Sale 699

Flagship United States Postal History,
FDCs and WWII Patriotics,
Zeppelin Flights and Related

May 18-19, 2017


In Our New Offices in Danbury, Connecticut: 22 Shelter Rock Lane Building C

Over 1200 lots, in three separate catalogs:
  • Catalog 1: U.S. and Possessions classic postal history, including the Stanley J. Richmond Holding Part 2 and selections from the William A. Stearns, Jr. collection, with extensive offerings of fancy cancels, patriotic covers, foreign mail and stampless
  • Catalog 2: U.S. first day covers, also World War II and Korean War patriotic covers, with many gorgeous cachets by the famed Dorothy Knapp
  • Catalog 3: Zeppelin Flights and related, including rare Hindenburg disaster covers

Downloadable PDFs of the entire sale are available:
Catalog 1 234 pages 9.3 megabytes
Catalog 2 72 pages 4.2 megabytes
Catalog 3 54 pages 3.2 megabytes


    Session 1: U.S. Postal History Part 1
    Thursday, May 18, 2017, at 10:00 AM
    U.S. Postal History
Lots 3001-3003   Post Office Equipment and Related
Lots 3004-3004   The First Stamp Issued in North America
Lots 3005-3010   Autographs and Free Franks
Lots 3011-3104   Postmarks by State: Stampless
Lots 3105-3114   Postmarks by State: Franked
Lots 3115-3125   Territorial Covers
Lots 3126-3141   Express Covers
Lots 3142-3142   Ship/Waterway Covers
Lots 3143-3150   Foreign Mail: Stampless
Lots 3151-3344   Foreign Mail: Franked
Lots 3345-3347   Forwarders Covers
Lots 3348-3424   Advertising/Illustrated Covers
Lots 3425-3429   Exposition Covers
Lots 3430-3612   Fancy Cancels
    Session 2: U.S. Postal History Part 2
    Friday, May 19, 2017, at 10:00 AM
    U.S. Postal History
Lots 3613-3622   Civil War Postal History
Lots 3623-3657   Civil War Patriotic Covers
Lots 3658-3658   Presidential Campaign Covers
Lots 3659-3668   Valentine Covers
Lots 3669-3677   Misc. Documents and Ephemera
Lots 3678-3685   Misc. Postal History by Year
Lots 3686-3687   Postmasters' Provisionals
Lots 3688-3709   1847 Issue
Lots 3710-3724   1851-1857 Issues
Lots 3725-3737   1861-1869 Issues
Lots 3738-3748   Later Regular Issues
Lots 3749-3773   Back-of-the-Book Issues
Lots 3774-3782   Confederate States
    U.S. Possessions
Lots 3783-3783   Canal Zone
Lots 3784-3785   Guam
Lots 3786-3789   Hawaii
Lots 3790-3790   Philippines
Lots 3791-3791   Ryukyus
    Session 3: U.S. FDCs and WW2 Patriotics
    Friday, May 19, 2017, at 1:00 PM
    U.S. First Day Covers and World War II Patriotics
Lots 4501-4560   U.S. First Day Covers
Lots 4561-4586   U.S. First Day Covers with Hand-Painted Cachets
Lots 4587-4666   U.S. First Day Covers with Dorothy Knapp Cachets
Lots 4667-4701   World War II Patriotic Covers with Dorothy Knapp Cachets
Lots 4702-4737   World War II Patriotic Covers - Others
Lots 4738-4753   World War II Propaganda Covers
Lots 4754-4759   Korean War Patriotic Covers
    Session 4: Zeppelin Flights and Related
    Friday, May 19, 2017, at 3:30 PM
    Zeppelin Flights and Related
Lots 5001-5001   The Titanic
Lots 5002-5003   Early Zeppelins and Catapult Covers
Lots 5004-5118   Graf Zeppelin LZ 127 Flights
Lots 5119-5158   Hindenburg LZ 129 Flights
Lots 5159-5167   The Hindenburg Disaster

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