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Lot 191
Persia, Incredible Mint / Unused and Used Stock, 1876-1966. Housed in twelve large Elbe binders of stock pages, with copious quantities of most issues represented and a multitude of reprints and forgeries as well; including 1876 Nasser-Eddin Shah Qajar 1s (28, eight unused), 2s (36, four unused), 5s (55, five unused) and 10s (36, four unused), 1879-80 Nasser-Eddin Shah Qajar 1k (27), 5k (40), 1s (30, eight unused), 2s (18, three unused), 5s (31, one unused) and 10s (31), 1881 lithographed 5s (38, eight unused), 10s (26, two unused) and 25s (8), 1882 recess 5s (18, six unused), 10s (28), 25c (35) and a large quantity of Paris forgeries, 1882-84 Nasser-Eddin Shah Qajar 10s (45, with four unused), 50c buff, orange and black (30), 50c. gray and black (24), 1f (45, two mint), 5f (55, one mint) and 10f (55, six mint), 1885 lithographed 5c (17, with shades), 1885-86 typographed 5c mint and 5k used (31), 1885 "Officiel" overprints are represented by a large selection of each value with a significant number classified as genuine by the owner, as well as the usual forgeries, 1891 lithographed in Vienna 7c gray mint (2), 1894 typographed 50k mint with U.P.U. Specimen red line mint (brown gum), 1897 Provisional surcharges (100), 1898 Mozaffar-eddin Shah Qajar both originals and reprints in fairly large amounts mint, 1900-02 surcharges and typeset issues reference in large quantities throughout, 1902-04 Mohammad-Ali Shah Qajar 10k (11), 20k (20) and 30k (22) mint with many never hinged and 50k used (3), 1906 typeset issue, 1907-09 Mohammed-Ali Shah Qajar 4k bister (37), 5k (39), 10k (44), 20k (34), 30k (41) and 50k (7) mint (some never hinged), 1909 Arms 1c to 30k mint and used, 1911-21 Ahmad Shah Qajar issue with overprints and surcharges mint and used, and 1915 Coronation issue with reprints 1c to 24c corner blocks of four printed on both sides with one side inverted vignette unused and overprints, all in large quantities as previously, 1926 Pahlavi government commemoration overprints, 1926-29 Reza Shah Pahlavi 1k (6, one with blind double perforations at top and imprint number) and 2k (6) mint, 1929 Reza Shah Pahlavi 5k (2), 1t, 2t (2) and 3t mint and 3t used (18), 1931-32 Reza Shah Pahlavi 1c to 27c mint (4 sets, only two examples of 6c and 9c), 1933-34 Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 5r mint, 1935 10th Anniversary of Reign 5d to 1½r mint (5 sets) with additional 1r mint (4), 1935 Reza Shah Pahlavi 1.50r (2), 2r (2), 3r (3) and 5r (3) mint, 1935 "Postes Iraniennes" overprints with 5k lightly cancelled, 1942-46 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and Buildings 2r light blue (3), 2r sage green (3), 3r bright violet (2), 10r (2), 20r orange and black, 30r gray black and emerald (regummed), 30r emerald and black (2), 50r dark blue and brown red, 50r bright violet and black and 100r mint, and 20r chocolate and violet (40) and 30r gray black and emerald used (40), 1949 Victory 25d to 5r mint (10 sets), 1949-50 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and Buildings 5d to 50r mint with additional 30r and 50r, 1950 31st Birthday 25d to 5r mint (7 sets), 1951-52 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 50r mint (5 sets), 1953 Sports 1r to 10r mint (10 sets), 1954 Naturalization of Fishing 1r to 10r mint (10 sets), 1954 World Forestry Congress 1r to 10r mint (10 sets), 1955-56 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 50r mint with additional 1.50r (11), 20r (7) and 50r (2), 1956-57 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 200r mint with additional 100r, 1957-58 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 200r mint (no 30r and 50r) with additional 100r, 1958-59 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 200r mint (4 sets), and 1959-60 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 200r mint with additional 100r and 200r, Semi-Postals with 1950 4th Anniversary of Liberation of Azerbaijan 10d+5d to 3r+1.50r mint (8 sets), Airmails with 1928 surcharges 3k to 3t mint with additional values (12), 1929 overprints mint (3 sets), 1930 1c to 3t mint (3 sets), 1953 50d to 200r mint, 1953 3r to 20r (8 sets), Officials with a wealth of 1902-11 overprints on large quantities for each issue and value, 1915 Coronation overprinted reprints mint (25 sets), 1941 Arms 20r (3), 30r (3) and 60r (3) used, Newspaper, Parcel Post with 1915 Coronation overprinted reprints mint (25 sets), and Postal Tax Stamps, and a volume of Miscellaneous with 1899 "PP" overprints, 1902-04 Typeset overprints, Postage Dues 1899 Boital unissued 1c to 1t mostly unused (50), 1903-04 Postal Tax and Postage Due overprints, Charity 1918-19 stamps including Tabriz Famine relief 1s label, Locals with 1896 Tabriz 1s label used on piece and 1904 Isfahan overprints on 2c (4), and a range of Rebellion 1908-21 issues; also literature with handbook and catalogs, Fine to Very Fine with better throughout.
