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Lot 80
U.S., Your Stamp Store in a Single Lot. Simply massive stock selection of mint and used singles, plate blocks from #551, Ducks, etc., all in 56 counter books fully identified as to catalogue number, gum, etc.—and priced; the "US over $100" book we found includes a full four-margined #1 with blue cancel, a three-margined #2 with blue "PAID", pretty used #17, an exquisitely centered used #166, mint #226, plate/imprint strips of three, plate blocks, nice Washington-Franklins and Airs; Dues, Ducks, various cut squares, Canal Zone #52b never hinged, etc., etc.; eye-watering value, Fine to Very Fine with better throughout, ex Gottlieb. Shipping charges apply - weight 90.2 lbs.
Scott $91,000+ Estimate $15,000 - 20,000.
Realized $21,000.
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Lot 81
U.S., Triumphant Trio of Old Dealer's Counter Books, 1847-1942. From a show dealer who knew his stuff; a remarkable collection of sought-after Classics, many in exceptional quality; early material, unsurprisingly, used, with mint/unused starting at #71; begins with (used, unless noted) two each of #1 and #2 (the latter each a show-stopper), then a nice range of imperforate and perforated issues including #64, 70, two outstanding #77's, #78, 78a (2), 78b, 120, 122; nice Bank Notes, most mint, those used with striking Fancy cancels; Columbians including unused #242 and two used #245, mint #292, a beautifully centered #311 used, mint #369, etc.; Back-of-the-Book includes #C1-C6 never hinged, C13-C15 never hinged, outstanding mint Dues, several outstanding Offices in China (including a top margin #K12 block of four); plus Officials, Newspapers, Ducks, Confederate States, and Hawaii #30//82; much gradable material; conservatively worth $25,000 per the consignors notes, Fine to Very Fine with much better throughout, a must-see; we expect strong competition. Shipping charges apply - weight 2.4 lbs.
Estimate $12,000 - 16,000.
Realized $14,500.
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Lot 82
U.S., Mint and Used Dealers Lot, 1847-1925. A splendiferous stock that will put meat on your bones; approximately three dozen stockpages in a binder, with a wide range of Classic US, from #1 through Back-of-the-Book; many items duplicated, including #11A (4), 24 (5), 68 (13), 68a (10), 69 (8), 71 (8, 1 no gum), 73 (15, including a pair), 117 (25!)…you get the picture; if you like cancels, you'll be tickled by these Fancies, with plenty of grids, geometrics, New York Foreign Mail, "Steam/Boat", "PAID", colored, etc.; nice range of Bank Notes, Columbians to 15¢, a striking #276A with magenta cancel, neat mix of Washington-Franklins, blocks and multiples (mint and used), plate strips, etc.; Back-of-the-Book is present in volume as well, with very pretty Dues (including top margin pair of #J6, mint, with partial plate number "32" captured); more Officials than you'll find at a White House briefing these days, including Specimens and blocks up to 40 (!); Newspapers with #PR114 in block of 20 with plate number and initials, PR115 with plate block of 20; a nice page of Confederate States (some on piece with striking cancels); even Hawaii, Locals and a few Philippines make an appearance; each item fully annotated, making selling a dream, Fine to Very Fine with much better throughout, a not-to-miss opportunity; imaged in full online. Shipping charges apply - weight 3.6 lbs.
Estimate $10,000 - 12,000.
Realized $11,500.
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Lot 83
U.S., Valuable Dealers Stock of Classics, 1851-ca. 1920. Approximately 800 stamps arranged on 16 sides (8 pages) of a small-format stockbook, ranging from the 1851 3¢ Washington to the Washington-Franklins; solid but useful duplication throughout, offering the opportunity for shades, plate varieties, etc.; cancel collectors will relish this, as there are a myriad of types, towns and colors, some on piece, with numerous fancies (a couple quite magnificent); note distinct shades of the 24¢ Washingtons, seven examples of #71, red brown and brown 5¢ Civil War-issue Jeffersons, enough Black Jacks to take down the house; 1869 Pictorials to the 15¢, Bank Notes to the 30¢, First and Second Bureau issues, Columbians to the 30¢, Trans-Mississippis to the 50¢, #479-480, etc., Fine to Very Fine, a great opportunity to stock up and dig in. Shipping charges apply - weight 1.6 lbs.
Estimate $3,500 - 5,000.
Realized $3,750.
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Lot 84
U.S., Clean Early 20th Century Stock (Scott 600//1091). Presented in a slipcased Specialty album on Vario stockpages; includes coil pairs of #600 & 602-606; Kansas-Nebraska singles in quantity; line pairs #686 & 721-723; National Parks perforated and imperforate; full runs of Prexies as singles (including a 30¢ Roosevelt "blue") and plate blocks (2 plates each #832-834), plus coils with line pairs; a full team plus relief hitter of #855; Famous Americans, #906, Overrun Countries, Liberty Series singles (including two #1053) and coils (some line pairs), and much, much more; fantastic stock with a huge cumulative catalogue value, Fine to Very Fine with much better throughout, well worth review. Shipping charges apply - weight 6.6 lbs.
Scott $10,000+ Estimate $2,000 - 2,500.
Realized $1,700.
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Lot 85
U.S., Plate Block Stock, 1910-50s. Many choice hand picked plate blocks of high quality, with the following plate blocks: 383, 542, 543, 552, 581, 595 with PSE certificate, 614, 628, 633, 646, 647, 654, 655, 658, 670, 682, 690, 699, 719, 832C, 833, 1053, 1132 with PSE graded 98 certificate, C21, C22, C46 and QE3a, generally Fine to Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 2.8 lbs.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $1,500.
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