STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Private Treaty Sale

Lot 69


France, 1876-1901, Exhibition Collection of the 15c Sage Stamps & Stationery. A five-frame (80-page) encyclopedic presentation of this single value of the Peace and Commerce issue.

Far and away the most common of the Sages, the 15-centime is also the most varied and complex. First issued in 1876 (in gray) to pay the domestic post card rate, it assumed new duties two years later (now in blue), meeting the postage for a domestic single-letter. The issue's complexity arises from the number of die types and subtypes found, along with the variety in its postal stationery.

The collection is exhaustive in its treatment of all aspects of the design, with each die subtype mounted sequentially. Each type is represented by a mint example, a millésime pair, and by clear examples of each subtype with legible cancels, thus illustrating the range of shades, printings and papers. It offers complete coverage of regularly issued ("over-the-counter") stationery varieties, along with numerous examples of minor varieties, commemorative and imprinted-to-order stationery as well.

Among the too-many-to-list highlights are essays, proofs (plate and trial color) and special printings; a sampling of the "15-15" essays, plus post-1879 trials, reimpressions, reproductions and commemorative printings; printings from different plate stages; shade and paper varieties; Specimens, experimental Paris precancels, perforation Errors, Freaks and Oddities; recto-verso printings, various perforation formats on letter cards (mint and used), multiples including a block of 60 of the blue Type IIG; revalued stationery, privately printed precursor coils, Chalon forgeries, even a set of proofs of a proposed set of stamps to supplant the Sage series.

A number of Behr, Drouet and Gautré certificates accompany.

A true tour de force. See it in its entirety on our website.

Price: $25,000; £19,600; €21,275; 250,000 SEK; HK$195000.

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