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Lot 544

Salvador, Seebeck Issues, Exceptional Postal History Collection, 1890-98. A superb, beautifully assembled and presented annotated collection comprising 30 choice selected-for-interest and -rarity covers and used items of postal stationery from the storied Seebeck era; to adequately describe this lot would fill pages, so suffice it to say we strongly suggest web viewing of the lot in its entirety; we do note exceptional frankings, cancels and town cancels, usages including A.R. and Registry, great postal stationery usages, four- and seven-times rate usages, routings and destinations, plus much, much more; specialist's delight, Fine to Very Fine or better, simply put, a superb assemblage of these genuinely scarce to rare items from the Seebeck era of Salvadoran philately. Shipping charges apply - weight 2.8 lbs.
Estimate $3,000 - 4,000.
Realized $1,600.
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Lot 545
Salvador, Striking Specialized Collection, 1890's-1970's. 1895 Gen. Antonio Ezeta (similar to 105-16 set) complete sheets of 100 for each of the three values (3c, 10c and 30c) that exist without overprint, 441-42 complete mint panes of 25, J17-24 complete press sheet with pane of 25 of each value in large uncut sheet, J17-18 four 1c panes of 25 and four 2c panes of 25 in one large press sheet, massive holding of Revenue stamps and revenue stamped revenue paper, with approximately 650 1904 revenues with one set of approximately 300 stamps for alcohols, beverages, fermented and sodas and group of 350 smaller stamps for sales of Brandy and 44 1950's-60's revenue stamped documents that seem to have been used for import / export, a Scott Specialty album 1891-1928 filled with 1100+ revenue stamps including some nice singles and blocks of Timbre de Centavo stamps in singles and blocks with o.g., without control number and hole punched in center of each stamp, many 1897 stamps including 1p sheetlet of 24, and several partial sheets of the various usages of 1904 series, 1897 Municipal usages, 1918 Municipal Tax variable rate (25) pesos partial sheet of 50, as well as singles and blocks, 1918 Municipal Tax 1 centavos complete sheet of 100 and other Municipal stamps from 1918-1927, Regular issue and Airmail thick specialized group of pages from 1917-1977 with duplication of each issue, with nice variety of 1917-21 surcharges as well as many mint and used up to 1977, approximately total of 100 covers, many of which are postally used first day covers from 1930-70, Memorandum Postal H&G #G1-2 mint and used aerograms, some 1960's-70's aerograms and 22 early 18th century stampless covers (most appear pre-1820), 16 fronts and 6 folded letters, 11 addressed to Guatemala and the remaining for internal service, San Salvador, San Miguel, S. Vicente, Usulutan, Chalatenango, S. Sonate, Metapan, Santa Ana and Zacate Colvca cancels, from Leo Malz collection, generally Fine to Very Fine appearance. Shipping charges apply - weight 13.4 lbs.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.
Realized $2,000.
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Lot 546

Salvador, "Pinwheel" Issues, Select Group of Covers, ca. 1899-1902. Lovely, nearly all premium selection of 16 items, showing a remarkable range of frankings, usages, origins, destinations, etc.; we note four 5c #216 values on choice Registered A.R. cover to Costa Rica; a 1c and 12c combination used to Switzerland; two 13c and two 5c from different issues used to San Francisco; two 12c values used Sonsonate to the US; a superb mixed-issue 28c rate Registered A.R. cover to New York; a short-paid incoming cover from Guatemala with 10c pinwheel-overprinted Postage Dues applied, plus many, many more; a marvelous specialist's holding of these fascinating issues, Fine to Very Fine, be sure to see them all online.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.
Realized $650.
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Lot 547

Salvador, Seebeck Issues, Select, Premium Selection of 9 Covers, 1894-98. An outstanding group, including a rare 1894 cover franked by #92, 94-95 and 1c on 11c Provisional (#104) on Registered A.R. cover to Berlin (signed Bloch); several choice 1897 issue covers, including a 2c entire with 1c, 12c and 15c stamps to Switzerland; plus cover with 3c (pair) and 10c to Paris; a lovely Registered A.R. covering bearing six 5c stamps to Santa Ana; a 2c, 5c and 20c Registered A.R. cover to the US; 1898 issues #177 to Germany; #177 (2) and 180 (2) on 1c entire (H&G 68) to US, etc., Fine to Very Fine, a wonderful selection of scarce postal history; see everything on offer online.
Estimate $800 - 1,200.
Realized $500.
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