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Collections, Stocks and Accumulations of the World
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Lot 292
British Africa: East Africa Region, Used Collection With Approximately 600 Items. Comprising British East Africa with #24 and 103 (2); East Africa and Uganda Protectorate with #52; German East Africa, Kenya and Uganda, KUT, Somaliland Protectorate, Somalia and E.A.F., Tanganyika, Uganda Protectorate with #62-67, and Zanzibar with #114, 135 and 138 lightly canceled; a nice range of blocks to be found throughout; some faults, generally Fine to Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 1.8 lbs.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,200.
Realized $750.
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Lot 293
British Commonwealth, Massive 70 Countries plus Inventory, 1855-2010. A huge British Commonwealth stock of over 70 countries all neatly mounted on "102" size sales cards contains mint, used, blocks of four and more on over 19,000 sales cards housed in 30 long boxes in eight cartons. An instant sales inventory for online, stamp shows or old fashioned mail order sales. Can be sold individually or marketed by the country. Runs the gamut from stamps in the hundreds of dollars to less expensive singles and sets. We note a number of countries have a plethora of sets in the $20 to $80 range. The 19th century material is a bit mixed as usual and the 20th century is loaded with mint sets and singles after 1945 mostly NH acquired as new issues. We note excellent Hong Kong, Malaya and States, Gibralter, Jamaica, St Helena, Malta, Solomon Islands, Transvaal, Virgin Islands and many more. Certainly one of the most diverse inventories that we have offered. Every stamp or set has a Scott number noted, quantities are modest usually between 1 and 7. A perfect turnkey stock ready for immediate sales. Certainly a huge Scott value. Condition is mostly F-VF with much NH. The early material is more mixed but nice cancels and decent quality makes this lot a winner, Fine to Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 92.8 lbs.
Estimate $20,000 - 25,000.
Realized $12,000.
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Lot 294
British Commonwealth, Vast and Valuable Vintage Dealer's Empire Pickings. A fascinating, keenly assembled group of approximately 3400 or so mint or used items, virtually all from Victoria through King George VI, plucked out of scores of collections that passed through this active dealer's hands over the years; with the exception of Canada & Provinces and Hong Kong, each of which are offered elsewhere in this sale, virtually every country and nook and cranny from the Empire is represented; the great majority of items are selected for interest, including scarce individual stamps, a wonderful variety of cancels, Revenues and revenue usages, Specimens, special purpose stamps, multiples of interest, and more; literally dozens of countries are represented, but several that readily stand out include India & States, North Borneo and British Asia, general British Pacific (including Australia with States and Dependencies), and more; a remarkable holding to be sure, generally Fine to Very Fine, allow plenty of time to view the entire lot online. Shipping charges apply - weight 3.6 lbs.
Estimate $10,000 - 15,000.
Realized $7,500.
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Lot 295
British Commonwealth, Collection, 19th Century to 1997. In three large stock books filled with sets, singles and souvenir sheets, from the early classic era to modern issues, with many of the items from the 1950's to 1980's, many topicals and occasional better sets, with (mint unless noted otherwise): Australia 45-51 used, 72b, 177-79 (3 sets), Bahamas 158-73, Bahrain 34 (12 used), Barbados 125 used, Belize 119-30 blocks of four, Bermuda 50 used, Bhutan 701-15, British Guiana 230-41, British Honduras 116-24, Canada 41 used, 50-53, 55, 57 used, 58, 149-59 used, 162-77 used, C2, Cape of Good Hope 4-5 used, 4b used, 65-66, 68, Cayman Islands 1-2, 85-94, Cyprus 219-21, Jamaica 159-74, Jordan 153-55 used, Malaya 74a used, Johore 47 used, 51 used, Trengganu 63-67, Maldives 201-6, Malta 184-87 (4 sets), New Zealand 80, 187-98 used, AR89 used, Niger Coast 2-5, North Borneo 59-67, 91-96 used, 121, 199-201, N.W. Pacific Islands 1 used, Northern Rhodesia 41-44, Rhodesia 107a used, St. Helena 122, St. Lucia C1a, Sarawak 174-75, Sierra Leone 1167-71 (2 sets), Singapore 166a, South Africa 81-89, South Georgia 17b-29b blocks of four, 17b-30b blocks of four, Tonga 607, 1177 (2), Tonga Niuafo'ou 275-86 blocks of four, Tuvalu 172 (19 imperf with frame inverted), partial omnibus sets: 1937 Coronation, 1953 Coronation, 1966 Royal Visit and Freedom from Hunger, most of the sets range from a dollar or two to over $100, but the majority seem to be in the couple dollars to $20 range, some broken sets and occasional faults (mostly among early used classics), generally Fine to Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 16.8 lbs.
Scott $42,000+ (Owner's) Estimate $6,000 - 8,000.
Realized $4,000.
