Sale 673

Lot 73


1907, 2c carmine red & black, inverted center, overprint reading up (Scott 23g); small corner crease and tiny paper cut from edge of cancelling device, otherwise Extremely Fine.
Scott $14,000.
Estimate $7,500 - 10,000

Considered to be one of the great rarities of Canal Zone. Plass records only 9 examples, all used and "apparently defective". This stamp would be one of the nicer examples

Realized $7,670

Lot 30


1904, 1c green, inverted overprint (Scott 9c), bars cancel; small perf repair at bottom left, otherwise Very Fine, one sheet of 100 received the inverted overprint, but only six examples have been recorded, at least five and possibly all are used.
Scott $6,000.
Estimate $4,000 - 6,000.

Realized $2,950

Lot 56


1904, 8¢ on 50c bister brown, "P NAMA" variety (Scott 15), PANAMA reading up at left and right, unused without gum; small adhesion on the gum side, Very Fine.
Scott $4,500.
Estimate $2,500 - 3,500.

Realized $2,124

Lot 2

1904, 2c rose, "PANAMA" 15 mm long (Scott 1), top right corner margin block of 12 (4x3), with full selvedge except selvedge above position 2 with tear and rejoined, top row of four stamps shows the "PANAMA" 15 mm long variety, balance normal length, tropicalized o.g.; lower right stamp and selvedge with small thin and facial scuffs, block with some minor perforations separations, otherwise Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $8,800.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.

Realized $2,006

Lot 53

1904, 8¢ on 50c bister brown, "PANAMA" in rose brown & "CANAL" in antique type and "ZONE" in antique type (Scott 14d, 14e), block of 9, top left stamp is the antique "CANAL" variety and bottom right stamp is the antique "ZONE" variety, slightly disturbed o.g.; perforation separations between positions 2 and 3, Fine, exceptionally rare block as only 10 of each variety can exist according to Canal Zone Stamps.
Scott $3,500.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000

Catalogued as two separate varieties as Scott does not catalogue both in the same block

Realized $1,888

Lot 34

1904, 2c rose, "L" of "CANAL" sideways (Scott 10b), single stamp in block of 12, second stamp from the left in the middle row (position 67 on the plate), tropicalized o.g., Fine to Very Fine, extremely scarce, only 17 unused and 4 used examples have been recorded.
Scott $2,549.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.

Realized $1,298

Lot 71


1907, 1c green & black, inverted center, overprint reading up (Scott 22g), cancel is a duplex killer with "RMS" at center; scrape at bottom left, otherwise Very Fine, while one pane of 100 was printed with this error, only 22 unused and 13 used examples have been recorded.
Scott $4,750.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.

Realized $2,242

Lot 199

1926, 2¢ carmine, "ZONE" only (Scott 97d), at top left in a block of 4 with 3 normal, o.g., previously hinged, Very Good, one of three recorded examples of this error and the top half of this block is illustrated in Canal Zone Stamps on page 164, the centering of all three examples is similar, exceptionally rare as there was no example in either the Gibbs or Laila collections.
Scott $2,750.
Estimate $1,500 - 2,000.

Realized $3,186

Lot 74

1906, 2c red & black, double overprint, one diagonal, one "ZONE CANAL" (Scott 23h), o.g., lightly hinged; pulled perf at bottom, couple short perfs at top, otherwise Very Fine, one of only seven examples recorded by Plass.
Scott $4,000.
Estimate $1,200 - 1,800.

Realized $1,062

Lot 7


1904, 5c blue and 10c yellow (Scott 2, 3), block of four of the 10c (mostly separated along the horizontal perfs and horizontal pair of 5¢ tied large part of cover (front with a small portion of the reverse) addressed to New York City, Jul 27 1904 New York City backstamp; stamps tied by bars and Ancon Jul 8 1904 town cancels; front with vertical and horizontal creases away from the stamps, Very Fine appearing.
Scott $1,480 as stamps off cover.
Estimate $1,000 - 1,500.

Realized $1,003

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