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Lot 499
Mongolia, Magnificent Semi-Specialized Collection, 1924-59. In a handsome old-style album, solidly complete with duplication and varieties to tempt the specialist; well-presented on homemade quadrille pages; begins with two Imperial Russian stamps used in Mongolia (one on piece, both with clean cancels), followed by an exquisite page of First Issues mint/unused, the 5¢ without defacing horizontal perforations, the 2¢ in shades plus an imperforate with triple impression of gray, and a perf 10 example with frames omitted, bottom margin strip of three perfined "Obrazets" (Specimen); two perf 10 examples of the 5¢ (one each mint and used); Revenues both as-issued (most used) and overprinted in black, violet or red for postal use; most issues duplicated with pairs, strips or blocks, color shades, a mix of cancel types, etc., etc.; finishes with never hinged #175a and #181 var (vertically imperforate at margin); fresh and clean throughout; a wonderful holding of this popular material, Very Fine overall, imaged in full online. Shipping charges apply - weight 3 lbs.
Estimate $7,500 - 10,000.
Realized $4,500.
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Lot 500
Mongolia, Fabulous Assembly of Specialized Proofs, 1970s-90s. Incredible specialist's assemblage of several dozen or more proofs, mostly produced by Kultura Company Printers in Budapest, plus artist's proofs, mock-up and corrected proofs, die proofs, color separation proofs, imperforate proofs, etc.; a rich gathering of material, all very limited in terms of numbers produced, with some others potentially unique; enormous Topical appeal, Very Fine, be sure to review one of the volumes complete on our website. Shipping charges apply - weight 5 lbs.
Estimate $5,000 - 7,500.
Realized $4,250.
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Lot 501

Mongolia, Magnificent Postal History Collection, ca. 1950s-60s. Comprising 88 selected-for-interest covers, each and every one superbly and professionally described, and beautifully presented in two binders; included are not only scarce to rare stamps found on cover, but detailed analysis of cancellations, rare origins, rare early cacheted envelopes, late usages on cover of stamps found in various Post Offices, such as #99 used on 1959 cover to Shanghai; small towns such as 1959 cover from Erdene Tsagaan to Huhhot, a 1958 cover from Zuun Kharaa to Manchuria and several other noted as the only known examples; #111 on 1958 cover, 1958 Bulgan Hangai to Toronto cover, a 1957 stampless with boxed "ULAN-BATAR/T.P." (all in capitals) handstamp, the only recorded example, and many, many others of a similar ilk; simply put, a magnificent keepsake collection, remarkably presented and researched, Fine to Very Fine or better, imaged in full online for you to evaluate. Shipping charges apply - weight 5.6 lbs.
Estimate $4,000 - 5,000.
Realized $7,250.
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Lot 502

