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Monumental Collection of Bisects Used on Cover, 1857-1947, With nearly 400 covers in total, this is a tremendous collection—no matter how you slice it. Including many scarce, valuable, and exhibition-worthy items spanning both 19th and 20th Century issues, this is surely one of the most extensive holdings of these uncommon items as you will ever see.

19th Century covers—all listed here accompanied by certificates—include (bisect type given in parentheses):

•     #24 diagonally torn (appears bisect) with two normal tied on Valentine cover
•     #65 diagonal on 1898 cover with "Due 2c" in pencil and #279B (damaged) used as Postage Due on back (unaccepted bisect, probably philatelically inspired)
•     #222 diagonal tied on 1894 cover with two different "HELD FOR POSTAGE" handstamps, #220 used as Postage Due
•     Matched set of #222 diagonal (two 1898 covers, each with half of the same stamp), sent from the same person to the same addressee (one with certificate)
•     #226 diagonal on cover to Sierra Leone from New York with appropriate backstamps—a scarce use of this high denomination
•     #233 diagonal on 1897 cover
•     #267 diagonal on wrapper paying the 1¢ circular rate•     Two 1901 covers from same source & post office: #279B diagonal and #280 bottom plate number single diagonal
•     #301 vertical tied on 1904 advertising cover by St. Louis World's Fair straightline cancel
•     #304 diagonal tied on small cover with Bryn Mawr, PA c.d.s., an unusual and scarce usage
•     #324 vertical tied on early 1904 cover, very fine andscarce
•     #329 diagonal paying the 1¢ postcard rate
•     #367 diagonal with normal #331 tied on Feb. 13, 1909 cover (2nd day of issue), very fine and choice usage

