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Lot 306
Belgium, Superior High End Mint and Used Holding, 1849-1986. About 150 black sales cards containing several hundred better sets and singles both mint and used. A wonderful stock which includes four complete mint 1919 Helmet sets plus much more, and more valuable items in great condition. Another great lot from this estate without high value junk. Only useful, better quality. Mint highlights include; 21, 25 (3), 26, 73-75, 124-137 (4 sets), 136, 185-190, 294, 303 NH, 356-389 (3 NH), 435-445, 446-449 NH, 455//468, 461-462 (NH blocks and singles), 545-552 (NH blocks), 1084-1103 (2 NH), 1103 (2 NH), B25-B27, B28-B30 (2), B31-B33, B125-B131, B241-B248, B250-B255 (4), B256-B263 (3 NH plus 2 OG), B426-B431 (9 NH plus 3 OG), B480-B484 (2), B498-B502 (4 NH), B514, B521-B522 (3), B521-B522 private overprint NH, B515-B520, B532-B537 (9 NH), B538-B543, B544-B546 (4 NH), B547-B554 NH, B555-B557 (1 NH and 1 OG), B558-B560, B561-B556 (1 NH and 2 OG), B567-B572 (3 NH and 2 OG), 573-578 (NH blocks), B579-B585 (3 NH), B592-B598 NH, B606-B610 (2 sets of blocks NH), B631- B637 (blocks NH), B641-B646 (7 NH), B647-B652 (blocks NH), B663-B668 (10 NH sets), B669-B671 (blocks NH), B684-B688 (6 NH), C5 (1 NH and 1 OG), O36-O41 (18 NH), Q15 (3 NH), Q263-Q266 (NH blocks), Q313//Q361 NH, Q374-Q377 (2 NH), Q388-Q406, Q410-Q412 (3 NH), Q464-Q465 (2 NH). Belgian Congo 13, 88-113, 173-183 (3 NH), 290-297 (4 NH). Congo Democratic Republic 323-340 (8 NH sets). Highlights of the used include; 2, 9-12, 24-26, 74 (3), B125-B131, B144-B150, B241-B248, B544-B546. Belgium Congo 14-26. As you will note the mint value far exceeds the used, also uniform nice quality throughout with very little 19th century. One of the nicest holdings of Belgium that we have offered. Almost all F-VF or better with much NH, Scott $22,553. Shipping charges apply - weight 3.4 lbs.
Estimate $3,500 - 4,500.
Realized $3,000.
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Lot 307
Belgium & Netherlands, Extensive Inventory, 1930's - 1980's. An old time stock of Belgium & Netherlands mint & used singles, sets and souvenir sheets, several thousand all housed in four large Elbe stockbooks in one carton. Belgium begins in the 1930's and we note a nice section of souvenir sheets including B179 (7) mint & (2) used, B279 (5 used), B317 & B318, 20 of each, later souvenir sheets in some quantity, also noted Q52 20 NH copies at $30 each. Loaded with mint NH runs of regulars and semi-postals from the 1960'sto 1980's. Nnetherlands with strong semi-postal early issues emphasis on used sets such as B1-B3 with 11 used sets, some early mint as well. Again much mint NH in the 1960's up to the 1980's. Antilles Indies adn Surinam are also present in many mint sets. Modest duplication throughout, very few faults, mainly F-VF with most NH. Perfect for online sales. Shipping charges apply - weight 25.6 lbs.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $800.
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Lot 308
Belgium, Extensive Collection, 1849-1995. Mostly used sets and singles on homemade pages replete with premium from the desirable 1930s/50s era along with strong sections of classic and "back of the book" issues, highlights include 3-4 used, 12 used, 17 used, 26b used, 172-84 mint, B9-16 mint, B69-105 mint, B123-24 mint, B144-50 used, B156-62 mint, B166-68 sheets of ten (stamps NH), B178 (stamp NH, small margin break), B179 (stamp NH), B199 (stamps NH), B498-502 mint, B513a mint, B514-20 mint, B521-22 NH, B531-78 mint, C12-12A mint, nice section of used parcel post issues, etc., early issues some typical minor faults but overall better than usually seen and F-VF. Shipping charges apply - weight 7 lbs.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $650.
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Lot 309
Belgium, Mostly All Mint Collection, 1860-1960. Clean, mounted in three binders, coverage to the mid-1950's, better mint includes 79-81, 124-137 less 135, 172-184, B17-B24, B28-B30, B31-B33, and dozen of mint complete sets and souvenir sheets; an uncommonly handsome collection, o.g., some never hinged / some hinged, Fine to Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 4.2 lbs.
Scott $7,400 (Owner's) Estimate $750 - 1,000.
Realized $1,400.
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