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Lot 75

Germany, 1929-38, Zeppelin Flight Cachets, Proofs, Specimens & Forgeries. A small-format cover album holding 76 examples of Zeppelin-related cachets—covering the airships' decade of popularity—mostly from Graf Zeppelin flights. The cachets illustrate the global reach of the airships…and the excitement they aroused among collectors (whose covers largely underwrote the ships). Among the material here are:

Around-the-World Flight: 1929 "Tokio C.P.O." cancel on postal card corner, two strikes of "This article made the complete round trip/via/Graf/Zeppelin" in purple, Lakehurst (N.J.) Aug. 29 cachets on cards (2, green)

Egypt Flight 1931 in red (2)

Mediterranean Flight 1929

Orient Flight 1929 in black (pair on piece)

North America Flights: 1929 blue (First Flight of season), proofs of 1936 First Flight of Year Lakehurst to Frankfurt-am-Main (2) plus copies on cover

South America Flights: 1930 red, 1931 First Flight green, plus covers from Argentina and Paraguay

Condor-Zeppelin Flights: two red cachets (without date), 1932 (2) cachets on unaddressed/unflown envelope, 1934 Argentina-Europe black on "Por Zeppelin - 'Via Condor'" unaddressed/unfranked envelope, "Condor/Zeppelin/Lufthansa" cachets (2; one dated 1935)

Brazil 1934 "Autograph book"—booklet of sheets with variously dated or designed handstamps, a trio of handstamps (including for Philatelic Expos) on sheet (unflown?), fancy triangular "America do nord/Europa/Brasil Condor" Zeppelin handstamps (magenta, brownish, pink, blue)

Germany Flights: Magdeburg 1931 in red, Schwaben 10.Aug. cancel on Germania postal card (missing year slug), Schwaben 1931, Sudetenland on piece (no date)

European Flights: Italy 1933, Ostseejahr round-trip flight 1931, Pomerania 1931 (four strikes, three colors), Upper Silesia 1931, plus Austria, Hungary, Iceland Flight (5 items), Netherlands (Venlo 1930 cachet in violet)

Miscellany: Görlitz 17 Oct. 1929 mail drop cancel, Hamburg Mophila '31 Expo handstamp featuring the Zeppelin, Karlsruhe Reichspostdirektion form with black Zeppelin-Post Exhibit handstamp and 12 7 38 Konstanz dater, Stuttgart postal form with 16.10.32 Luftschiff/Graf Zeppelin double-ring bridge cancel, two copies of forged on-board 8 Aug 1929 cancels, interesting and scarce Graf Zeppelin- and DZR-themed meter cancels from 1928 and 1938 (one of the latter touting the LZ-130 [Graf Zeppelin II]), and much, much more.

Non-German material features an "R-100 - Montreal - 1930" handstamp on Canada 1¢ Jubilee postal card plus two USS Macon items (Feb 9, 1934, First Mooring at Camp Kearney card and Feb 10, 1934, "U.S.S. Macon/Passed/This Way/Again" cachet signed by George Fortier), along with what appears to be the original artwork for the Dexter City, OH, National Air Mail Week cachet commemorating the crash of the Shenandoah.

The final item in the binder is a thermographed image-and-text cachet, "Hindenburg explodes" (identified R.C.D. No. 1-4-4) with "Brooklyn, N.Y./6/May/1937/U.S. Receiving Ship" three thick bar Doane "HINDENBURG/EXPLODES" cancel (no postage or address).

An incredible gathering of beautiful material: an exhibition-quality collection in its own right, or a wealth of impossible-to-find collateral material.

Price: $4,000; £3,135; €3,400; 40,000 SEK; HK$31,200.

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