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United States, 25th anniversary of flight scrapbook, 1928. The scrapbook is falling apart but the history it contains is par excellence; autographs on cover include, Orville Wright, Lois Bleriot, Glenn Curtis, Edward Stinson (endurance record), Lt John Harding (1924 World Cruiser), Clarence Chamberlin, Arthur Goebel (Pacific pioneer flight), Edward Schlee and William Brock (round the world record), George Haldeman, Anthony Fokker, Guiseppe Bellanca, Charles Dawes (US Vice President), C Jayette Taylor (NACA), Igor Sikorsky, John Philip Sousa (Stars and Stripes Forever), Charles Lawrence (designed Whirlwind engine), Calvin Coolidge, W P Mac Craken Jr (1st gov issued pilot's license), Harry Guggenheim, Bernt Balchen, Shay Heath, B. B Lipsner (1st superintendent of airmail service), Max Bromberg, George Dunlap (Curtis mechanic who witnessed the 1st woman pilot in 1910), W Emmerson, Harry Lindquist, Richard Schwartz, Frank Hawks and W. O. Saunders (Wright Brothers monument); there are several great duplicates you can trade (sadly you only get one Orville Wright); tremendous item for the top bidder. Shipping charges apply - weight 4.6 lbs.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.

Realized $1,400

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