Sale 4043

Lot 10822


Proprietary, 1919, 1¢ dark blue (Scott RB65), block of 8, "V.C.F." red printed cancel, combination "1919" in top row and "1920" in bottom row, sharp color and strong strike, certainly the largest known multiple of this variety, combination pairs are rare, a choice showpiece, Very Fine to Extremely Fine.
Suggested Bid $375.

Lot 10683

Postage Due, 1895, 1¢ deep claret (Scott J38), wide top plate block of 6, o.g., lightly hinged, with the top row and lower left stamp never hinged, beautifully centered with every single stamp being choice; weak perfs with a few separations, Extremely Fine to Superb. Scott $275.
Suggested Bid $300.

Lot 10692

Postage Due, 1914, 30¢ carmine lake (Scott J57), o.g., hinged, fresh, vivid color, choice, Extremely Fine. Scott $250.
Suggested Bid $275.

Lot 10693


Postage Due, 1916, 1¢ rose (Scott J59), neat cancel, Fine. Scott $725.
Suggested Bid $250.

Lot 10912

Hunting Permit, 1935, $1 Canvasbacks (Scott RW2), o.g., lightly hinged, Very Fine. Scott $375.
Suggested Bid $250.

Lot 10651

Airmail, 1927, 20¢ Map & Planes (Scott C9), complete sheet of 50, o.g., never hinged (minor gum skips), F.-V.F.
Brookman C9; $675.
Suggested Bid $250.

Lot 10709

Offices in China, 1919, $1 on 50¢ light violet (Scott K15), o.g., never hinged (aged gum), V.G.-Fine. Scott $1,300.
Suggested Bid $225.

Lot 10843


Wines, 1916, 24¢ green, double impression (Scott RE42a), block of 4, double impression, without gum, sharp color, fresh, Very Fine, quite scarce in a multiple. Scott $800.
Suggested Bid $200.

Lot 10273


Waterbury CT, Leaf on 1873, 6¢ dull pink (Scott 159), bold full strike, F.-V.F.
Rohloff L-8.
Suggested Bid $200.

Lot 10319

1869, 2¢ brown (Scott 113), o.g., lightly hinged (wide natural gum skip at bottom), fresh and sharp with fat bottom margin, Fine. Scott $600.
Suggested Bid $200.

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