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Lot 7014
Worldwide, Correspondence from the great astronomers of 19th and 20th century. Treasure trove of letters, mostly by hand on 40 items; John C Adams (1819-1892) English discoverer of Neptune; Pierre H Puiseaux (1855-1928) French; Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington (1882-1944) English; Sir George Biddell Airy (1801-1892) English; Sir Robert S Ball (1840-1913) Irish; John H C Coffin (1815-1890) American; Benjamin A Gould (1824-1896) American; Henry Norris Russell (1877-1957) American; Sir Richard A Gregory (1844-1952) English; Arnie J Cannon (1862-1941) American; Alvan G Clark (1832-1897) American; Sir Frank W Dyson (1868-1929) British; Ernst W L Tempel (1821-1889) German; Richard A Proctor (1837-1881) English; Daniel Vaughan (1827-1874) Irish; Percival Lowell (1855-1916) American; Frank Schlesinger (1871-1943) American; Henry S Pritchett (1857-1934) American; Edward S Holden (1846-1914) American; Christian H F Peters (1813-1890) German; Walter S Adams (1876-1950) American; Christian A F Peters (1813-1890) German; George P Bond (1789-1859) American; Charles A Young (1834-1908) American; Karl L Littrow (1811-1877) Austrian; Rudolf Wolf (1816-1893) Swiss; Karl Kreil (1798-1862) German; Thomas J See (1866-1962) American; Robert Main (1808-1874) English; Edward C Pickering (1846-1919) American; Sir James H Jean (1877-1911) English; Sir J Norman Lockyer (1836-1920) English; Percival Lowell (1855-1916) American; William Harkness (1837-1903) American; Edward C Pickering (1846-1919) American; Asaph Hall (1829-1907) American; Stephen Alexander (1806-1883) American; also contains delightful correspondence between Carl Sagan (1934-1996) American and Leo Malz concerning collecting topical stamps related to astronomy, three TLS (two personal and one on Cornell stationery). Shipping charges apply - weight 1.2 lbs.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Current Bid $500
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Lot 7015

Worldwide, space related along with other topics, 1960-2015. Great group of 38 items related UPU founder Von Stephan including several 1931 postally used cards, 1947 and 1948 special postmarks, registered covers, Russian Zone usage; Cambodia deluxe proof set of 3; Benin deluxe proof; Mauratania deluxe proof; early South American PUAEP "UPU" designs from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Nicaragua, Salvador and Paraguay; a couple of beautiful 1928 Stutgart planetarium pictorial cancels; Churchill including several silver and gold coins on cover from Manama; John F Kennedy from all over the world; Baseball, Elvis Presley, lots of Grenada Disney S/S and mini sheets; a few hundred Russian entires postally used, often with meter cancels organized by region; Black Americans, Oil & Petrolium, Religion, Medicine, Red Cross; bonus, 500 airmail postally used Cambodia early 1990's; 3000+ envelopes with solid value. Shipping charges apply - weight 36.4 lbs.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Current Bid $500
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Lot 7016

Worldwide, 11 volumes of Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and Newton. Fresh, clean 3 ring binders packed with stamps, blocks, SS, and covers honoring astronomers; gold stamps on cover, Express Mail, imperf progressive color proofs, US Benjamin Banneker imperf pair, a few dozen proofs. Shipping charges apply - weight 47.6 lbs.
Estimate $800 - 1,200.
Current Bid $400
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Lot 7017
Worldwide, Astronomers and Pioneers. 6 binders including; Stefanik (a astronomer and WWI French general), a superb binder ready for exhibit, eight variants from the 1939 New York World's Fair (and one on cover), stamps from 1939 as singles, blocks, overprints and on cover, commercial mail, even specimen currency; Lomonosov (the Russian polymath), numerous Russian entires, post cards; Pioneers, French imperf and deluxe proof, Paraguay perf, imperf, and specimen sets as well as numbered S/S on cover, Wernher von Braun (on cover) and Kurt Debus (TLS) autographs, Paraguay S/S specimen; Pioneers II, Paraguay series perf, imperf, S/S, specimens, and on cover, lovely 9 stamp Hugarian series in perf, imperf, and on cover, striking 7x10" cover with Tsiolkovsky artwork, extensive Chad S/S set; Rocket Pioneers, Tsiolkovsky pictorials from the early 60's, Tartu color rubber stamp series, Korolev entires; Jules Verne, breathtaking Monaco FDC from 1955, printer's proof with notations, deluxe proof, French 30f sunk die on card, Gabon perf complex deluxe proof, 3 Gabon deluxe proofs, 3 Mali proofs sunk on card, trial color proofs in alternate colors, Mali and Congo sets perf, imperf, die proofs sunk on card, and on cover, 6 Togo deluxe proofs, Mali triangle imperfs and deluxe proofs, a tremendous volume;. Shipping charges apply - weight 32.4 lbs.
Estimate $800 - 1,200.
Current Bid $400
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