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Catapult Flights

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Lot 6240

Germany, 1929-31, Catapult flights from SS Bremen and SS Europa,. Extensive holding of clean envelopes; 22 Jul 1929 BR; 1 Aug 1929 BR (7 US, 5 Ger); 28 Aug 1929 BR (2 US, 7 Ger); 17 Sep 1929 BR (Ger); 8 May 1930 BR (US); 29 Apr 1930 BR (Ger); 19 May 1930 BR (12 Ger); 6 Jun 1930 BR (4 Ger); 25 Jun 1930 BR (2 Ger); 2 Jul 1939 BR (2 US 3 Ger); 19 Mar 1930 EU (3 Ger); 29 Mar 1930 EU (10 Ger); 17 Oct 1929 BR (4 Ger) UNLISTED; 14 Jul 1930 BR (3 Ger); 19 Aug 1930 BR (3 Ger); 25 Aug 1930 BR (5 Ger); 4 Sep 1930 BR (2 Ger); 10 Sep 1930 BR (2 Ger); 21 Sep 1930 EU (12 Ger); 8 Oct 1930 EU (2 Ger); 26 Jul 1933 EU (Ger); 29 Aug 1933 EU (Ger); 10 Jul 1935 BR (Ger) and 15 Jun 1930 BR (US and Ger); 100+ flown. Shipping charges apply - weight 1.8 lbs.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Current Bid $1,000
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Lot 6241

United States, 1931 (Sep 17) Steamer Europa to Southampton (Graue-Leder K90a). Cover from the U.S. to Danzig franked with a $2.60 Graf Zeppelin (C15) tied by mute double ovals and postmarked Bluemont, Va., Sep 10, with handstamped flight cachet and red Berlin Airmail cachet and backstamped Berlin and Danzig, both on Sep 19; stamp with two inconspicuous tears (one about ½" long), cover reduced just a bit at the top, Very Fine. An exceedingly rare and quite attractive Catapult franking, signed Gappe, with a 2017 P.F. certificate.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Current Bid $250
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Lot 6242

Worldwide, Motherload of Bremen and Europa catapult flights, 1928-1935. Extremely clean collection of catapult mail with very little duplication; the contemporaneous scrapbook has wonderful ephemera including vacation brochures, travel schedules and pictures of the ships; while there are several commemorative envelopes, the vast majority are beautifully documented flown consisting of 67 Bremen and 20 Europa catapult covers; bonus, dinner program from 12 May 1928 from the Chicago Chamber of Commerce honoring the Bremen Fliers, the drawing in the front (suitable for framing) is beautifully signed Baron von Huenefeld, James Fitzmaurice and Hermann Koehl; let the bidding begin. Shipping charges apply - weight 5.6 lbs.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Current Bid $1,500
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Lot 6243

Worldwide, Catapult, DoX and more, 1928-1947. 42 better items; Bremen 15 Aug 1929 flight, 15 Aug 1929 (3); "Flying Family" transatlantic flight signed by Lt Col George R Hutchison with both British and US stamps; folded Zeppelin advertising card from Hermann Sieger; action photo postcard of ship on fire from Uruguay to Chicago; Cleveland Air Races (1931) autographed by German Ace Ernst Udet (2); folded legal sized airmail card from 1927 Eastern States Exposition; 5x9 cardboard postcards autographed by the pilot, four different, L Scroggins, E Couples, H Sieners and D L Noyes; NYRBA registered airmail from Uruguay, cover from Peruvian Airways and another from the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico; legal sized cover for Bremen Day in Milwaukee, also a postcard autographed by Wolfgang von Gronau, Franz Hack and another; Ernst Udet on postcard at National Air Races; C4 on Illinois State Fair envelope; attractive FAM 9 envelope to Valparaiso, Chile; Lindbergh flown FAM 5 expansion from Canal Zone to Miami, better "Home of Abraham Lincoln" cachet on Lindbergh's first flight on CAM 2 from Springfield to Chicago; Sgt Jack Cope signature on cover for 1928 record parachute jump; B B Lipsner on elaborate 25th anniversary of flight (2); Lindbergh FAM 6 San Juan to Port of Spain; Reynolds polar round the world flight signed by Milton Reynolds (2); Amundsen transpolar flight postmarked in Norway; and several more interesting items; come look. Shipping charges apply - weight 1.4 lbs.
AAMC PP39a; $75. AAMC PP220a1; $120.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Current Bid $250
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