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Lot 6398

United States, 1934-1983, FLOWN on test aircraft. Curious collection of envelopes carried by favor in various aircraft; Sikorsky S-42 seaplane on world altitude record flight in 1934 and autographed by pilot Boris Sergievsky and the NAA Observer, 35 years ago it cataloged for $25, 9 copies; carried by Gary E Krier in NASA's Digital Fly By Wire in 1972 (flight #9); another DFBW (flight #29) autographed by Gary E Krier; 1976 flight by George Larson and CC Bock Jr in the B-1 bomber; 1977 F8DFBW signed by Gary E Krier; F-15A electronic weapons systems test in 1977 conducted by Richard O Covey (who later commanded the space shuttle); 1978 post maintenance flight of an F-14A by David M Walker (also a future shuttle astronaut); 1983 test flight of an XM-4 VTOL aircraft signed by G Raymond (these looked like flying saucers), addressed to New Zealand; fun group of 16 covers.
AAMC 5th Ed 680; $25.
Estimate $400 - 600.
Current Bid $200
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Lot 6399

United States, 1946 (Jul 25) Atomic Bomb Test - Bikini Atoll. Unaddressed Airmail cover carried on the Navy observation plane - a B-29 Superfortress specially outfitted for photographic reconnaissance - that photographed the two 1946 Bikini tests on July 1 (test Abel) and July 25 (test Baker); franked with a 6¢ Transport (C25) tied by a Jul 25 "U.S. Navy, 10666 Br." (Kwajalein, Marshall Islands) duplex handstamp and signed by the Pilot, Major George P. Birdsong, Jr., the operations officer of the photographic unit, Very Fine. This was also the first use of Bell Laboratories' "Fastex" high-speed camera. Only 30 covers were carried.
Estimate $200 - 300

Birdsong was a highly decorated pilot. He was one of the first to complete 25 World War II bombing missions. He later flew B-29s in the Strategic Air Command and, in 1953, he set the B-47 Transatlantic speed record from Maine to England. He was the first SAC pilot to check out in a B-52 and in 1968-69 he flew 189 missions in Viet Nam, retiring in 1970
Current Bid $100
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Lot 6400

United States, 1950, Atomic Bomb - Los Alamos. An Airmail cover from Paris, France on Mar 11, 1950, addressed to Manhattan Project Director, General "Sir Leslie R. Groves, Director of atom-center, Los Alamos, U.S.A."; missent to Los Alamos, Calif. (Nov 7 handstamp on the reverse) and redirected at Los Alamos, N.M., where it was received on Nov 10 (dated timestamp on the front); the was finally forwarded to Groves (who had retired in 1948) in South Norwalk, Ct., Very Fine. The Manhattan Project ended in 1946, but the facility continued to develop nuclear weapons as the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Estimate $150 - 200.
Current Bid $80
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Lot 6401

United States, 1960, North American Aviation X-15 pilot autographs. North American's Project 1226 envisioned a single seat aircraft with the performance characteristics of a V-2 missile; it would be hypersonic (above Mach 5) and fly to the edge of space; until the space shuttle, no winged vehicle had flown higher or faster; autographs include, Scott Crossfield on an early X-15 envelope (Boy Scout cachet) postmarked the day he lit "the big engine"; Forest S Peterson on a 20th anniversary cover commemorating the Crossfield flight; Neil Armstrong (who flew the earliest altitude profiles) on an index card along with a very clean X-15 cover from his first flight in 1960; a Decade of Achievement FDC signed by Scott Crossfield, Robert Rushworth, and Robert White; an unusual envelope postmarked at White Sands on launch day for the first space shuttle flight signed by William Knight; an Edwards AFB cancel for the return of STS-1 autographed by Robert Rushworth; an Apollo 11 FDC signed by Forest Peterson; an X-15 cover dated Mar 1968 with Bill Dana's name under the cachet (but not his signature); and an autograph of Joe Engle training to pilot the space shuttle (after having flown the X-15); 10 pieces in all.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Current Bid $375
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Lot 6402

United States, 1972, Bell Aircraft Experimental Supersonic - 1 (XS-1). During the Second World War aircraft in steep dives encountered extreme compressability; planes were flying so fast the air couldn't get out of the way which resulted in severe stress on structures and problems with control; Bell Aircaft designed a 50 caliber bullet shaped rocket powered plane to "break the sound barrier"; grouping includes index card autographed by Chalmers (Slick) H. Goodlin, the first to pilot the plane; a FDC with a stamp from Lesotho picturing Chuck Yeager and the X-1 with his autograph; a Project Mercury FDC signed by Bob Hoover, the X-1 chase pilot; a Smithsonian Milestone of Flight cover (number 1) issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of supersonic flight (the envelope was FLOWN supersonic); a 30th anniversary cover postmarked at Edwards AFB autographed by Chuck Yeager; and a 40th anniversary postmark from his hometown in Hamlin, WV signed by Chuck Yeager; 6 items in all including 5 autographs.
Estimate $250 - 350.
Current Bid $130
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Lot 6403

United States, 1973, Wingless lifting body covers with pilot autographs. In order to create vehicles that could travel from orbit to runway, NASA investigated shapes where the lift comes from the fuselage instead of wings; this collection has 28 autographs (mostly pilots); M2 covers for Cecil Powell (unsigned), Jerry Gentry, Bill Dana and Bruce Peterson; most are X-24B covers including first captive and first powered flights, as well as numerous autographs (including Dave Scott, Tom Mc Murtry and Gary Krier who did not fly it) including John Manke (3) and Mike Love (9); various colors of Boy Scouts of America rubber stamp cachets; a total of 28 envelopes.
Estimate $300 - 400.
Current Bid $150
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Lot 6404

United States, 1977, NASA test flight of Ardvaark, Gulfstream and Jet Star. In the 1970s extensive work at Dryden was performed with the F-111, C140, and modified Gulfstream (STA 946); autographs of Einar Enevoldson, Steve Ishmael, Gary Krier, Ronald Grabe, and Stan Boyd signed the F-111 covers; Don Mallick, Ray Young, Ed Gibson and Don Lind signed the C140 Jet Star; autographs on the Gulfstream included Fred Haise, Gordon Fullerton and Richard Truly; 14 covers in all.
Estimate $200 - 300.
Current Bid $100
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Lot 6405

United States, c. 1981, X-Series experimental aircraft autographs. Prosser cachet series of 5 envelopes each autographed by the appropriate test pilot; includes Scott Crossfield (X-1), Frank Everest (X-2), Chuck Yeager (X-3), Charles Tucker (X-4), and Peter Girard (X-13).
Estimate $250 - 350.
Current Bid $130
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Lot 6406

United States, 1986, Voyager Test Flight. Flown cover signed by the pilots, Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager, Very Fine.
Estimate $400 - 600.
Current Bid $200
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