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Lot 6307

1839, from Great Britain to US, folded letter to Lowell MA, carried on the maiden voyage of British Queen, a British & American Steam Nav. Co. pioneer ship with manuscript "per British Queen", with "New York/Ship/Jul/28" c.d.s., "Lowell/Mass" c.d.s. and "Paid" all in red also manuscript "6" for forwarding back to Boston and manuscript British "2/-" paid marking, a most important cover; normal file folds, Very Fine.
Suggested Bid $1,500

One of the great pioneer sailings, brought $3250 for both directions in Feldman Sale

Lot 6311

1847, from Great Britain to US, folded letter from Liverpool to Boston, carried on the maiden voyage of the pioneer steamer "Sarah Sands", with manuscript instruction "Sarah Sands" at lower left, bold "Ship-Letter/Liverpool/JA 20/(18)47" on reverse and red manuscript "8" for British ship letter rate and bold red "New York/Ship/Feb 11 (1847)/7 cts" for 2¢ ship captains rate plus 5¢ for under 300 miles postage from New York to Boston, Extremely Fine, one of only 5 covers known from maiden voyage of the "Sarah Sands".
Suggested Bid $1,500

The" Sarah Sands" was a very early iron built screw type steamer, who would later become famous for a great fire in the Indian Ocean, after her Transatlantic days successfully fought major fire onboard by soldiers on there way to fight the Indian Mutiny in 1857, a marvelous display item

Lot 6312

1847, from Great Britain to US, folded letter from Liverpool to Boston, carried on the maiden voyage of the pioneer steamer "Sarah Sands", with manuscript instruction "Sarah Sands" at lower left of the Sand & Co. Line, bold ""Ship-Letter/Liverpool/JA 20/(18)47"" on reverse and red manuscript "2/8" for 4 times British ship letter rate, Extremely Fine, one of only 5 covers known from maiden voyage of the "Sarah Sands".
Suggested Bid $1,500.

Lot 6169

1846, from US to Austria, light blue folded letter with manuscript " Pr Britannia via Ostende", written in New York July 15, 1846 with light red "U. S. EXPRESS MAIL/N. YORK/JUL/15/N.Y." and red "PAID" used exceptionally to get to Boston to catch the Brittannia which sailed from Boston on the 16th of July, all on face, London and "ANGLETTERRE/PAR OSTENDE" on reverse, British manuscript "1/8", red boxed 3 line Belgian accountancy postmark with manuscript entries, red manuscript "20", "42" and "55" entries ending in blue manuscript "1.20" (1 gulden, 20 kreuzer about 0.67 cents), a rare and wonderful cover, Very Fine.
Suggested Bid $600

This cover would have been carried by at least the Post Offices of US, GB, Belgium, Thurn & Taxis, Austria and prehaps Prussia or Württemberg to boot

Lot 6248

1847, from US to Italy, folded letter from New York to Livorno, datelined September 22, 1847 with manuscript "Pr Steamship Washington" (a pioneer steamship) and large red "PAID" with red French transit mark and there manuscript "20" decimes debit, bold Genova Fleur-de-le transit handstamp over French transit, all on face, 2 more transits and bold "Livorno/19 OTT/1847" receipt, Very Fine to Extremely Fine.
Suggested Bid $600

This is the 2nd or 3rd sailing of the "Washington" after the first sailing of June 1, 1847, any of the first five sailings are scarce. A similar cover in the Carlin sale but dropped off in Great Britain brought $500

Lot 6690

1847, 5¢ red brown (Scott 1), some large margins, without top left corner of stamp, red handstamp and manuscript cancels, red Waterbury CT town mark, on brown cover addressed to Bridgeport CT, Fine, ex-Craveri, with 1998 P.F. certificate.
Suggested Bid $400

One of three 5¢ 1847 covers used from Waterbury according to Alexander census

Lot 6775


1873, 90¢ rose carmine, indistinct but discernable cds and matching cancels ties 90¢ single and #233 (each with corners torn off) on large piece of linen wrapper with pre-printed "Return Envelope for Unused Ballots, Precint No. 3, Greaterville, Pima County, AZ and addressed to HUGHES OF SUPERVISORS OF PIMA COUNTY, Tucson, A.T.; paper has been discolored with age and has been creased/folded, V.G. and rare, excellent for reference and research.
Scott 166; $7,500 on cover.
Suggested Bid $350.

Lot 6269

1870, from Cuba via New York to Norway, folded outer wrapper to Christiansundm with cds "NEW YORK/DEC/8" and blue manuscript "10" for the rate from Cuba to the US, a bold 26mm "7" foreign accountancy handstamp applied in New York, all on the face, blue Prussian mail system "Coeln" (Cologne) transit which indicated carried by Prussian Mail on reverse, on face manuscript red "35" and "36" Norwegian Skilling, the red 35 Skillings represent the amount due which is a combination of the US-Cuba rate, US-Prussia and transport from Prussia to Norway and finally internal postage within Norway, the red 36 is the additional fee of 1 Skilling for local delivery, represented on the reverse by "CHRISTIANIA OMK", a lovely and scarce cover to Norway made better from Cuba; horizontal file fold thru New York cds, Very Fine to Extremely Fine.
Suggested Bid $350.

Lot 6349

1864, from Uruguay to US, folded letter with manuscript instruction "Via Bordeaux", oval "ADMon DE CORREOS/MONTEVIDEO/15/Dice/1864", octagonal "URUGUAY/SAINTONGE" (Saintonge was the steamship name) and manuscript rates of "2" and "54", light "N. YORK BR. PKT/60" (unlisted as British packet similar American packet is listed) and large straight line depreciation mark "U.S. NOTES/120" (unlisted in ASCC and rare); file folds which do not detratct, Very Fine to Extremely Fine, a scarce mailing from Uruguay and "US NOTES/120".
Suggested Bid $350

The "N. YORK BR. PKT" postmark is normally used for the Prussian Mail Service but as the french mail and Prussian came in on the same American boat the clerk must have grabbed the Prussian handstamp for use on the French mailbag, most interesting

Lot 6347

1863, from Uruguay to US, blue folded letter with manuscript instruction "pr. Steamer via Southampton for'd", oval "ADMON DE CORREOS/MONTEVIDEO/11/Julio/1863", London debit to US, arc "40/CENTS", cds "NEW YORK AM. PKT./SEP/12", "45" (credit to US) and bold large depreciation handstamp "U.S.NOTES/56", unlisted in ASCC, all on face; file folds not affecting markings, Very Fine.
Suggested Bid $350.

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