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New Zealand & Dependencies

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Lot 184
New Zealand, Extensive Mint and Used Collection, 1855-2011. Housed in seven binders and a large stockbook, the last containing a multitude of stamps from all periods, including used 1855-73 Chalon Heads with 1855 Auckland printing on blued paper 2d (2, one with 2015 A.P.S. certificate, but small closed tear); 1857-61 unwatermarked 2d; 1862 rouletted 7 1s (faulty); 1863 perf 13 6d; 1864 watermarked imperforate 2d and 1s; 1864-71 watermarked perf 12½ 4d deep rose and 1s; 1874 1d to 1s; 1878 2s and 5s used; 1898 ½d to 2s used and 5s with light crayon stroke; 1935 ½d to 3s used; mint 1874 3d, 6d and 1s; 1882-98 values (5) to 8d; 1899-1900 2s; 1902-07 ½d to 9d and 2s (plus ½d to 5s used); 1906 3d (thin spot; plus 3d and 6d both with traces of c.d.s. (not guaranteed)); 1926 King George V Admiral 2s and 3s (plus 3s used); and never hinged 1941 surcharges and redrawn set of five; 1953-57 Queen Elizabeth II ½d to 10s; plus many later; Semi-Postals, Airmails, Postal-Fiscals, Officials with 1922 8d, 1927-28 2s and 1940 ½d to 1s (all never hinged); Life Insurance stamps with 1891 1s and 1905 2d red brown used; along with a sampling of Ross Dependency and Tokelau Islands, Fine to Very Fine, an excellent nucleus for further study of this fascinating country. Shipping charges apply - weight 37 lbs.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $2,900.
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Lot 185
New Zealand, Antipodean Accolades Collection, 1856-1994. In a filled-to-capacity Scott Specialty album; begins with a nice mix of Chalon Heads (various duplicated), with solid late-19th century Pictorials; much mint after 1906, with the vast majority of post-1935 material mint never hinged; Semi-Postals (from 1932) include miniature sheets both mint and used, with Airs, Dues, Officials, Postal Fiscals and solid Life Insurance issues present as well; everything you could want is here, including unexploded booklets, booklet panes, blocks, souvenir sheets (including Expo-cancelled), etc., along with Ross Dependency to 1982; pages continue to 2000, making expansion easy, Fine to Very Fine with much better. Shipping charges apply - weight 9 lbs.
Estimate $2,500 - 3,500.
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Lot 186
New Zealand Dependancies, Highly Complete All-Mint Collection, 1893-1994. Comprising Aitutaki (1903-84) and Cook Islands (1893-1994), each in its own Scott Specialty album (the Cooks binder over-stuffed), plus a third Specialty album containing Niue (1902-93), Penrhyn Island (1902-83), and Tokelau Islands (1948-94); each country's pages continuing to 1999 or 2000; mint and mostly never hinged throughout, with some pre-Elizabeths presented both mint and used, while Her Majesty's issues are essentially complete mint never hinged; note souvenir and miniature sheets, complete panes (many!), se-tenants and gutter pairs throughout, with relevant Semi-Postals, Airs and Officials included as well (note some Cook Officials used); no great rarities, but the occasional surprise (as Niue #208 with shifted overprint), Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 29.2 lbs.
Estimate $2,500 - 3,000.
Realized $1,900.
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