Sale 4007

U.S. and Worldwide Stamps and Postal History

Closing December 7, 2011


Closes at 11:59 PM Eastern time, Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PDFs of the entire sale are available:
Part 1: Lots 6001-6674 121 pages 7.6 megabytes
Part 2: Lots 6675-7976 151 pages 7.9 megabytes

Lots 6001-6003   U.S. Postal History: California
Lots 6004-6005   U.S. Postal History: Colorado
Lots 6006-6009   U.S. Postal History: Connecticut
Lots 6010-6010   U.S. Postal History: Delaware
Lots 6011-6019   U.S. Postal History: District of Columbia
Lots 6020-6035   U.S. Postal History: Florida
Lots 6036-6036   U.S. Postal History: Hawaii
Lots 6037-6038   U.S. Postal History: Illinois
Lots 6039-6039   U.S. Postal History: Indiana
Lots 6040-6040   U.S. Postal History: Iowa
Lots 6041-6041   U.S. Postal History: Kentucky
Lots 6042-6072   U.S. Postal History: Massachusetts
Lots 6073-6073   U.S. Postal History: Michigan
Lots 6074-6143   U.S. Postal History: New York
Lots 6144-6144   U.S. Postal History: North Dakota
Lots 6145-6156   U.S. Postal History: Ohio
Lots 6157-6162   U.S. Postal History: Pennsylvania
Lots 6163-6163   U.S. Postal History: Rhode Island
Lots 6164-6164   U.S. Postal History: South Carolina
Lots 6165-6165   U.S. Postal History: Utah
Lots 6166-6167   U.S. Postal History: Vermont
Lots 6168-6191   U.S. Postal History: Virginia
Lots 6192-6193   U.S. Postal History: Wisconsin
Lots 6194-6209   U.S. Postal History: Forwarders Covers
Lots 6210-6234   U.S. Postal History: Foreign Mail
Lots 6235-6244   U.S. Postal History: Incoming Mail
Lots 6245-6245   U.S. Postal History: Canada-U.S. Mail
Lots 6246-6247   U.S. Postal History: U.S.-Canada Mail
Lots 6248-6257   U.S. Postal History: Railroad Covers
Lots 6258-6268   U.S. Postal History: Waterways/Maritime Mail Covers
Lots 6269-6440   U.S. Postal History: Advertising/Illustrated Covers
Lots 6441-6456   U.S. Postal History: Exposition Covers
Lots 6457-6474   U.S. Postal History: Fancy Cancels
Lots 6475-6476   U.S. Postal History: Machine Cancels and Registered Covers
Lots 6477-6482   U.S. Postal History: Military Covers
Lots 6483-6578   U.S. Postal History: "Reward/Public Notice Postcards
Lots 6579-6584   U.S. Postal History: Picture Post Cards
Lots 6585-6590   U.S. Postal History: Misc. Documents, Correspondence and Ephemera
Lots 6591-6649   U.S. Postal History: Regular Issues on Cover
Lots 6650-6665   U.S. Postal History: Airmail Covers
Lots 6666-6674   U.S. Postal History: Misc. Back-of-the-Book Covers
Lots 6675-6676   U.S. Stamps: Postmasters' Provisionals and 1847 Issue
Lots 6677-6692   U.S. Stamps: 1851 Issue
Lots 6693-6710   U.S. Stamps: 1857 Issue
Lots 6711-6748   U.S. Stamps: 1861-1866 Issue
Lots 6749-6761   U.S. Stamps: 1867 Grilled Issues
Lots 6762-6777   U.S. Stamps: 1869 Pictorial Issue
Lots 6778-6794   U.S. Stamps: 1870-1871 National Bank Note Co. Issues
Lots 6795-6815   U.S. Stamps: 1873-1875 Continental Bank Note Co. Issue
Lots 6816-6847   U.S. Stamps: 1879-1888 American Bank Note Co. Issues
Lots 6848-6855   U.S. Stamps: 1890 Issue
Lots 6856-6881   U.S. Stamps: 1893 Columbian Issue
Lots 6882-6903   U.S. Stamps: 1894-1898 Bureau Issues
Lots 6904-6915   U.S. Stamps: 1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue
Lots 6916-6926   U.S. Stamps: 1901 Pan-American Issue
Lots 6927-6952   U.S. Stamps: 1902-1908 Regular Issues
Lots 6953-6969   U.S. Stamps: 1904-1907 Louisiana Purchase and Jamestown Issues
Lots 6970-7034   U.S. Stamps: 1908-1911 Washington-Franklin Issues
Lots 7035-7044   U.S. Stamps: 1913-1915 Panama-Pacific Issue
Lots 7045-7113   U.S. Stamps: 1912-1916 Washington-Franklin Issues
Lots 7114-7151   U.S. Stamps: 1917-1919 Washington-Franklin Issue, Perf. 11
Lots 7152-7208   U.S. Stamps: 1918-1923 Issues
Lots 7209-7272   U.S. Stamps: 1922-1925 Regular Issue
Lots 7273-7381   U.S. Stamps: 1923-1991 Issues
Lots 7382-7396   U.S. Stamps: Airmail
Lots 7397-7407   U.S. Stamps: Special Delivery
Lots 7408-7412   U.S. Stamps: Postage Due
Lots 7413-7418   U.S. Stamps: Offices in China
Lots 7419-7420   U.S. Stamps: Officials
Lots 7421-7430   U.S. Stamps: Newspaper Stamps
Lots 7431-7447   U.S. Stamps: Parcel Post
Lots 7448-7449   U.S. Stamps: Carriers
Lots 7450-7453   U.S. Stamps: Postal Stationery
Lots 7454-7455   U.S. Stamps: Revenues
Lots 7456-7471   U.S. Stamps: Duck Stamps
Lots 7472-7476   U.S. Stamps: Postal Savings
Lots 7477-7503   U.S. Civil War Postal History
Lots 7504-7526   Patriotic Covers
Lots 7527-7549   Confederacy
Lots 7550-7555   U.S. Possessions: Hawaii
Lots 7556-7556   U.S. Possessions: Philippines
Lots 7557-7557   United Nations
Lots 7558-7561   British Commonwealth: Australia and States, Bahrain, Bechualanand
Lots 7562-7568   Canadian Provinces: British Columbia & Vancouver Island
Lots 7569-7589   Canadian Provinces: New Brunswick
Lots 7590-7797   Canadian Provinces: Newfoundland
Lots 7798-7825   Canadian Provinces: Nova Scotia
Lots 7826-7844   Canadian Provinces: Prince Edward Island
Lots 7845-7924   Canada
Lots 7925-7927   British Commonwealth: Ceylon, Falkland Islands, Grenada
Lots 7928-7933   British Commonwealth: Hong Kong
Lots 7934-7938   British Commonwealth: Jamaica, Leewards, Montserrat, New Guinea
Lots 7939-7941   General Foreign: Germany and Italy
Lots 7942-7973   General Foreign: Macao
Lots 7974-7975   General Foreign: Ryukyus and Sweden
Lots 7976-7976   Philatelic Literature

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