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New Zealand

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Lot 281
New Zealand, A High End Estate, Mint & Used Comprehensive Collection, 1855-1990. Hundreds of better quality mint & used singles and sets all neatly mounted in a Scott Specialty album loaded with the key early sets in well above average condition, decent 19th century but without the high priced "bombs", the solid value throughout makes this one of the finest intact New Zealand collections that we ahve offered perfect to breakdown for auction or online sales. Mint highlights include: Scott #31, 49, 61-65, 67, 63a, 67a-69, 70-83, 84-86, 86c-87, 88-98, 99B-106, 107-120, 121, 122-125, 126-129, 130-139, 1440-159, 160-164, 165-170, 174-184, 185-198 NH, 199-201 NH, 203-216, 229-241, NH, 244 NH, 258-268, 188-301, 320 (2), 333-352, looks fairly completewith mini-sheets up to about 1990 plus AR10, AR11, AR33-AR34, AR36, AR38, AR71-AR73, AR78, AR80, AR82-AR83, AR85-AR86, AR89-AR90, AR95-AR97, AR99, AR102-AR105, AR103a-AR105a. Semin-Postals look complete from B1 up to 1985 with mini-sheets. Airmial C1-C8, E1-E2, J1-J11, J16-J19, J22-J29, Officials include O29-O30, O33-O37, O38-O39, O41-O59, O51-O53, O55-O56, O58-O60, O61-O71 NH, O75, O72-O74 NH, O76-O86 NH, O90 NH, O92-O111. Used highlights include: 2, 7-10, 24, 11-15, 16-20, 27-28, 30, 31-37, 39-43, 51-56. As youwill note the bulk of the value is in the mint most with nice o.g.and some NH. A few faults in the 19th century but the quality is quite high overallwith most F-VF. A wonderful collection adn a pleasure to view. Scott $30,022. Shipping charges apply - weight 4.8 lbs.
Estimate $6,000 - 8,000.
Realized $5,250.
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Lot 282

New Zealand, Never Hinged Near-Complete Knock-Up of Novelties, 1971-2006. Five slipcased Lindner hingeless albums plus a small stockbook, nearly filled with modern "Middle Earth" material; singles and sets are present, as are miniature and souvenir sheets, complete booklets (including prestige), much of Topical interest, etc., etc.; volume five of the set also includes a range of Back-of-the-Book material, including fresh Postal-Fiscals, WWII-era Dues, a nice mix of Officials, and compelling Life Insurance issues (from #OY2, complete from 1944 on with nearly all, Victorian or later, mint); a great lot for the bourse or eBay dealer or a quick and easy way to add to your collection—with immense catalogue value—as well as a massive amount of face if you're so inclined, Very Fine, one juicy Kiwi. Shipping charges apply - weight 35.4 lbs.
Scott approximately $15,000 Estimate $4,000 - 6,000.
Realized $2,600.
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Lot 283
New Zealand, Classic Compendium of Chalons & Cameos, 1864-1900. Lovely compilation presented on four Lighthouse hingeless pages; a single used stamp (#41), with the remainder mint or unused, comprising #27, 31, 33, 35-37, 39-40, 42, 48-49, 51-55, 56a, 59-60, 1882-1900 series complete, plus a few extra; condition varies as expected, but most sound and fresh, all with strong color, generally Fine to Very Fine, a magnificent basis on which to build.
Scott $7,700 Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $1,900.
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Lot 284
New Zealand, Compelling Clutch of Kiwis, 1898-1913. Six filled Lighthouse hingeless pages running from the 1898 Pictorials to the 1909-13 King Edward VII issue; all the shilling values are here (including the three Mt. Cooks), paper and watermark varieties of the ½d Mt. Cook and 1d Universal Postage issues, a handsome Auckland Exhibition set, and more; note 1906 commemoratives and numerous King Edward VIIs never hinged; fresh, bright and sound overall, Fine to Very Fine or better, a great offering of this popular and attractive material.
Scott $5,500+ Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $1,700.
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Lot 285
New Zealand, Substantial Dealer Stock. In "102" boxes, mint and used, dealer's selection of many hundreds beginning with strong Chalon Head issues housed in two packed "102" card red boxes; beginning with strong Chalon Head issues; 30c ($900), 35a (($1100), 37a ($150), 34 ($300), 33d ($900), 9p ($650), 15d ($410); strong mix of classic with modern, generally Fine to Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 7.4 lbs.
Estimate $1,200 - 1,600.
Realized $2,100.
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Lot 286

New Zealand, Kiwi's Mint Collection, 1953-2018. Extensive mint collection of sets, singles, souvenir sheets, mini-sheets, some booklet panes, etc. in mounts on White Ace or Scott pages in 9 albums plus an additional envelope with some miscellaneous booklets or PO packs and a 2010 Year Set, nearly complete for the period including commemoratives and definitives, semi-postals with the popular Health S/S and also includes nice section of Ross Dependency to 2014 plus a smattering of 1920s/80s issues of Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau, numerous premium as 288-301, 1960s Birds Health sheets, 320 NH, 333-52, 382-404, etc., mix of NH/l.h. through the 1960s and nearly all NH or self-adhesive thereafter, The modern post 2000 isues so hard to come by, Fine to Very Fine, excellent foundation collection with significant "face value". Shipping charges apply - weight 48.2 lbs.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $3,250.
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Lot 288
New Zealand, Mostly Mint Collection, 1902-1950. Nearly all mint collection (only #160-64 is used) in mounts on Scott pages, includes 107-20 mixed perf 11 and 14, 145-59 plus a few additional perf varieties, 165-70, 179-81, 185-98, 203-16, 229-41 (high values are NH), 258-68, B1-5, C1-8, etc., earlier issues o.g. or part o.g. with h.r., others l.h., Fine to Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 1 lbs.
Estimate $500 - 750.
Realized $600.
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