20th Century covers, nearly all with certificates, are no less impressive, with regular issues and commemoratives, Airs, Special Deliveries and Parcel Posts all represented. Highlights include:
•     #416 diagonal tied on 1913 cover, a scarce usage of this 10¢ high denomination (certificate)
•     #472 diagonal tied on 1917 cover with "Postage due 2 cents" handstamp, probably philatelic but scarce usage of this 10¢ high denomination (certificate)
•     #499 vertical tied on small mourning cover, stamp with private "ONE I ONE" hand-typed "overprint" applied, interesting usage
•     #503 diagonal tied on 1920 cover with sender's handwritten note "No two's or one's on hand" (certificate)
•     #506 bottom plate number single diagonal with normal #482 tied on 1919 cover, a wonderful and scarce bisect usage of this relatively high denomination (certificate)
•     #548 Pilgrim Tercentenary pair with one stamp vertically bisected, tied on June 2, 1935 cover, paying the new (as of April 15, 1925) 3rd class rate
•     #552 vertical on uprated albino envelope, with "FIRST DAY COVER" handstamp, interesting and scarce usage on the first day of the new 3rd class rate (Apr. 15, 1925)
•     #558 block of 4 with gorgeous color diagonally bisected and tied on 1923 cover, philatelic usage but scarce and attractive
•     #563 diagonal "tied" by penciled "OK PM" with 1930 New York City c.d.s., a scarce authorized usage for this high denomination (certificate)
•     #576 line block of 4 diagonally bisected and tied on 1928 cover, interesting usage
•     #599 pair with one stamp diagonally torn ("bisected"), tied on 1926 cover with a late usage of the "Held for Postage" handstamp (certificate)
•     #599A pair with one stamp diagonally bisected tied on 1929 cover, a very scarce usage (certificate)
•     #604 two bisected line pairs (joined vertical halves) tied on 1932 philatelic cover
•     #611 Harding pair with one stamp diagonally bisected tied on 1925 cover
•     #611 Harding diagonally bisected vertical pair tied on 1926 cover, philatelic but scarce and striking usage
•     #615 Huguenot-Walloon vertical tied on 1924 postcard to Canada (certificate)
•     #616 Huguenot-Walloon diagonal tied on 1926 cover, very scarce usage (certificate)
•     #642 pair with full horizontal gutter with each stamp diagonally bisected (the second half of one of the stamps has been affixed to appear complete) with normal #636 and #637, no #642 pairs with horizontal gutter have been reported, certainly a unique usage and probably a unique gutter example, exhibition piece (certificate)
•     #650 Aeronautics diagonal tied on 1929 cover (certificate)
•     #660 Kansas vertical tied on 1930 cover with normal #634
•     #730 Century of Progress souvenir sheet block of 6 diagonally bisected and tied on 1933 philatelic cover (very scarce usage)
•     #740 National Parks tied on reverse of Special Delivery cover by indistinct 1935 R.P.O. c.d.s., probably used as a label to seal the envelope, but nonetheless a very scarce bisect usage
•     #751 National Parks full souvenir sheet diagonally bisected and tied on 1936 cover, scarce and choice
•     #778 Philatelic Exhibition full souvenir sheet diagonally bisected and tied on commercial 1936 First Day Cover, philatelic but scarce usage
•     #797 National Parks full souvenir sheet diagonally bisected and tied on 1935 cover to Valdres, Norway, with proper receiving c.d.s. on reverse, very scarce usage (certificate)
•     #815 10c Prexie diagonal tied on 1940 cover to Paris, France, paying the 5¢ surface rate, scarce usage of this high denomination
•     #820 15¢ Prexie diagonal tied on 1945 cover with A.P.O. 1160 (Chungking, China) c.d.s. and straightline cancel, with penned note next to stamp "No other postage available", wonderful and scarce usage of this high denomination (certificate)
•     #825 20¢ Prexie vertical with penned "10 cts" on stamp, used with 1¢ and 2¢ Postage Dues with penned "13 cents" across them, endorsed by Postmaster, used to pay the Special Delivery fee, with Spring Hill, TN Nov. 11, 1942 c.d.s. and killer, with "Postage Due [3] cents" handstamp despite authorization, a wonderful usage of this high denomination (certificate)
•     Set of five covers with bisects of 1940s stamps, each cover signed by Postmaster, including additional penned comments in some cases such as "Out of 1c stamps P.M.", plus a 1945 enclosure from the Spring Hill, TN Postmaster (J.W. Howard) explaining the reason for, and his authorization of, bisect usages during the period; fascinating material providing rare documented insight into Postmaster exception allowances for bisects
•     #948a 5¢ bisect from 1947 Centenary souvenir sheet used with normal #947 and #C31, tied on First Flight Cover to Tokyo
•     Matched set of #C7 vertical (two covers, each with half of the same stamp) sent from different post offices on the same day Aug. 1, 1928 (first day of the new 5¢ Airmail rate), one with "Postage Due [10¢]" handstamp which was apparently ignored, a great pair of covers
•     #C8 diagonal tied on 1929 cover, scarce usage of this high denomination
•     #C9 diagonal tied on 1926 cover with "Lindbergh Again Flies The Air Mail" handstamps in blue and purple, very scarce usage of this high denomination
•     #C10 diagonal bisect paying the 5¢ Airmail rate tied on 1932 cover with "Returned for Postage", "Unknown Sender" and "This Is The Mail For Which You Sent Postage" auxiliary handstamps
•     #C17 vertical applied on 1935 business reply envelope as provisional Postage Due, with reference article and APEX note included, interesting and scarce usage (certificate)
•     #C21 diagonal used with normal example and tied on 1937 cover sent from Guam to New Jersey via Macau and signed by Guam Postmaster, a wonderful and scarce usage of this high denomination (certificate)
•     #CE2 vertical torn bisect tied on 1943 cover with purple Special Delivery handstamp and typed "AIRMAIL - SPECIAL DELIVERY"
•     Matched set of #E14 torn vertical bisects (two 1932 covers, each with half of the same stamp along with normal #707) where apparently the recipient of the first letter sent a response letter using the second half of the same stamp, one cover sent from an R.P.O., interesting pair of covers and rare usage of this Special Delivery stamp
•     #Q1 vertical used along with a normal #581 to pay the new 3rd class rate of 1½¢ (which had gone into effect three weeks earlier on April 15, 1925), interesting and rare use of the 1¢ Parcel Post stamp (certificate)
•     Matched set of #Q4 perfin diagonal bisects (two 1920 local drop rate covers, each with half of the same stamp), fascinating use (each with certificate)
•     #QE1b diagonal used on 1942 cover along with normal 1¢ Postage Due, very scarce unauthorized usage (certificate)
•     DWI #18c tied on partial cover with St. Thomas, DWI Jan. 23, 1903 c.d.s.

The collection also includes a study of some 30 covers showing #552 and other period stamps bisected on cover and used from various post offices shortly after the new 1½¢ rate went into effect on April 15, 1925, along with many additional covers.

A remarkable holding not likely to be duplicated.

Scott $51,000.

Price: $17,500.

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