London 2020 Private Treaty Sale

Lot 21

Compelling Collection of Booklets and Booklet Panes, A lovely holding, including panes unused (nearly all never hinged), used, and partial or full on cover. Numerous varieties are present, including miscuts (many showing partial or complete plate numbers or Electric Eye lines), rare colors, stapling at wrong end, plate number on wrong side, tab at bottom, imperforate-between, dummy panes, never folded panes, scarce positions-most of which are selected for positive identification of the position (i.e., they could not be from any other position), and other rare varieties. Highlights include (never hinged, unless noted):

#332a position B, #332a position G with reverse watermark (with certificate that doesn't mention reverse watermark), #502b clear position C showing large portion of arrow and guide line, #552a very scarce position M, #554c (2, 1 never hinged) showing different margins between the panes above, #554c very scarce position O (hinge remnant), #BK91 with #BC4A cover missing one pane out of 16 (possibly reconstructed, but a very scarce booklet nevertheless), #806b huge miscut showing full left margin with 100% plate number and Electric Eye lines, #1213 Slogan 1 untagged with 100% plate number, #BK117 exploded with dramatically miscut panes and booklet covers and stapled at the wrong end, #BKC22 miscut booklet with all three panes showing full Electric Eye lines at right, #BK127 miscut with both panes having tab at bottom, #BK138 unlisted variety showing plate number at right, #BK143 with Plate 2 on top, #2492j complete booklet with two imperforate-between pairs (certificate), #2492 "gutter" pair in black imperforate with green and pink omitted (appears to be printers' waste); #C10a group of panes including positions A, B, the extremely scarce position D, H, I, J, L, and the very scarce position M; #C25a miscut panes, one with large portion of margin and full plate number at top and one with 98% plate number at bottom; #C39a two miscut panes with 100% plate number at bottom left and at bottom right, #C64b with 100% plate number, #C78a with 100% plate number, and Canal Zone #C48a scarce complete booklet.

Usages tied on cover include #279Be bottom pair from booklet, #300b horizontal booklet pair with guide line at left on postcard, #301 booklet single with tab, #319g bottom pair from booklet and additional booklet single, #319p bottom pair from booklet on cover to Switzerland, #634e full pane (no tab) with clear partial (75%) plate number on cover and probably unique as such (certificate), #C10a position A full pane with tab on cover to Canal Zone, #C10a position L full pane with tab on First Flight Cover to Venezuela, #C10a very scarce position M full pane with tab on cover to Uruguay via Canal Zone (certificate), and #C12 vertical strip of 3 trimmed to resemble a position "J" booklet pane on Roessler First Flight Cover.

Also included, to aid in your hunt for additional items, are two literature items and some BIA checklists.

An impressive holding well worth your perusal.

Scott $14,800.

Price: $4,750.

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