Sale 722

Lot 115


Italian States: Papal/Roman States, 1852, 1sc rose (Scott 11), a marvelous lower left corner sheet margin block of 12, o.g., the bottom eight stamps actually being never hinged, complete margins all around, including wide left and bottom sheet margins, Extremely Fine. Sassone prices a mint block of 4 at 35,000€!, signed A.G. & G. Bolaffi and A. Diena, with 2004 Bolaffi certificate.
Sassone 11; €105,000 as three blocks ($128,100).
Estimate $20,000 - 30,000


One of the great rarities of Roman States Philately and a key item for any gold medal exhibition collection

Realized $22,800

Lot 142

Italian States: Sicily, 1859, Ferdinand II, 50g dark brown red (Scott 18), large margins all around, including full dividing line on three sides, used with 1g olive brown, plate I, 5g deep rose, plate I & 10g indigo (11a, 14, 16a; Sas. 3, 9, 12b)-see photo for margins, tied by fancy frame cancels on folded address leaf from Messina to Genoa; postmarked straightline "MESA 1859/ 26 SETTE" AND red straightline "PIROSCAPI/ POSTALI/ FRANCESI" with blue sender's oval and manuscript "6" * "18" rate markings; backstamped Genoa, 30 Sep, Very Fine, signed A. Diena, En. Diena, Oliva, and one other, with 1973 & 1984 Diena certificates.
Sassone 14; €220,000 ($268,400).
Scott $115,000.
Estimate $15,000 - 20,000


A similar franking is recorded on an April 1859 cover from Palermo to Spaccafurno

Realized $16,800

Lot 760

1908, 1¢ blue green, experimental coil, perf 12 vertically (Scott 318), o.g., previously hinged, paste up tab at right; among the finest known examples of this seldom offered coil; with spectacular rich color and phenomenal centering; deserving placement in the finest collection, Extremely Fine, with 2018 P.S.E. certificate graded XF 90.
SMQ XF 90; $10,000.
Scott $4,250.
Estimate $7,500 - 10,000.

Realized $9,600

Lot 102

Italian States: Naples, 1858, Arms, 50g rose lake (Scott 7), 4-margin single, used with five 2g, a strip of 3 & a single 5g (Scott 3/3c, 4/4e; Sas. 5e/f, 8 [sgl], 9 [strip]), totaling 80 grana, tied together by framed "ANNULLATO" cancels on a large folded address leaf from Naples to Rome; red Naples postmarks on reverse, 28 Apr, along with a 30 Apr Rome receiver; slight, rather insignificant damage to the 5g strip, otherwise Very Fine. Catalog values are only for the 50g on cover; the strip of 3 of the 5g second setting on cover $20,000/€40,000, signed A. Diena, Grioni, Sorani, and others, with 2014 Sorani & 1976 Diena certificates.
Sassone 14; €60,000 +++ ($73,200).
Scott $29,000 +++.
Estimate $6,000 - 8,000


Realized $7,200

Lot 1237

Hunting Permit, 1935, $1 Canvasbacks (Scott RW2), bottom left plate block of 6, o.g., never hinged, among the freshest and choicest examples of this plate block we have ever seen; brilliant color, Fine to Very Fine, this is the scarcest duck plate block, with 2017 P.S.E. certificate.
Scott $12,500.
Estimate $5,000 - 7,500.

Realized $5,700

Lot 787

1909, $1 violet brown (Scott 342), o.g., previously hinged, matchless World Class example with dead-on perfect centering, gleaming rich color, and extra large margins; a true GEM destined for the finest collection, Superb, Top of the Pop - the highest graded Scott #342; 1 of 2 attaining this "ultimate" grade according to PSE's population report, with 2014 P.S.E. certificate graded Gem 100.
SMQ Gem 100; $4,750.
Scott $450.
Estimate $3,500 - 5,000.

Realized $5,100

Lot 746

1903, $2 dark blue (Scott 312), o.g., never hinged, phenomenal top quality showpiece in immaculate mint condition with full and unblemished gum and radiating color; among the finest known never hinged examples available to collectors, Extremely Fine, with 2018 P.S.A.G. certificate graded XF 90.
SMQ XF 90; $6,250.
Estimate $4,000 - 6,000.

Realized $5,100

Lot 979

1917, 11¢ light green, perf 10 at top (Scott 511a), top right corner margin block of 4, bottom right stamp with traditional perf 10/11 gauge, o.g., never hinged, exceedingly rare compound perforate issue in an attractive multiple, Fine to Very Fine, with 2018 P.S.E. certificate.
Scott $7,551.
Estimate $3,500 - 5,000.

Realized $4,800

Lot 161


Netherlands, 1927, 7½c dark violet, watermarked circles, syncopated perfs type D (Scott 174c), horizontal pair, the right stamp has a paste-up with row number "8" at right, o.g., right stamp never hinged, the left barely so, fresh and virtually perfectly centered, Extremely Fine. An extraordinary example of this rare syncopated perforation.
Scott $6,250.
Estimate $2,000 - 3,000.

Realized $4,500

Lot 439


1867, 12¢ intense black, Z. grill (Scott 85E), seldom seen with attractive red town cancellation, phenomenal 12¢ Z grill with astounding centering, brilliant fresh color, and tremendous eye appeal; #85E's are very rare when found with colored cancels and Scott Specialized catalog doesn't even list this issue with anything other than the commonly found black postmark, Very Fine to Extremely Fine, with 1995 P.F. certificate.
Scott $2,400 for normal cancel.
Estimate $2,500 - 3,500.

Realized $4,500

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