Sale 5037

Lot 13107


Queensland, 1880, William Bell ½d Essay in red (SG 151E), imperf on paper watermarked 3-Lobed Crown & Q, with void background and corrected "Q", overprinted Specimen diagonally in pale blue, ungummed, Very Fine.
Scott 65E.

Realized $120

Lot 13124


Queensland, 1899, Queen Victoria "Widow's Weeds", ½d deep green, perforated plate proof of an unaccepted design (SG 262 var.), block of 4, unfilled ovals in lower corners and more widely spaced shading lines in Queen's face, watermarked 3-lobed Crown Q, perf 12, o.g. (three stamps never hinged), Very Fine.
Scott 124 var. ACSC Q1(PP)1; $2,000 as singles ($2,010).


From the
Australian Commomnwealth Specialists' Catalogue: "A plate proof block of 12 of this design was submitted in September 1899. It was rejected with the request that the spaces at foot be filled in and the appearance of the Queen's be head improved. It is probable that not the whole of this block has survived; there is a strip of 10 in the H.L. White collection in the Mitchell Library, Sydney".


Lot 13197

South Australia, 1904, Queen Victoria (thick "POSTAGE"), £1 blue, perf 12 (SG 292), Crown and SA (close) watermark, o.g., lightly hinged, fresh and virtually perfectly centered, Extremely Fine.
Scott 143; $240.
SG £325 ($450).

Realized $132

Lot 13271


Tasmania, 1909, Russell Falls (litho), 4d orange buff, compound perf 12½ x 11 (SG 247bb), Crown over A watermark, "socked-on-the-nose" HOBART c.d.s., 23 Jul 1908, bright, fresh and well centered, Very Fine.
Scott 106 var.
SG £400 ($550).

Realized $180

Lot 13279


Victoria, 1850, Queen Victoria ("Half Length"), Ham printing, 1st Die State, 2d brown lilac (SG 3), unused without gum, bright and fresh with four nice margins; but the stamps is rebacked, adding most of the right margin, Very Fine appearance. A very pretty example of this rarely seen unused stamp.
Scott 5a; $7,000.
SG £13,000 ($17,850).


Lot 13412


Western Australia, 1854, Swan (engraved), 1d black, imperf (SG 1), Swan watermark, canceled three light pen strokes, clear to large margins, Very Fine, . The Post Offices at Australind, Bunbury, Guildford, Mandurah, Northam, Vasse, and York did not receive cancelling devices for five or six weeks after the first stamps were issued..
Scott 1; $275.
SG £275 ($380).

Realized $108

Lot 13479

Western Australia, 1905, Swan, 1d rose pink, perf 11, watermark upright (SG 151b), block of 36, block of 36 with selvage at right & bottom, positions 65-70/115-120 showing a constant plate flaw at position 88, slightly toned o.g., never hinged, bright color, Fine to Very Fine.
Scott 90e var.
SG £3,240 ++ ($4,450).


Lot 13570

France, 1856, 3-color franking to Mexico, Napoleon III issue #14-15, 18-19, all fine tied to outer folded lettersheet to Vera Cruz by diamond roller grid cancel, 10c additionally tied by London transit, Fine to Very Fine.

Realized $228

Lot 13572

France, 1873, Cérès, 15c bister on rose, large numerals (Scott 61 var.), o.g., unusually fresh; small, very minor hinge thin, Fine appearance. An excellent example of this little-known rarity that printed on the rose paper intended for the 10c value., signed J-F Brun & Thiaude, with 2018 Brun certificate.
Yvert 55d; €6,000 ($7,320).

Realized $960

Lot 13587


Italian States: Lombardy-Venetia, 1863, Double Eagle, 10s blue, perf 14 (Scott 18), used in Bulgaria, socked-on-the-nose "BURGAS/3/6" bluish black c.d.s., an Extremely Fine gem. An extraordinary showpiece.
Sassone 39.
Scott $2,925 (Scott Bulgaria #2A4).


Lot 13624

Italy, 1979, 3000L Italia, head and perforations shifted variety (Scott 1293 var), left margin single, o.g., never hinged, striking, Very Fine, signed Avi, with his 2010 SBPV certificate.
Sassone 1460b; €9,000 ($10,980).


Lot 13693

China: Tibet, Set of five old lacquered and decorated writing tablets (9¾"x 1 7/8"), held together with a leather sleeve, messages were written in chalk and erased, used by couriers before the advent of postage stamps, very scarce, Fine to Very Fine.

Realized $108

Lot 13712

Mexico, 1916, Barril on Carranza overprints, 5c on 1c to 60c on 2c complete (Scott 587-590), remarkably fresh and well-centered; we dare you to find a nicer set, Very Fine+.
Scott $671.

Realized $192

Lot 13722

Asia, 1851 Illustrated Map "Thibet, Mongolia and Manchuria", published by John Tallis & Company, London and New York 14¼"x10 5/8", Fine to Very Fine.


Lot 13822

Germany, 1914, lottery stamps for Zeppelin ride, there was a set of 6 produced for Universal Linoleum Co. subsidiary of Curt Gundel, collect all 6 & win a ride on a Zep, other prizes including a linoleum floor, this lot has 6 stamps, one a duplicate to show the back, no one has ever seen the 6th stamp, this set of 5 is excessively rare, Extremely Fine.


Lot 13913

Zeppelin Flights, General Electric Air Compass Type B. Original air compass manufactured by General Electric, model plate reads "Air Compass / Type B / No 4105 / General / Electric / Company / USA", black paint, mounted on wooden base by two wooden spools, museum quality, a rare and desirable item for the aviation aficionado; a few dings in the rear, Fine to Very Fine.


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