Sale 626

US, British & Worldwide

October 13-16, 2011


New Yorker Hotel, The Bank Room, 481 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street, New York, NY

The Hampshire Collection of Quality U.S. Singles
The Venus Collection of Important U.S. and Worldwide Stamps Postal History
The Amberley Collection of Selected European and Worldwide Stamps
The Barry Scott Collections of Gold Medal New Zealand Airmail Flights
... along with various collections and accumulations, the properties of over 60 additional vendors

PDFs of the entire sale are available:
Part 1: Lots 1-710 92 pages 7.4 megabytes
Part 2: Lots 711-1371 102 pages 10.8 megabytes
Part 3: Lots 1372-1863 76 pages 5.7 megabytes
Part 4: Lots 1784-2415 46 pages 2.2 megabytes

    Session 1: U.S. Stamps
    Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 10:00 AM, at the New Yorker Hotel, The Bank Room, 481 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street, New York, NY
Lots 1-9   U.S. Stamps: Postmasters' Provisionals and 1847 Issue
Lots 10-35   U.S. Stamps: 1851 Issue
Lots 36-74   U.S. Stamps: 1857 Issue
Lots 75-78   U.S. Stamps: 1875 Reprints of the 1857 Issue
Lots 79-104   U.S. Stamps: 1861-1866 Issue
Lots 105-120   U.S. Stamps: 1867 Grilled Issues
Lots 121-126   U.S. Stamps: 1875 Re-issue of the 1861-1866 Issues
Lots 127-155   U.S. Stamps: 1869 Pictorial Issue
Lots 156-166   U.S. Stamps: 1870-1871 National Bank Note Co. Issues
Lots 167-173   U.S. Stamps: 1873-1875 Continental Bank Note Co. Issues
Lots 174-205   U.S. Stamps: 1879-1888 American Bank Note Co. Issues
Lots 206-213   U.S. Stamps: 1890 Issue
Lots 214-248   U.S. Stamps: 1893 Columbian Issue
Lots 249-273   U.S. Stamps: 1894-1898 Bureau Issues
Lots 274-284   U.S. Stamps: 1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue
Lots 285-291   U.S. Stamps: 1901 Pan-American Issue
Lots 292-321   U.S. Stamps: 1902-1908 Regular Issues
Lots 322-351   U.S. Stamps: 1908-1910 Washington-Franklin Issue,s
Lots 352-363   U.S. Stamps: 1913-1915 Panama-Pacific Issue
Lots 364-399   U.S. Stamps: 1912-1916 Washington-Franklin Issues
Lots 400-416   U.S. Stamps: 1917-1919 Washington-Franklin Issue, Perf. 11
Lots 417-428   U.S. Stamps: 1918-1923 Issues
Lots 429-447   U.S. Stamps: 1922-1925 Regular Issue
Lots 448-479   U.S. Stamps: 1923-1956 Issues
Lots 480-549   U.S. Stamps: 1968-2004 Issues
Lots 550-570   U.S. Stamps: Airmail
Lots 571-585   U.S. Stamps: Special Delivery
Lots 586-600   U.S. Stamps: Postage Due
Lots 601-604   U.S. Stamps: Offices in China
Lots 605-611   U.S. Stamps: Officials
Lots 612-625   U.S. Stamps: Newspaper Stamps
Lots 626-636   U.S. Stamps: Parcel Post
Lots 637-639   U.S. Stamps: Booklets
Lots 640-642   U.S. Stamps: Locals
Lots 643-657   U.S. Stamps: Postal Stationery
Lots 658-674   U.S. Stamps: Revenues
Lots 675-710   U.S. Stamps: Duck Stamps
    Session 2: U.S. Postal History and U.S. Possessions
    Friday, October 14, 2011 at 10:00 AM, at the New Yorker Hotel, The Bank Room, 481 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street, New York, NY
Lots 711-713   U.S. Postal History
Lots 714-714   U.S. Postal History: California
Lots 715-717   U.S. Postal History: Connecticut
Lots 718-718   U.S. Postal History: District of Columbia
Lots 719-719   U.S. Postal History: Florida
Lots 720-720   U.S. Postal History: Indiana
Lots 721-740   U.S. Postal History: Massachusetts
Lots 741-744   U.S. Postal History: New York
Lots 745-745   U.S. Postal History: Pennsylvania
Lots 746-750   U.S. Postal History: Virginia
Lots 751-753   U.S. Postal History: Western Express Covers
Lots 754-779   U.S. Postal History: Forwarders Covers
Lots 780-814   U.S. Postal History: New York Foreign Mail Cancels
Lots 815-820   U.S. Postal History: Foreign Mail
Lots 821-829   U.S. Postal History: Mixed Frankings
Lots 830-902   U.S. Postal History: Post Cards to Foreign Destinations
