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Lot 515

Yemen and Mutawakelite Kingdom of Yemen, Cover Collection, 1911-1990's. In seven albums containing many hundreds of covers, with the usual first day covers and an amazing postally used cover section from early to mid 1960's, with one album filled with 80+ covers (mostly postally used) from Bruce Chalmers, AKA Lt. Colonel Condé and later Brigadier General (and self described as) the Prince of Condé this colorful aspiring French aristocrat claimed lineage to the French throne as well as the Ukrainian and Russian thrones through marriage. He is known for setting up the Yemen and Sharjah post offices in the 1960's as a new revenue source for both countries and was a participant in the North Yemen civil war in the 1960's, many of these covers contain fascinating supplementary markings, with "Delayed in Transit, Through Enemy Lines" hand stamps, many postmarks from military camps, Royal Mail postmarks, official Ministry of Communications or Ministry of Information corner cards, Field Hospital postmarks, etc., another album contains used stamps and covers of South Arabia (currently Republic of Yemen) with some difficult postally used usages, mostly going overseas, a few local usages, eight government service (free frank) entires, and three visa pages from passports serviced and stamped with revenue stamps, one album with postally used first day covers from Mutawakelite Kingdom of Yemen in the final years of the Civil War, some with various military camp and a couple with "delayed in transit via Rub'al-Khli Desert route to Oman Coast", one album with early Yemen 1960-61 covers with some very scarce complete souvenir sheet FDC's as well the very rare imperf 1964 JFK space sets (in black and in red brown) and souvenir sheets FDC's (Michel 332-34, Block 21, 405-8), as well as some modern 1990's first day covers, the final two albums are space topical from Yemen Kingdom in one album and Yemen Arab Republic in the other album, both from approximately 1963-1970 and finally there are many loose covers with approximately 40 airmail and regular issue covers from late 1930's or 1940's, plus an additional 6 Yemen civil war covers with delayed in transit markings and finally a 1911 postcard, franked with Turkish stamp with Hodeidah picture and postmark, addressed to Paris, a remarkable collection with many scarce covers that are rarely available in todays retail market, generally Fine to Very Fine, from the Leo Malz collection. Shipping charges apply - weight 20.4 lbs.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.
Realized $5,750.
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Lot 516
Yemen and Mutawakelite Kingdom of Yemen, Collection, 1920's-1970's. Housed in 21 old time manila stockbooks, with very strong six albums, that run roughly from forerunner issues to early 1960's Republic issues, with many great $30-$40 sets in larger quantities, starting with a manila page full of Turkish stamps from the 1910's with various Yemen cancels, each neatly sorted into glassine and sorted by city, followed by a page of 1926 issues, with several reprints along with a single used on piece and a single used on small cover, many 1930's issues in blocks and multiples with several plate blocks, imperforate issues, etc., page of 1947 not official issued set (14+ sets), various 1939-40's surcharges, page of handstamp overprints on 1962 Republic issues, 49-52 (45+ imperforate sets), Michel 328-29 (34 sets), Michel 256-65 (9 sets), Michel 266-70 (25 sets), Michel 325-27 (7 sets), Michel block 16 (6 with red overprint, 4 with double black overprint, 12 with red inverted overprint), Michel 114B-21B (three pages packed with perf and imperf sets), C10 (31 imperforate stamps), stock page packed with mint and used C1-2 in blocks and singles, stock page full of 1942 postage dues, with a page of unlisted overprint of plane with 1954 Officiel. Usual mixed condition and centering, most of the value will not be found in the Scott catalog, so if you are the high bidder, you will want to pick up a Michel Gulf States catalog if you don't already have one and prepare to find massive cumulate value when properly sorted and added up, o.g., some never hinged / some hinged, generally Fine to Very Fine, from the Leo Malz collection. Shipping charges apply - weight 69.8 lbs.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $2,400.
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Lot 517
Yemen, South Arabia and Yemen (Kingdom), Specialized Stock, 1930-2004. Filling 7 counter books, 10 smaller stockbooks and 3 large stockbooks, filled with Yemen, South Arabia and Kingdom issues, with many errors, overprint varieties, proofs, civil war emergency issues and modern postage issues, many of these stamps are not listed in Scott and some appear not to be even listed in Michel, with Scott 7-23, 31-43 set of plate blocks, sheet file folder filled several large glassine envelopes of 1939 issues with various 1954 and 1959 surcharges, some inverted overprints or printed diagonally, varieties, on German Quatrefoils watermarked paper, etc., group of 1967 poison tax overprints on approximately 100 Yemen (Kingdom) issues, Yemen 639-42 PDR overprints, and so much more, a great stock for the advanced specialist of this area, generally Fine to Very Fine, from Leo Malz collection. Shipping charges apply - weight 67.6 lbs.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $6,000.
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