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Lot 6055

United States, Lindbergh balance lot, 1926-1930. (5) CAM 2 (2) 1927 CAM 2 day (5) Chicago tour covers (11) FAM 5 (10) Miami -CZ 1930 (6) FAM 6; Fam 8 (2) Suriname; plus 9 commemorative; total of 46 flown by Lindbergh. Shipping charges apply - weight 1 lbs.
Estimate $300 - 400.
Current Bid $170
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Lot 6056

United States, 1926, One in a million. Over his career as an airmail pilot it has been estimated that the Chief Pilot for CAM 2 carried in excess of one million letters; this one, however, is quite special; is one of the premium Home of Abraham Lincoln envelopes from the first day of the route in Springfield, IL and is signed by the postmaster, William Conkling and pilot C A Lindbergh; he would fly the route less than a year and lose two aircraft before deciding to fly solo across the Atlantic; a key piece for any airmail collection; moderate toning to right 2" of envelope.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Current Bid $400
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Lot 6057

United States, 1926, Lindbergh signed first flight. In 1925 the Kelly Act provided for the letting of Contract Air Mail (CAM) routes to replace government service; the second route, linked St Louis to the transcontinental route terminus in Chicago; on 15 Apr 1926 this legal-sized cover flew from the Windy City to the Gateway to the West; it is signed by Arthur C Lueder, Postmaster of Chicago and C A Lindbergh, Pilot; destined for a collector, eight stamps were used to pay a 10 cent rate; includes a letter dated June 9, 1928 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is to certify that the signed Lindbergh cover sold by us to Mr. John Strauss is genuine in every respect. We hereby guarantee the signature to be that of Colonel Lindbergh (signed) Milton T Mauck; Paid in cash $100; in current dollars it amounted to over $1,500 (you could have it for less); terrific item; moderate toning to last inch at right.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Current Bid $350
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Lot 6058

United States, Charles Lindbergh scrapbook packed with covers, 1927-32. Great from the get go; starts with a Lindberghiana booklet from dealer Milton Mauck (1928) with a list of all the key flights in the US, Latin, and South America; magazine pages about Costa Rica followed by a Lindbergh Day cover autographed by the President of Costa Rica; pages about Panama Canal Zone and an autograph of the President of Panama on official letterhead; autograph of the American Consul for the Canal Zone; Columbia followed by a cover autographed by the President of Columbia; certified letter with extensive franking with Presidential seal 9 Nov 1928; article on Porto Rico and San Juan Lindy covered autographed by Governor Towner of Porto Rico; business card for the President of Haiti; envelope carried in the Spirit of St Louis; autograph by the President of Haiti; letter from Haiti with Presidential rubber stamp on reverse; article on Cuba, followed by the autograph of the US Ambassador to Cuba; autograph of Chief pilot of Pan American Airways, Edwin Musick; Phil Love autograph; lots of "horseshoe" flights (including some to Germany); Raymond Bahr (who safeguarded the Spirit), William Conkling signature; autographs of CAM 2 fliers E L Sloinger and Bud Gurney; autograph of Alfred Smith, Governor of NY; signature of his mother, Evangeline Lindbergh; signature of Louis Bleriot; and the autographs of Lt Albert Hegenberger (who flew Lindbergh's mother) and the signature of the President of France; dozens of common Lindbergh flown covers; a wonderful scrapbook. Shipping charges apply - weight 5.8 lbs.
Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Current Bid $375
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Lot 6059

United States, Lindbergh scrapbook with goodies, 1927. Obviously a labor of love, this volume was created contemporaneously with Lindbergh's airmail service; newspaper clippings, portions of popular books, a photo of a legal sized first flight sent to King George of England (and the polite note of return since that philatelist only collected stamps of Great Britain); eight first flight (AAMC 11, 12, 14) CAM 2 including two lovely "Home of Abraham Lincoln: covers; flown photocards (AAMC 32) autographed by Spirit of St Louis designer Donald A Hall, and Lindy with Spirit; Underwood sepia photo postcards (6) canceled Lindbergh Day Saganaw, MI; USS Memphis return to the US (AAMC 24); 1st Mauck (Lucky Lindy) cachet on Washington DC (AAMC 29); same day (11 Jun 1927) Lindbergh Day autographed Calvin Coolidge (AAMC 29) signed by assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics W P Mac Cracken; Harry S. New, PMG on Lindbergh Day cover; quarter sized, gold colored medal token; Raymond Orteig (Orteig Prize) on Washington cover; C10 FDC St Louis (2), Washington (4 including two signed by Orteig), Little Falls (2), Springfield, Detroit, Chicago (2); 27 anniversary and national tour covers; 1st Mauck on CAL flies the mail again (AAMC 32), same flight addressed to Germany; five 15 Aug 1927 CAM 2; several more commemorative covers; lastly an elegant medal/decoration from the reception at the Montana State Fair, the name on the medal is 2nd Lt George A Sawyer. Shipping charges apply - weight 5.6 lbs.
Estimate $600 - 800.
Current Bid $300
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