Estimate $12,000 - 15,000

It goes without saying, but expect considerable number of reprints and forgeries, especially among the overprints and surcharges. Nevertheless, this is a remarkable holding, in all probability one of the largest such surviving stocks in existence, representing a wonderful opportunity for the specialist
Realized $16,000.
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Lot 192
Persia, Substantial Mint and Used Collection, 1870-1964. With many issues complete, housed in two Palo albums; includes 1870-78 Lion issues with 1870 Bagheri 1s to 8s (#1-4) unused (close margins), 1875 rouletted vertically 1s to 8s (#11-14) used, 1878 typographed 4k, 5k violet and 5k gold (#35-37), last two touched or just cut into; Nasser-Eddin Shah Qajar: 1879 1s to 5k (#41-45) mint (the 5k without gum), 1881 lithographed (#47-49) 5s and 10s unused and 25s used, 1882 recess (#50-52) 5s and 10s unused and 25c used, 1882-84 5s to 10f mint (#53-59), 1885-87 "Officiel" surcharges (#66-72) with 1885 12c on 50c, 18c on 10s, 1t on 5f and 1887 8c on 50c mint or unused, 1885-86 typographed 1c to 5k (#60-65) mint, 1891 lithographed 1c to 5k (#81-89) mint, 1899-1902 handstamp overprints and Provisional surcharges, 1902 Meched Provisional issue 1c, 2c and 5c black (#222, 223, 226) used; Mohammad-Ali Shah Qajar: 1902-04 1c to 50k (#351-363) mint, 1907-09 1c to 50k (#428-445) mint (the 4k has creasing at foot ending in marginal split), 1914-22 surcharges, 1919 surcharges on stamps of 1889-91 2k on 5c to 50k on 14c (#622-629) mint (the 30k is indigo surcharged), 1923 surcharges 10c on 24k and 1k on 30k (#665-666) mint, Ahmad Shah Qajar: 1924-25 1c to 30k (#667-680) mint; Reza Shah Pahlavi: 1926-29 1c to 2k (#740-743) mint, 1929 1c to 3t (#744-759) mint, 1931-32 1c to 27c (#760-770) never hinged (11c light hinge), 1933-34 5d to 5r (#771-785) mint, 1935 values (12) to 5r (#827-831, 834-840) mint, 1935 "Postes Iraniennes" overprint on 1933-34 1r and 3r mint and 5r lightly cancelled, on 1936-37 5d to 10r (#841-855) mint, 1938-39 5d to 10r (#856-870) mint, 1939 60th Birthday imperforate 1r sheet of four (#870H var) mint; Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi: 1942-45 Shah and Buildings 5d to 300r (#876-909) mint or used with 10r (both), 20r orange and black, 30r (both), 50r (both) and 100r mint (the rare 30r gray black & emerald regummed), 1949-50 Shah and Buildings 5d to 50r (#915-930) mint, 1954 World Forestry Congress 1r to 10r (#995-998) never hinged, 1955-56 5d to 50r (#1023-1036) never hinged (2r hinged), 1956-57 5d to 200r (#1058A-1072) mint, 1957-58 5d to 200r (#1082-1098) mint with 1r horizontal pair from the right of the sheet imperforate vertically (#1086 var) mint, 1958-59 5d to 200r (1107-1125) mint, and 1959-63 5d to 200r (#1138-1151) mint; Semi-Postals, Airmails with 1928-66 Airmails (#C22-C85) complete mint, Officials with 1903-06 "Service" overprints 20k and 50k (#O18, O20) mint, Newspaper stamp, Parcel Post, and Postal Tax with 1955 50d emerald & carmine rose watermarked (#RA3) mint, etc., Fine to Very Fine with better throughout.
Estimate $5,000 - 6,000.
Realized $5,250.
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Lot 193
Persia, The Pasha's Prize, 1876-1955. On Vintage reproduction pages in folder, both used and mint (some never hinged but most o.g.); with varieties, shades and nice cancels; a few very early in mixed condition, but most sound; from 1929 is virtually complete; highlights include: (used) #48-52, 59, 66, 70, 88-89, 101-103, 160, 163, 206, 211, 809, and (mint) #50-51, 59, 66, 72, 90-100, 211, with (mint or used) #73-80, 173//180, etc.; tremendous back-of-book; includes scarcer Shah issues from 1940s and 1950s, generally Fine to Very Fine, getting hard-to-find!
Scott $8,000+ Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $700.
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