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Lot 484
Dubai, Extensive and Valuable Specialized Never Hinged Stock Holding. A dozen binders, a sheet file and more filled with everything the Emirate has to offer, with all but a handful of material being mint never hinged (and some of the used with actual postal cancels!), with issued stamps, souvenir sheets, imperforates, overprint errors (doubled, misaligned, etc.), etc., with strong Thematic appeal for the space, Olympics, Red Cross/Red Crescent, Anti-Malaria and UN enthusiasts; note matching left and right half-sheets of the First Issue 1np-5np values, plus full panes of 50 of the First Issue Dues of the same denominations (all neatly folded); identified "bogus" Innsbruck overprints, #C15 souvenir sheet varieties, one with misregistered red, one with black omitted; proofs (with penned notes) for #C13-C15 and an imperforate trial printing of #14, and on and on the treasures go…there's even an aerogramme with indicia inverted; in need of reorganizing and very close review, but a rich reward to the lucky bidder, o.g., never hinged, Very Fine, do buy, indeed. Shipping charges apply - weight 40.8 lbs.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $1,800.
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Lot 485

Dubai, Valuable Specialist's Accumulation, Mostly Varieties. Splendiferous selection of sheikhly surprised, all neatly presented (and most annotated) on stockcards, counter pages, etc.; neat array of imperforates and part-perforates, missing designs, shifts, overprints, etc., with many blocks and souvenir sheets; strong Topical interest, with space, UN and Red Cross predominant, but note also sports, art, butterflies, etc.; clean and fresh throughout, and perfect for your next bourse or online offering, o.g., never hinged, Very Fine. Shipping charges apply - weight 2.8 lbs.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $1,400.
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