blocks presented in eight albums, better mint inn an Scott album includes 94, 213, 294-299, 323-327, excellent Washington Franklins, 548-550, 581-591, 614-616, 617-619, 632-634, 635-642, 692-701, Prexies complete, Liberty issue complete, Q1-q4, Q6, Q11, small revenue collection, plus two albums of plate blocks, & finally two Senior Statesman albums with scattered coverage, great lot for the internet dealer, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $2,000.
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Lot 49
U.S. and Foreign, U.S., and Foreign, Choice Mint & Used Collection 1840-2000. Exceptional mostly U.S. collection mounted on pages, starts with (2) Penny Blacks, pen cancelled U.S. 1, 115 jumbo, mint unless noted from here, 358, 367 block of four, 414, 435a, 483 four positioned arrow blocks, 512a block of four, 516 block of four, 526-528B, a tasty morsel for your enjoyment, please review, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $1,200.
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