Lots 903-903   U.S. Postal History: Railroad Covers
Lots 904-911   U.S. Postal History: Ship/Waterway Covers
Lots 912-929   U.S. Postal History: Advertising/Illustrated Covers
Lots 930-932   U.S. Postal History: Fancy Cancels
Lots 933-943   U.S. Postal History: Postmasters' Provisionals and 1847 Issue
Lots 944-964   U.S. Postal History: 1851 Issue
Lots 965-1000   U.S. Postal History: 1857 Issue
Lots 1001-1015   U.S. Postal History: 1861 and Later Issues
Lots 1016-1017   U.S. Postal History: Airmail
Lots 1018-1027   U.S. Postal History: Carriers and Locals
Lots 1028-1032   Confederacy
Lots 1033-1043   U.S. Possessions
    Session 3: Great Britain and the British Commonwealth
    Friday, October 14, 2011 at 3:00 PM, at the New Yorker Hotel, The Bank Room, 481 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street, New York, NY
Lots 1044-1066   Great Britain: Postal History
Lots 1067-1083   Great Britain: Maritime Mail
Lots 1084-1140   Great Britain: Issued Stamps
Lots 1141-1160   British Commonwealth: Australian States through Brunei
Lots 1161-1196   British Commonwealth: Canada and Provinces
Lots 1197-1226   British Commonwealth: Cape of Good Hope through New Guinea
Lots 1227-1234   British Commonwealth: New Zealand
Lots 1235-1353   British Commonwealth: New Zealand - The Barry Scott Airmail Collection
Lots 1354-1371   British Commonwealth: North West Pacific Islands through Zululand
    Session 4: General Foreign
    Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 10:00 AM, at the New Yorker Hotel, The Bank Room, 481 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street, New York, NY
Lots 1372-1380   General Foreign: Albania through Argentina
Lots 1381-1404   General Foreign: Austria
Lots 1405-1417   General Foreign: Belgium and Belgian Congo
Lots 1418-1435   General Foreign: Bolivia through Colombia
Lots 1436-1457   General Foreign: Denmark through Finland
Lots 1458-1517   General Foreign: France
Lots 1518-1533   General Foreign: French Colonies
Lots 1534-1535   General Foreign: German States
Lots 1536-1562   General Foreign: Germany
Lots 1563-1568   General Foreign: German Offices in China
Lots 1569-1584   General Foreign: German Colonies
Lots 1585-1593   General Foreign: Germany: Saar
Lots 1594-1600   General Foreign: Germany From 1945
Lots 1601-1617   General Foreign: Greenland and Haiti
Lots 1618-1664   General Foreign: Iceland, Iran and Israel
Lots 1665-1673   General Foreign: Italy, Italian States and Italian Colonies
Lots 1674-1701   General Foreign: Korea, Laos, Liechtenstein, Luzembourg
Lots 1702-1736   General Foreign: Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway
Lots 1737-1746   General Foreign: Peru, Portugal, Russia
Lots 1747-1754   General Foreign: Salvador, San Marino, Somalia
Lots 1755-1789   General Foreign: Spain and Spanish Marianas
Lots 1790-1811   General Foreign: Sweden
Lots 1812-1838   General Foreign: Switzerland
Lots 1839-1844   General Foreign: Syria, Vatican, Venezuela
Lots 1845-1852   World Balloon and Pioneer Flights
Lots 1853-1863   World Zeppelin Flights
    Session 5: Collections and Accumulations
    Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 10:00 AM, at the New Yorker Hotel, The Bank Room, 481 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street, New York, NY
Lots 1864-1882   U.S. Cover Collections
Lots 1883-1921   U.S. General Collections
Lots 1922-1924   U.S. Balance Lots
Lots 1925-1929   U.S. Assortments
Lots 1930-1949   U.S. Accumulations
Lots 1950-1958   U.S. Dealers Stocks
Lots 1959-1969   U.S. Face Value Lots
Lots 1970-1971   Confederate Collections
Lots 1972-1991   U.S. Possessions Collections
Lots 1992-2343   Foreign Country Collections
Lots 2344-2352   Worldwide Cover Collections
Lots 2353-2409   Worldwide Collections and Accumulations
Lots 2410-2412   Supplies
Lots 2413-2415   Philatelic Literature

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