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Lot 343
Mexico, Magisterial Mint and Used Collection, 1856-1999. Housed in two Scott Specialty albums, numerous items with MEPSI certificates (noted below "MEPSI"); many issues complete, including 1856 Hidalgo ½, 4r and 8r (without district overprint) unused; 1861 Hidalgo ½r unused (MEPSI) and 4r (both colors) and 8r (both colors) used; 1864-66 Eagle 1r ultramarine pair used; 1867 Hidalgo 8r black on red brown used (MEPSI) and on thin gray blue paper ½r to 8r used; 1868 Hidalgo thin figures 100c black on brown used (2, both imperforate and perforated) and thick figures 50c unused and 100c used; 1868 "Anotado" overprint imperforate 12c Postal Forgery (MEPSI) and perforated 12c unused (MEPSI); 1872 Hidalgo profile watermarked imperforate 12c and 25c used; 1875-80 watermarked 5c to 25c unused; 1881 unwatermarked 4c to 100c unused; 1882 unwatermarked 1c to 100c set of 15 unused; 1884 Hidalgo Medallion 1c to 2p unused; 1886-87 perf 12 Numerals 1c to 25c set of 16 unused; 1887 perf 6 x 12 Numerals 1c, 2c, 5c 10c lilac (MEPSI) and 10c scarlet unused, paper with ruled lines perf 12 2c (MEPSI), 5c and 10c unused, perf 6 1c to 10c brown unused, perf 6 x 12 2c brown carmine unused (MEPSI, 3mm closed tear); 1896-97 Mulita watermarked "R.M." 1c to 15c unused; 1897-98 Mulita watermarked Eagle and "R.M." 15c unused (wide straight edge at left); 1898 Mulita unwatermarked 10c used (straight edge); 1913-16 Revolutionary issues with 1913 Sonora typeset with colorless embossing 1c to 3c and 10c unused; 1914 "Victoria de Torreon" overprint on 1c never hinged (MEPSI); 1915 "Villa" overprints on issue of 1910 1c to 5p mint; 1915 "Caranza" overprints complete mint (issue of 1899 10c and of 1910 5p with MEPSIs); 1916 "Corbata" overprints on issue of 1903 5c orange mint (MEPSI), on issue of 1910 1c to 5p mint, on "Constitucionalista" 5p carmine and black mint (MEPSI) and on issue of 1903 5c orange with "Villa" overprint never hinged (MEPSI); 1931 "Habilitado/1931" overprints 4c to 1p mint; and issues after 1934 basically complete with more modern never hinged; Airmails with an excellent rage which is basically complete after 1935 (missing 1953-56 50c); Airmail Officials with 1934 perf 12 10c; Porte de Mar with 1875 Larger Numerals 60c unused (MEPSI); and Officials with 1895 1c to 1p (MEPSI) unused, 1896-97 watermarked "R.M." 1c to 15c unused (the 12c and 15c with MEPSI), 1911 1c to 5p mint, 1916 50c with Corbata overprint mint (MEPSI), and 1927-28 "Oficial" overprint on 5p mint; most of the unused from 1881 have original gum, and the collection's overall condition is fresh and Fine to Very Fine, reflecting the collector's keen eye for quality, with the stamps meticulously chosen. An excellent basis for a serious collection. Shipping charges apply - weight 11.4 lbs.
Estimate $3,750 - 4,500.
Realized $5,000.
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Lot 344
Mexico, Lovely Largely Mint Collection, 1856-1991. With much never hinged, in a Scott Specialty album; 19th century issues surprisingly well-filled, from First Issues on, mixed mint and used and sporting an interesting array of cancels; solid mix of early 20th century overprints, decent 1913-14 Revolutionary issues, etc.; highly complete from 1940 on, with souvenir sheets, some Exports (mint and used), Semi-Postals, pretty early Airs, Special Delivery, Insured Letter, Parcel Post and Postal Tax stamps, even a few black Porte de Mar issues; no great rarities, but a solid collection with space to grow, as pages continue to 2000, Fine to Very Fine with better throughout. Shipping charges apply - weight 8.6 lbs.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $950.
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