London 2020 Private Treaty Sale

Lot 20


Powerful Specialist Collection, 1851-1985, A hand-selected collection consisting mainly of valuable and specialized items. Stamps include high-quality and graded examples, gutter pairs and other interesting formats, and unused precancels, with particular strength in Fourth Bureau issues, Prexies, plate singles and modern errors. The postal historian will also find a wealth of covers, including those with fancy cancels, pre-First Day usages, scarce and unusual usages, autographed stamps and covers, mixed frankings, and Possessions.

Never hinged highlights include the following (graded stamps accompanied by certificate; additional certed items noted): #325 top margin plate single, #326 VF jumbo top margin plate single (certificate), #368/371/373 XF center line blocks, #371 XF top margin plate block with gorgeous white paper, #397 graded 85J top margin plate single, #532 XF plate single, #560 graded 90, #561 graded 95, #566 graded 95, #568 graded 95, #569 (2, one graded 90, one 95), #634 "Long Ear" variety in center of block of 25, #634A horizontal gutter pair, #638 vertical gutter pair (only 2-3 known, with certificate), #658//679 missing only #668, singles and large blocks of Kansas overprints (#658, 664, and 667) with Concordia KS precancels and Nebraska overprints (#673, 675-679) with Hastings NB precancels, #756-765 center line blocks, #778 miscut error showing plate numbers at both top and bottom, #834 XF center line block graded 90, 1974 UPU presentation book signed by Postmaster General containing 1941//1947 issues including complete Transports and Prexies, #859-893 full set of individually selected XF plate blocks; seven different reversed-printing Overrun Countries inscription blocks (each with certificate) and an additional 41 examples of #911b (each with copy of certificate for originating sheet), #1052 precancelled plate block, #1355c imperforate pair (certificate), #1362c imperforate-between pair, #1383B transitional strip albino to full print, #1488a orange omitted (certificate), #1591a precanceled plate block with city name; a study of #1596 plate blocks including perforated, precanceled, line perforated, and imperforate (the last with small selvage tear); #1789Ad bottom margin vertical pair imperforate horizontally, #2038 top margin block of 6 misperforated so that the top three stamps lack denominations, #2146a imperforate pair, #C10 top margin block of 4 with plate number autographed by Postmaster General and Second Assistant Postmaster General, #CE2 top margin plate block Type 2; CSA #7 no gum gutter pair; DWI #40-42 corner margin singles; Hawaii #O5 top corner margin single, and #O6 top margin single (certificate).

Used stamps include an XF corner margin #7, a #256 graded 80J, and a #1384m (inverted precancel).

Usages on cover include #634b with fancy cancel, plus another strip of 3 (the latter with certificate), #703 top margin plate single on unaddressed cover with possible EKU c.d.s. of Oct. 6, 1931; Prexies: #806 tied with French "PAQUEBOT" marking and c.d.s., #807 tied by Kobe, Japan c.d.s., #807 tied by Guantanamo Bay, Cuba c.d.s., a scarce solo usage 16-cent (#821), #830a solo tied on cover from A.P.O Japan to France, #831 solo usage from Germany A.P.O., a scarce usage of #847; Overrun Countries reverse printing First Day Covers including #909c (2 covers) and #915a block; Waterbury fancy leaf cancels on #U74 (fewer than 15 known), and on #UX5 (fewer than eight known).

The collection is rounded out by 11 volumes of literature, plus a blank Lindner album with slipcase-the perfect home for your personal additions.

Total Scott does not take into account additional premiums for centering (unless graded), plate numbers and other plate markings, certificates, etc.

2018 Scott $29,900.


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