Mongolia, Highly Unusual, Exotic Cover Selection, ca. 1940s-2001. A fascinating and seldom-offered type of lot, comprising eight plastic binders containing approximately 510 neatly presented Mongolian First Day Covers from 1958-2001; within this group is an excellent overall run of sets and premium souvenir sheets present, without duplication, which on the surface may not sound exciting, but a run like this is rarely seen; most First Day Covers are cacheted and unaddressed, though a smaller amount are Registered Airmail covers, mostly to New York or London; the final two binders are either picture post cards or envelopes, mostly 1940s-70s vintage, about 18 items in all, some displaying frankings with 30-year-old (or more) stamps (!), Very Fine, a fun lot. Shipping charges apply - weight 21.8 lbs.
Estimate $4,000 - 6,000.
Realized $6,000.
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Lot 503
Mongolia, Fantastic Very Different Collection, 1943-2010. A truly unique and excellent collection in two parts, the first being an amazingly comprehensive all-mint never hinged collection, 1960-2010, perfectly assembled on album pages in eight nice binders; 1960-95 doesn't have an empty space—believe it or not, this is not an easy accomplishment when you add the scarce miniature sheets into the equation; from 1995-2005 the stray, odd set may be missing, but all is there; the second part of this holding is a black stockbook which contains a wealth of premium items such as used #75-78 (2), 87-89 (2), 90, 91-96, 100-101, 110-115, 136-139, plus mint #83 (3), 90 (2), 102 (5), 103 (2), 114-115, 121-126 (less #125, three of these), 137 tête-bêche pair, 141 (11 blocks of four), 144-148 (blocks plus singles), and lots more, largely Very Fine, a super lot. Shipping charges apply - weight 28.8 lbs.
Estimate $3,500 - 5,000.
Realized $2,500.
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Lot 504
Mongolia, Comprehensive Mainly Mint Collection, 1924-2001. A truly wonderful collection of several thousan 98% mint stamps with only a few early issues used very neatly mounted in two well filled thick Scott albums. The vast majority are VF, never hinged. Begins with these highlights mint, Scott #1-7, 16-20, 16a, 17a, both 16b & 18b are the red overprint listed but unpriced in Scott, 32, 36, 39, 40, 44a, 62-74, 83, 90, 102-103, 114-115, 121-126, less 125, 127-135, 137, 140-143, 146-148, 174-178. From 1959 through 2000 looks almost complete as a very few may be needed upon caeful checking. The few used highlights include: 16a, 18a-21a, 17b, 19b-20b listed in Scott but unpriced, 21, 32-35, 41, 42-44, 47-52, 59, 60a adn 61. Rarely offered this complete adn needs only a small number of earlier issues for completion. quality is exceptional F-VF or better, o.g. or mainly NH. Well worth consideration. Shipping charges apply - weight 14.6 lbs.
Estimate $3,500 - 4,500.
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Lot 505

Mongolia, Remarkable Two-Part Specialist's Postal History Selection, ca. 1950s-80s. A superb holding, broken into two parts; the first being 39 very select, impeccably and thoroughly described covers, all postally used, including usages from Ulan Baatar, Baian Uui Sum, Gobi Altai, Xhongor Aimag, Dariganga, Kargalant-Sum, Dorno Gobi, Choibalsan, Umnu-Gobi, etc., with many of the smallest remote locations using a wide range of older stamps some 30 years after their issuance; this group provides an education unto itself, with every item select; the second section, perhaps consisting of 100 items, contains native picture post cards, propaganda cards, First Day Covers, along with a healthy portion of commercial mail, with lots of premium items, though not with the extraordinary write-ups of the first group; a super lot of exotic, uncommon material, Fine to Very Fine, specialist's delight. Shipping charges apply - weight 6.2 lbs.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $4,250.
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Lot 506
Mongolia, Valuable Premium Selection to 1956. Exceptional specialist's assemblage housed in a single standard-size counterbook, mint and used, and chock-full of premium such as mint #16-21, 16a-21a, 62-74 plus duplicates, duplicated #74A with multiples, #74D (6), 74F (6), 74G (4), 74H (6), 74J (6), 83 (22 examples), 102-103 & 114-115 in blocks, #134 block of 20 plus two blocks of four, plus used #32-44, etc., etc., with even a bit of Touva included as well, bulk largely Fine to Very Fine, imaged in full online. Shipping charges apply - weight 3 lbs.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $2,200.
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Lot 507

Mongolia, Huge Commercial Mail Postal History Selection, ca. 1960s-90s. Very substantial specialist's holding of approximately 400 or so commercially used covers, offering an extraordinary range of town cancels, wild and colorful franking combinations (including numerous issues used properly on covers long after their issuance dates); we also note many scarce and lovely envelope cachets for various events; various Registered, Airmail and other auxiliary markings, etc.; a wonderful group for the specialist, available in quantities rarely encountered, Fine to Very Fine, an exceptional lot. Shipping charges apply - weight 5.2 lbs.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $1,300.
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