Sale 627

The Delta Collection of Egypt

December 14, 2011


In Our Offices in Danbury, Connecticut
Beginning at 9:00 AM

Viewing Schedule
Nov28-Dec 2, 2011 By Appointment at our Connecticut Office
Dec 5-9, 2011 By Appointment at our Connecticut Office
Dec 12-13, 2011 By Appointment at our Connecticut Office

An extraordinary collection of specialized Egypt, assembled over a 50 year period, covering all aspects of Egyptian philately, from prestamp through the Royal Printings and modern errors, including specialized offerings by issue.

PDFs of the entire sale are available:
Entire Sale: Lots 1-424 76 pages 4.0 megabytes

Lots 1-7   Postal History: The Early Posts to 1798
Lots 8-14   Postal History: The Napoleonic Post
Lots 15-17   Postal History: The Waghorn Service
Lots 18-20   Postal History: The Posta Europea Internal Mail Post
Lots 21-21   Postal History: The Greek Post Office
Lots 22-22   Postal History: The Austrian Post Office
Lots 23-32   Postal History: The British Post Office
Lots 33-38   Postal History: The Italian Post Office
Lots 39-43   Postal History: The French Post Office
Lots 44-59   Postal History: Egypt Stamped Postal History
Lots 60-83   Stamps: 1865-1922 Essays
Lots 84-99   Stamps: 1866 First Issue
Lots 100-107   Stamps: 1867 Second Issue
Lots 108-130   Stamps: 1872-1875 Third Issue
Lots 131-138   Stamps: 1879 Fourth Issue
Lots 139-148   Stamps: 1922-1923 Crown Overprints
Lots 149-161   Stamps: 1923-1924 First King Fuad Issue
Lots 162-169   Stamps: 1925-1926 Early Commemorative Issues
Lots 170-175   Stamps: 1926 Port Fuad Issue
Lots 176-208   Stamps: 1927-1937 Second King Fuad Issue
Lots 209-215   Stamps: 1936-1937 "Postes" Issue
Lots 216-236   Stamps: 1937-1944 "Boy King" Issue
Lots 237-241   Stamps: 1939-1946 King Farouk "Marshall" Issue
Lots 242-286   Stamps: 1940-1952 Issues
Lots 287-302   Stamps: 1952-1956 Issues After Abdication
Lots 303-322   Stamps: 1957-1959 Issues
Lots 323-335   Stamps: 1960-1962 Issues
Lots 336-354   Stamps: Airmail
Lots 355-357   Stamps: Special Delivery
Lots 358-373   Stamps: Postage Dues
Lots 374-378   Stamps: Military Stamps
Lots 379-397   Stamps: Official Stamps and Services
Lots 398-408   Stamps: Postal Stationery Die Proofs
Lots 409-416   Stamps: French Post Offices in Egypt
Lots 417-423   Stamps: Egyptian Administration of Palestine
Lots 424-424   Stamps: The Suez Canal Company

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