Sale 670

The Fleischman Family Collection
US Revenue Issues
Private Die Proprietaries
and Telegraph Stamps

June 28-30, 2015


In Our Offices in Danbury, Connecticut

A PDF of the entire sale is available:
Lots 1-485 114 pages 4.7 megabytes

    Session 1: The Fleischman Family Collection
    Tuesday, June 30, 2015, at 11:00 A.M.
    Revenue Stamps
Lots 1-1   Album
Lots 2-34   First Issue
Lots 35-37   First Issue Balance Lots
Lots 38-48   Second and Later Issues
Lots 49-114   Documentary Stamps
Lots 115-115   Documentary Stamps Balance Lot
Lots 116-123   1871-1874 Proprietary Issue
Lots 124-124   1871-1874 Proprietary Issue Balance Lot
Lots 125-187   Stock Transfer Stamps
Lots 188-188   Stock Transfer Stamps Balance Lot
Lots 189-207   Cordials and Wines
Lots 208-208   Cordials and Wines Balance Lot
Lots 209-215   Playing Cards
Lots 216-216   Playing Cards Balance Lot
Lots 217-248   Silver Tax
Lots 249-249   Silver Tax Balance Lot
Lots 250-262   Narcotic Tax
Lots 263-263   Narcotic Tax Balance Lot
Lots 264-265   Consular Service Fee
Lots 266-267   Firearms Transfer Tax
Lots 268-268   Motor Vehicle Use
Lots 269-270   Misc. Balance Lots
    Match and Medicine Stamps
Lots 271-314   Private Die Match
Lots 315-315   Private Die Match Balance Lot
Lots 316-316   Private Die Canned Fruit
Lots 317-425   Private Die Medicine
Lots 426-426   Private Die Medicine Balance Lot
Lots 427-438   Private Die Perfume
Lots 439-439   Private Die Perfume Balance Lot
Lots 440-440   Private Die Playing Cards
    Telegraph Stamps
Lots 441-484   By Company
Lots 485-485   Telegraph Collection Balance

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