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The Leo Malz Specialized Collections of Latin America

Costa Rica

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Lot 374

Costa Rica, Nice Specialist Postal History Selection, fantastic and extremely diverse range of 70 covers offering many lovely items from a wide range of categories, including nice early Flights, a lovely range of early 1900s used picture post cards, early and scarce Official issue covers, scarce early items of postal stationery, three scarce 10c Lindbergh overprint issues on 1928 Registered postally used covers (one expertised by Francis Field and Charlat), two nice #C11-C13 covers plus a third set on three covers, and many others; a super group, Fine to Very Fine or better.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $1,100.
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Lot 375
Costa Rica, Amazing Collection of Modern Proofs and Specimens, ca. 1940-80s, a fascinating selection of dozens of nifty items that, quite frankly, you rarely come upon; to give you an idea, we note #C120, C128-C139, C246-C251, C274-C282 and others, all with "MUESTRA" overprint, #C145-C147 (two sets with inverted overprints, plus 15c on 25c double overprint, one inverted), #C211-C215 gutter pairs, #C298-C302 in imperforate singles and pairs, #C441 imperforate-between horizontal pair, #C484 block of ten with two horizontal pairs imperforate-between, #C535 vertical pair imperforate-between (10 exist), #C650 with red omitted, #C663-C664 imperforate blocks of four, plus much, much more; fresh throughout, Fine to Very Fine or better, evaluate the entire lot online.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Realized $1,300.
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Lot 376
Costa Rica, Rare, Select Group of Die Proofs, ca. 1883-1935, wonderful and exceptionally scarce group comprising ca. 1883 5c blue Bernardo Soto Alfaro entire (proof, plus the issued entire itself), a rare set of ten 1c to 50c Waterlow & Sons "Timbre Forense" proofs in black (the first we've ever seen), a Waterlow group of nine Consular stamp proofs with seven $50 frames plus a central vignette design along with a frame without the value, and finally a choice American Bank Note Company 10c carmine (as issued) Red Cross proof on card, Fine to Very Fine, fully imaged online.
Estimate $300 - 400.
Realized $2,100.
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Lot 377
Costa Rica, Amazing Specialist's Selection of Proofs, Varieties, Etc., substantial group of perhaps a few dozen or so items, including MUESTRA overprints on #C104-C113 and unissued 1939 Airmails for the '39 Pan-Am Congress; American Bank Note Company large master die proof in red for 1937's #C28 Airmail design; #C67-C69 inverted surcharges, #C501 block of four with two imperforate-between horizontal pairs, #C663 horizontal strip of three imperforate-between; #C889-C892, two blocks of eight imperforate-between vertically and horizontally; plus overprint and surcharge varieties, color errors, etc.; a wonderful lot of material you just don't see often, Fine to Very Fine, get a taste on the web.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $800.
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Lot 378
Costa Rica, Excellent Specialized Collection/Accumulation, comprising many, many hundreds, with emphasis on overprinted issues, including Guanacaste forgeries and reference items with Ross overprints, extensive Revenues, and more; begins with well-duplicated Second Issue surcharges, strong 1880s Officials with varieties, good Guanacaste, loads of Revenues, De La Rue Specimens, and more, Fine to Very Fine or better, an eclectic and diverse holding.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $2,100.
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Lot 379
Costa Rica, Wonderful Selection of Scarce "Specimen"- and "Muestra"-Overprinted Issues, interesting, seldom encountered selection of approximately several dozen items, many of which are in blocks of four; includes both Waterlow and American Bank Note Company examples, with a sampling of Scott numbers represented including #122, 258-260, the basic Revenue set that was overprinted for postage in blocks of four), #185, C57-C66 plus two unissued colors, C189-C196, C120 Red Cross, American Bank Note Company Telegraphs in blocks of four, etc., Fine to Very Fine, diverse group; be sure to view online.
Estimate $400 - 600.
Realized $500.
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Lot 380
Costa Rica, Diverse, One-of-a-Kind Specialized Assemblage, a fantastic—and probably next to impossible—selection of thousands of stamps, nearly entirely overprint varieties and (mostly) Specimen/Muesta overprints, all neatly assembled on black clear-faced stockcards; begins with a solid range of various "1911" overprint varieties, continuing on to later surcharge and Airpost varieties; from there, we note a superb, lightly duplicated of American Bank Note Company-produced 1910-47 Specimen overprinted Revenue issues (with security punch), nearly all in sets and in blocks of four (approximately 545 blocks present, yielding about 2200 stamps in total); many other premium ca. 1920s to early '40s Specimen blocks also noted, including #183 (unsevered souvenir sheet pair), 1941 Soccer issues, etc.; the earlier Specimens begin with the 1889 President Alfar issues, etc.; a wonderful holding, generally Fine to Very Fine, be sure to view online (imaged completely) to fully appreciate.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Realized $800.
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Lot 381
Costa Rica, Excellent Specialized Collection to 1981, a beautiful, carefully assembled, predominantly used collection in a Scott album, substantially complete less a small handful of items, with regular issues to 1969, plus Airmails and other Back-of-the-Book continuing to 1981; the collection features highlights (used, unless noted) like #1-4, 7-16 (with the scarce #13 and #16 signed Bloch), #45//54 sets of 13 as perforated proofs and Specimen overprints, #105-109 tête-bêche pairs, #B4a, B7a, C11-C13 (mint and used sets, the mint signed Bloch), C46-C54, C57-C66, etc.—and then the fun begins, as there are dozens of trial overprints, fantails, imperforates, imperforate-betweens, shifted or omitted colors, composite proofs, Specimens, etc., many identified by Saenz numbers, such as #470e, 519c, 521c, 577b, etc., etc., Fine to Very Fine or better, truly one of the best one-volume collections we've offered; see scans from the album on the web.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $1,800.
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