Sale 4006

U.S. and Worldwide Stamps and Postal History

Closing November 16, 2011


Closes at 11:59 PM Eastern time, Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PDFs of the entire sale are available:
Part 1: Lots 6001-6899 162 pages 9.8 megabytes
Part 2: Lots 6900-7659 94 pages 5.0 megabytes

Lots 6001-6013   U.S. Postal History: California
Lots 6014-6014   U.S. Postal History: Colorado
Lots 6015-6015   U.S. Postal History: Connecticut
Lots 6016-6016   U.S. Postal History: District of Columbia
Lots 6017-6059   U.S. Postal History: Florida
Lots 6060-6061   U.S. Postal History: Illinois
Lots 6062-6064   U.S. Postal History: Kentucky
Lots 6065-6065   U.S. Postal History: Louisiana
Lots 6066-6069   U.S. Postal History: Massachusetts
Lots 6070-6071   U.S. Postal History: Minnesota
Lots 6072-6072   U.S. Postal History: Mississippi
Lots 6073-6073   U.S. Postal History: Montana
Lots 6074-6075   U.S. Postal History: New Jersey
Lots 6076-6168   U.S. Postal History: New York
Lots 6169-6169   U.S. Postal History: North Carolina
Lots 6170-6181   U.S. Postal History: Ohio
Lots 6182-6182   U.S. Postal History: Oregon
Lots 6183-6183   U.S. Postal History: Pennsylvania
Lots 6184-6184   U.S. Postal History: Tennessee
Lots 6185-6185   U.S. Postal History: Texas
Lots 6186-6236   U.S. Postal History: Virginia
Lots 6237-6238   U.S. Postal History: West Virginia
Lots 6239-6240   U.S. Postal History: Eastern Express Covers
Lots 6241-6243   U.S. Postal History: Western Express Covers
Lots 6244-6332   U.S. Postal History: Forwarders Covers
Lots 6333-6390   U.S. Postal History: Foreign Mail - Outgoing
Lots 6391-6434   U.S. Postal History: Foreign Mail - Incoming
Lots 6435-6494   U.S. Postal History: Canada-U.S. Mail
Lots 6495-6504   U.S. Postal History: Canadian Foreign Mail via U.S.
Lots 6505-6594   U.S. Postal History: U.S.-Canada Mail
Lots 6595-6617   U.S. Postal History: Railroad Covers
Lots 6618-6637   U.S. Postal History: Waterways/Maritime Mail Covers
Lots 6638-6717   U.S. Postal History: Advertising/Illustrated Covers
Lots 6718-6754   U.S. Postal History: Exposition Covers
Lots 6755-6772   U.S. Postal History: Fancy Cancels
Lots 6773-6778   U.S. Postal History: Special Postmarks
Lots 6779-6798   U.S. Postal History: Misc. Documents, Correspondence and Ephemera
Lots 6799-6811   U.S. Postal History: General Postal History by Year
Lots 6812-6864   U.S. Postal History: General Postal History by Issue
Lots 6865-6883   U.S. Postal History: Collections
Lots 6884-6890   U.S. Postal History: Airmail Covers
Lots 6891-6899   U.S. Postal History: Special Delivery and Other Back-of-the-Book
Lots 6900-6903   U.S. Stamps: 1847 Issue
Lots 6904-6921   U.S. Stamps: 1851 Issue
Lots 6922-6939   U.S. Stamps: 1857 Issue
Lots 6940-6969   U.S. Stamps: 1861-1866 Issue
Lots 6970-6987   U.S. Stamps: 1867 Grilled Issues
Lots 6988-7005   U.S. Stamps: 1869 Pictorial Issue
Lots 7006-7017   U.S. Stamps: 1870-1871 National Bank Note Co. Issues
Lots 7018-7026   U.S. Stamps: 1873-1875 Continental Bank Note Co. Issues
Lots 7027-7038   U.S. Stamps: 1879-1888 American Bank Note Co. Issues
Lots 7039-7046   U.S. Stamps: 1890 Issue
Lots 7047-7052   U.S. Stamps: 1893 Columbian Issue
Lots 7053-7063   U.S. Stamps: 1894-1809 Bureau Issues
Lots 7064-7070   U.S. Stamps: 1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue
Lots 7071-7078   U.S. Stamps: 1901 Pan-American Issue
Lots 7079-7090   U.S. Stamps: 1902-1908 Regular Issues
Lots 7091-7120   U.S. Stamps: 1908-1911 Washington-Franklin Issues
Lots 7121-7126   U.S. Stamps: 1913-1915 Panama-Pacific Issue
Lots 7127-7152   U.S. Stamps: 1912-1916 Washington-Franklin Issues
Lots 7153-7157   U.S. Stamps: 1917-1919 Washington-Franklin Issue, Perf. 11
Lots 7158-7182   U.S. Stamps: 1918-1923 Issues
Lots 7183-7217   U.S. Stamps: 1922-1925 Regular Issue
Lots 7218-7242   U.S. Stamps: 1923-1994 Issues
Lots 7243-7255   U.S. Stamps: Airmail
Lots 7256-7261   U.S. Stamps: Special Delivery
Lots 7262-7265   U.S. Stamps: Postage Due
Lots 7266-7277   U.S. Stamps: Officials and Newspaper Stamps
Lots 7278-7282   U.S. Stamps: Parcel Post
Lots 7283-7285   U.S. Stamps: Wells Fargo, Duck Stamps and Souvenir Cards
Lots 7286-7287   U.S. Civil War Postal History: Campaign Covers
Lots 7288-7327   U.S. Civil War Postal History: Patriotic Covers
Lots 7328-7337   U.S. Civil War Postal History: Misc.
Lots 7338-7387   Confederacy
Lots 7388-7402   Great Britain
Lots 7403-7411   British Commonwealth: Antigua, Bahamas and Bermuda
Lots 7412-7417   British Commonwealth: Brit. Antarctic Terr., Brit. East Africa and Brit. Guiana
Lots 7418-7433   British Commonwealth: British Columbia & Vancouver Island
Lots 7434-7448   British Commonwealth: New Brunswick
Lots 7449-7511   British Commonwealth: Newfoundland
Lots 7512-7530   British Commonwealth: Nova Scotia
Lots 7531-7540   British Commonwealth: Prince Edward Island
Lots 7541-7588   British Commonwealth: Canada
Lots 7589-7598   British Commonwealth: Cayman Islands, Falklands and Hong Kong
Lots 7599-7603   British Commonwealth: Jamaica, Leeward Islands and Montserrat
Lots 7604-7611   British Commonwealth: Pitcairn Islands, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Tristan
Lots 7612-7618   General Foreign: Germany, Hungary, Italy, Israel and Liberia
Lots 7619-7656   General Foreign: Macao
Lots 7657-7657   General Foreign: Vatican
Lots 7658-7659   Philatelic Literature

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