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The Leo Malz Specialized Collection
of Palestine and Israel


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Lot 1278

Beals' Personal Collection of Charity Seals, obtained from the House of Zion auction; a wealth of material, much not often seen, neatly arranged and fully annotated on homemade pages; the charities and services benefitted, in both the US and in the Holy Land, include orphanages, hospitals, food services, schools, and more; numerous WWII-era anti-Nazi items, along with funds to protect and save Jewish communities in Europe; not surprisingly, this collection is much more expansive than most, with blocks, part-sheets, full booklets (many unexploded), varieties, imperforates, and much, much more, Very Fine, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; see the full holding on our website.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Current Bid $750
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Lot 1279
Worldwide Judaica Collection, appropriately in 12 binders or stockbooks, with poster stamps, covers, and documents covering an immense range of subjects, including Hannukah, tourism, Biblical characters, flags, sports, friendship, relics, synagogues, exhibitions, and more; features a binder with autographs of various politicians, leaders and rabbis; an excellent one-volume holding of US material, beginning with a New Haven, CT, Star of David cancel on #65; a volume of private issues and labels, etc., etc., Very Fine overall.
Estimate $1,200 - 1,600.
Current Bid $600
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Lot 1280
A Grab Bag of Goodies, file box filled with, well, a bit of everything: we have JNF complete unexploded booklets; a lovely hand-painted Christmas cover franked by four Palestine Pictorials, commercial covers, a group of 1918 Egyptian Expeditionary Forces covers, a 1929 Orientfahrt Zeppelin cover posted onboard the Graf Zeppelin; Israel #1-6 tab blocks of four used, #7-9 never hinged; several First Coins on cover; First Flight Covers, First Day Covers, incoming covers, military stationery, Jordanian "Palestine" overprints, tab singles and sets, plate blocks, souvenir sheets, and more; well worth a flip through online, mainly Very Fine.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Current Bid $500
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Lot 1281

Outstanding KKL-JNF Collection, 1902-78, highly comprehensive and nicely presented on quadrille pages in a slipcased Scott binder; opens with a brief history, followed by a magnificent holding of issues as singles, blocks, booklets, and sheets; we note imprints, shades, gutter blocks, and errors including imperforates, misperforated items, double perforations and plate flaws; arranged chronologically; clean and fresh throughout, Very Fine as a whole, have a look through online.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Current Bid $375
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Lot 1282
WWII-era Judaica Collection, 1939-45, neatly presented in a Lindner album; opens with a lovely multicolor "Panorama of Tel Aviv" fold-out New Year's card, followed by a US War Bonds "Take a Punch" card; note also a JNF "Trees in Memoriam" certificate, six Rosh Hashanah-themed V-Mail letters (several with envelopes), Auschwitz and Dachau Prisoners Mail censored formulars, a 1943 Auschwitz Death Notice telegram, a postal card from Hungary sent to the Litzmannstadt Ghetto, anti-Jewish caricature postcards and labels, three pages of various pro-Jewish US poster stamps, and more, Very Fine, an intriguing holding; imaged in full online.
Estimate $700 - 800.
Current Bid $400
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Lot 1283
Esperanto & Dr. Zamenhof Topical Collection, enticing little collection celebrating the language and its chief proponent; we note poster stamps, four die proofs in different colors of Brazil's 1945 Esperanto Congress issue, Brazil 1937 Esperanto 50th Anniversary issue center block of 12 plus imperforate top margin block of four; Russia's 1927 Esperanto stamp (1 mint, 2 on different covers), plus pages of postcards and covers celebrating the language, written in the language, marking Congresses, etc.; several First Day Covers and poster stamp-bearing covers round out the collection, Fine to Very Fine with better throughout, see it all online.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Current Bid $300
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Lot 1284
Copernicus/Woldenberg Camp Collection, 1943, intriguing compilation of locally produced (in the camp, most likely) 5fen, 10fen and 20fen stamps celebrating the 400th anniversary of the astronomer's death; comprises singles (most mint, some used) and souvenir sheets (mint, First Day-cancelled, cancelled); note blackproof of the three stamps together, a magnificent (and likely unique) test impression of an early state souvenir sheet vignette (combined with a 20f stamp impression in reverse), even the stamps used on cover, Very Fine assembly, a great lot; imaged in full online.
Estimate $500 - 600.
Current Bid $275
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Lot 1285

Wide-ranging Charity Stamps Collection, in two slipcased Lindner stockbooks plus a binder of manila stockpages; many hundreds in total, covering a broad range of organizations both in the US and in Palestine/Israel; we note impressive WWII-era labels for the US (including the Communist Party, in part to stamp out "Hitler and Hitlerism"), numerous Jewish organizations and charities in the States, calls to help Polish Jews, even a pair of SIP Cleveland Chapter labels; among the charities in the Holy Land we note yeshivas, soup kitchens, hospitals, aid for the blind and the infirm, plus later organizations such as Hadassah; generally clean and sound, Fine to Very Fine with better throughout, uncommon material rarely found in such quantity.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Current Bid $0
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Lot 1286

Charity Label Sheets and Panes Collection, over 30 in total, most identified (and valued) by Beals numbers; a variety of charities represented, including Chaye Olam, Yeshiva Torath Emeth, the Universal Yeshiva of Jerusalem, homes for orphans and the aged, United Charity Institutions of Jerusalem, Hadassah, and others; most complete (a couple noted missing selvage), with numerous perforation varieties throughout, generally Very Fine, see the entire holding online.
Estimate $400 - 600.
Current Bid $200
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Lot 1287

WWII & Holocaust Remembrance Issues Collection, approximately 170 covers and maximum cards in two binders, all commemorating WWII anniversaries; material mostly European, with strong Czechoslovakia, Germany and France issues, marking events and locales such as Guernica, ghettoes, concentration camp liberations, etc., along with leaders and Resistance members who perished; small section of Israel covers, including some bearing Forerunners or First Issues; clean and fresh throughout, Very Fine, volume one imaged in full online.
Estimate $400 - 600.
Current Bid $400
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Lot 1288
Philatelic Portrayals of Famous Jews, a worldwide holding in six stockbooks or binders, with a wide array of subjects in every conceivable field of endeavor: Maimonides to Chagall, von Kárman to Resnik, Kirk Douglas to Justice Brandeis, Sholom Aleichem to Engels, and more; two volumes dedicated to Einstein and his myriad appearances on stamps; covers include First Days and other commemorative cancels, Very Fine.
Estimate $350 - 500.
Current Bid $225
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