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Lot 5441

Confederate States, [Texas] Crockett, c.d.s. and "PAID 5" postmark on a stampless provisional cover to the Commissioner Gen'l Land Office in Austin, Very Fine.
Estimate $300 - 400.
Current Bid $150
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Lot 5442

Confederate States, Charleston, S.C., 1861, 5¢ blue (Scott 16X1), tied by a clear Charleston c.d.s., Dec 17, 1861, on a cover to Lawrence C.H., S.C.; sealed flap tears just make their way onto the front at the upper left, otherwise Very Fine, Ex-Calhoun.
Scott $2,500.
Estimate $400 - 600.
Current Bid $200
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Lot 5443

Confederate States, Nashville, Tenn., 1861, 5¢ violet brown (Scott 61X5), large margins to just clear at the left, tied by a blurry blue Nashville c.d.s., Oct 24, 1861, on an orange cover to Memphis, Tenn.; stamp with small repair at the bottom, cover skillfully but extensively repaired, Very Fine appearance.
Scott $4,250.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Current Bid $375
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Lot 5444

Confederate States, New Orleans, La., 1861, 5¢ red brown (Scott 62X4), pair, margins all around, used on cover to Montgomery, Ala., with colorless embossed corner card at left for a Havana Cigars merchant; slightly reduced at left, Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $700.
Estimate $250 - 350.
Current Bid $120
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Lot 5445

Confederate States, 1862, 2¢ green (Scott 3), vertical strip of 4 with large margins all around except just cut in at the top, pen-canceled (not tied), manuscript underneath stamps "Chge Acct 23", on extensively cleaned and repaired homemade envelope to Jackson, Miss.; very light damp stain at the lower left and brown stains on the back from glue used to form the envelope; large repaired tear through top of bottom stamp, almost Very Fine appearance, a rare multiple, with 2020 Crowe certificate.
Scott $5,000 as a used block off cover.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500

The strange rate of 8¢ would have been correct for a six-ounce circular (the cover appears to have never been sealed) or a four-ounce foreign publication. It could also be a 2¢ underpayment of the 10¢ letter rate that went unnoticed or was ignored.

Current Bid $500
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Lot 5446

Confederate States, Atlanta, Ga., 1861, 5¢ black (Scott 6XU2), attractive usage of this provisional on a Dec. 9, 1861 cover to South Carolina; some cover stains, Fine.
Scott $900.
Estimate $300 - 400.
Current Bid $150
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Lot 5447

Confederate States, 1863, 20¢ green (Scott 13), margins almost all around, pen canceled and used on an 1864 Virginia cover; stamp with small faults, a Fine to Very Fine cover, with 1987 P.F. certificate.
Scott $1,250.
Estimate $350 - 500.
Current Bid $180
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