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Lot 296
British Commonwealth, Stock of Better Sets and Singles from 1840-1940's. Large concentration of value in four dealer counter books, small group of album and stock pages filled with many omnibus sets, collection of Great Britain from 1840-2011, the vast majority of the stamps are from the classic era (1840-1940) with a concentration among the early 19th century issues, many of the stamps listed below are mint with several better complete sets or better singles, with Antigua 67-76, Ascension 1-6, 9, Australian States, several better early states stamps, Bahamas 158-73, Canadian Provinces - British Columbia 7, Newfoundland 40, 49, 54, 55, 171, 233-43 (12 sets), three values of Victoria Inland revenue stamps, Canada 14, 27, 28, 46, 47, 50-52 mint, 54 mint, 57, 58 mint, 80 mint, 82-84 mint, 91-93 mint, 94 (2 mint), 95 mint, 97-102 mint, 111 mint, 116 (3 mint), 120 mint, 128a mint block of four, 158 (4),159 mint, 159, 177 mint, C2 (3 mint), E1 (2 mint), E3 (2 mint), Cape of Good Hope (3 triangles), Dominica 6, 9, Gibraltar 36, Great Britain 1 (8), 4 (2), 26 (2), 42, 43a, 50, 51/55 on piece, 55a, 57 with APS certificate, 57 (3), 62, 64, 95, 96 (2), 108 (2), 118-22 mint, 124, 139 (2), 141, 142, some decent Sea Horses, early QEII castle issues, Tangier SG 609-11 missing hyphen variety set, 609-11 short 7 of 1957 set, group of line engraved platings, with 1/2p (7 different plate numbers), 1p (91 different plate numbers), Grenada 76, 78, Jamaica 86, Malaya Perak 69-83, Northern Nigeria 10-18, Singapore 21-22, Virgin Islands 8, several largely complete British Omnibus sets with 1948 Silver Wedding, 1953 Coronation (6 several sets), Freedom from Hunger, 1958 West Indies Federation, Shakeswpeare, ITU, generally Fine to Very Fine appearance. Shipping charges apply - weight 17.6 lbs.
Estimate $5,000 - 7,500.
Realized $4,500.
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Lot 297
British Commonwealth, Magnificent All Mint KGVI Collection 1930-1950. Mounted in 6 pristine Stanley Gibbons specialized hingeless albums, we note Aden 1-12, 30-31, Ascension 52-53, Australia 218-221, Bechuanaland Protectorate 147-148, Bermuda 123-128, Ceylon 278-289A, Cyprus 158-159, Eritrea 31-33, J1-J5, Falkland Islands 99-100, Fiji J12-J19, Gibraltar 121-122, Grenada 145-146, Gold Coast 130-141, 142-143, Gwalior 112-115, Hong Kong 154-166A, India 150-167, Ireland 106-117, Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika 66-85, 92-93, Malacca 1-2, Mallta 223-224, Norfolk Island 244-258, Penang 1-2, Pitcairn Islands 1-8, with plenty of mint sets, an outstanding lot, o.g., some never hinged / some hinged, Fine to Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 18.4 lbs.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $4,250.
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Lot 298
British Commonwealth, Wonderful Holding of Revenues, Locals and Unlisted Material. Everyone's favorite eccentric Brit, the kind you rarely encounter but are always pleased to meet; huge collection of Great Britain proper, well-assembled and annotated, with many, many hundreds of unlisted specialty items such as special purpose Revenues, Edinburgh & Leith Parcel Delivery Company issues, extensive Circular Delivery Co Ltd issues, essays and cut squares, Railway Parcel stamps, etc.; strong Hong Kong Revenues and cut squares; lovely Revenues from Newfoundland, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and New Zealand; specialized First Issue Samoa, and more; thousands of stamps in total, Fine to Very Fine with better throughout, a super lot of uncommon material—truly "something completely different". Shipping charges apply - weight 5.2 lbs.
Estimate $2,500 - 3,500.
Realized $3,500.
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Lot 299
British Commonwealth, Sweeping Collection. From Victorian times through issues of the 1990s from a majority of the British Empire/ Commonwealth issuing countries all neatly arranged on homemade pages in 27 binders plus a small Linprint album with a full mint set of the George VI 1937 Coronation issue, contained within are 1000s of sets, short sets, singles, some later S/S and booklets, "back of the book" issues, definitives including some high values, etc., countries will be strongest in the 1950s/80s issues though there will be some good value in the earlier periods, most will be used through the 1950s and from then on a mix of mint and used (occasionally one of each), flipping through the pages some better items caught our eye including Bahamas 112-13 used, Belize 345-60 mint, Bermuda 55-69 used, 94-95 mint, 100-03 used, 126a used, 127a used, Cyprus 12-13 used, 143-55 mint, 196-97 used, Hong Kong 52 used, 147-50 mint and used, Ireland 65-76 used, 103-74 used, Jamaica 140-41 used, New Zealand B3-4 mint, some 1950s/60s Health sheets mint, C1-8 used, Newfoundland 54 mint, St Kitts-Nevis 107-18 used, Sierra Leone 207 used, South Africa B1-4 mint, Tristan Da Cunha 42-67 mint, etc., overall condition better than typically seen, generally fresh and F-VF, a good start to a comprehensive Commonwealth collection. Shipping charges apply - weight 153.4 lbs.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $2,100.
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Lot 300
British Commonwealth, Cool Britannia Compilation. Sizable and wide-ranging collection/stock, housed in 12 stockbooks, a scad of glassines, and more; stockbooks hold a solid mass of British Southern Africa (Rhodesia, South West Africa, South Africa and Homelands), with some semi-specialized holdings by gum types, etc.; rest comprises a wealth of general material including some classic Great Britain, approximately $100 in Canada face, plus singles, sets and souvenir/miniature sheets from Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and more, most all with Topical interest; some better covers as well, including Basutoland new currency First Day Covers, multi-franking India Airs and Registered (including rupee-values), etc.; clean and fresh throughout, the overwhelming majority of stamps mint never hinged, Very Fine, your own private Empire. Shipping charges apply - weight 44.4 lbs.
Estimate $1,200 - 1,800.
Realized $950.
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