Sale 723

Lot 63


U.S., Phenomenal and Spectacular Mostly Mint Collection. In overflowing Scott National hingeless album; a huge album containing an extraordinary selection for by a serious collection with a keen eye for quality; this valuable holding begins with a nice selection of the 1851 imperforate issues including examples of 9X1, 7, 9, 11, 14-15 and 17; 1857 perforated issues 18, 20, 22, 25-26, 27, 29-30A, 32-33, and 35-38, 1875 reprint #40; 1861 issues include #'s 56, 68-72, and 75-76; scarcer grills include 88-90, and 92-98, lovely 1869 Pictorials 112-121, some scarce Banknote issues 134-137, 141, 145-153, 155, 156-163, 166, 182-91, 206-218, 219-229; 1893 Columbians to the $3.00 - 230-243; 1894 unwatermarked first Bureau issues 246-262, 1895 watermarked 264-277 and new colors 279-284; 1898 Trans-Mississippi complete 285-293 along with 1901 Pan-Ams 294-299; 1902-03 regular issue 300-312 plus 315; 323-330; a wonderful array of better Washington Franklin issues including 331-42 complete, 374-382 complete, some scarcer coil pairs, 392-396 line pairs, 397-404 complete, 414-423 complete, 424-440 complete (440 is used), 452-458 pairs or line pairs, 468-476, and 478-480, 498-518 (no 505), elusive 523-524, plus 1918 Offset issues; Fourth bureau include 551-573, 581-591, 597-606 singles and pairs or line pairs includes 599A single and line pair, a handsome 1926 White Plains sheet #630; 1929 Kansas Nebraskas 658-679 complete; then the collection is virtually complete through 1993 including Prexies and Liberty series; Back of the book include Airmail issues COMPLETE C1-C131 - including a lovely set of Zeppelins C13-C15; Special Delivery issues are quite choice and complete E1-E13; Postage Dues are well represented with J1-J7 (mixed used and mint), J15-J21 unused complete, J22-J28 unused complete, Scarcer J29 and J30, J31-J37, J38-J44 complete, J45-J50 complete, J52-J57 (missing the scarce J58); the 1912 Parcel Post are complete Q1-12 along with Parcel Post Due JQ1-5; Ducks are mixed used or mint RW1-RW60 complete to 1993; you won;'t believe the completeness of this wonderful collection that is virtually all unused except for a few back of the book issues; as in any huge unpicked lot there may be an occasional cancel removed or cleaned on the scarcer unused classics, but that is to be expected on a collection of this size; you'll find a treasure trove of nice looking, usable stamps to choose from - don't miss this wonderful collection - it's as good as advertised.
Estimate $30,000 - 40,000.

Realized $36,000

Lot 64


U.S., Astounding Mint & Used Collection, 1847-2000. Presented for your viewing pleasure, in six volumes, better mint with 10X1, 10X2, 3,4, 242, 278 block of four, 279Bc block of four, 357-358, 479, 480, White Plains sheet, Kansas-Nebraska issue complete, C13-C15, E2, used includes 1, 2, 9 with red cancel, 10, 19b with PF 2016 certificate, 29, 38, 79 with 2004 APEX certificate, 124, 125, 128, 130-132, large Bank Notes with better cancels, excellent selection of Washington Franklins, and that's just one volume, an extensive and choice collection including many of the high percentage items that are never found in such holdings, this is one that any dealer or collector would be proud to own, a few flaws, but overall Fine to Very Fine with many NH stamps.
Scott $90,000+ Estimate $20,000 - 30,000.

Realized $21,600

Lot 65


U.S., Extraordinary Better Quality Valuable Collection. Meticulously assembled in a Lighthouse hingeless album; loaded with plenty of valuable stamps that would please any collector or dealer; beginning with a gorgeous 10¢ 1847 issue - Scott #2 with gorgeous red grid cancellation; a nice array of imperforate 1851's including 13-14 and 17; 1857 perforated issues 23-26, 28, 29-30A, 36, 36b, and 38; nice group of 1861's - 62B, 67, 67a, 69-70, 70b steel blue shade, 71-72; nice 1867 grills - 89, 91, 96-98 100-102; 1869 Pictorials 117-122, select group of better 1870's Banknotes includes 155, 165-166, 191, and 218, choice unused 1890's regulars 224-227 and 229; 1893 Columbians complete 230-245; nice Bureaus 246-259, 270-273, 275-276, 276A, and 279-284; choice 1902-03 regular issues 300-310 and a valuable 313; Washington Franklins are well represented 331-342, 414-421, 424-439, some better coils, 479-480, 506-518, 523-524, and 547; choice set of 551-573, 581-591, a choice 630 White Plains sheet, and 658-679; there's choice 1938 Prexies along with a nice group of 26 modern imperforate coil pairs from 1305Eg to 2913A; an outstanding collection - much nicer than normally encountered.
Estimate $20,000 - 30,000.

Realized $24,000

Lot 66


U.S., Phenomenal Collection. One of the most desirable United States collections being offered in this auction; housed in two spacious Scott National albums, this collection has a super abundance of choice quality mint and used stamps; highlights of this jam packed collection include lovely examples of the United State's first postage stamps, Scott #'s 1 & 2, each with neat red grid cancellations; the imperf 1851's include #'s 8A (with Doporto plating certificate), 10A with A.P.S. certificate, 12-15, and 17; the 1857 perforated issues include 35-38, with a nice appearing used #39 with a red grid cancellation; 1861's include blocks of #'s 65 and 68, along with a rare unused (regummed) Scott #64 - the scarce pink shade, with Weiss certificate; better 1867 grills include #79 - grilled all over, 84 with Weiss certificate, 85 with Weiss certificate, along with complete 86-91 E grills and 92-100 F grills; 1869 Pictorials complete to the 30¢ - #112-121; better 1870's Banknote issues 145-155, 156-166 (no 164), 182-191, 212-218 and 219-229; 1893 Columbians 230-240 and 242; 1894 unwatermarked Bureaus 246-260; watermarked 1895 Bureaus 264-277, and 1898 new colors complete 279-284; 1898 Trans-Mississippi 285-291; 1901 Pan-Ams 294-299 complete; 1902 regular issue 300-312; wonderful group of Washington Franklin issues 331-342 complete, 374-382 complete, various better flat plate coils in singles or pairs and even some line pairs; 24-440 complete, there are two 505 error blocks - one an off centered block of 9 with single error, along with a nice double error block/12 with two errors; attractive 523-524 and 547; 551-569 plus two 573's, 599A type II coil pair, a choice 1926 #630 White Plains souvenir sheet/25; 1929 Kansas-Nebraska complete 658-679; Back of the book include complete Airmails C1-C150 that includes a select unused set of the 1930 Zeppelins C13-C15; Special Delivery complete E1-E23; there are some decent Postage Dues including J1-7, J15-20, J22-28, J31-37, J38-J43, J46-49, and J52-56; 11919 Shanghai overprints K1-17; 1913 Parcel Post complete Q1-12; and this impressive collection wraps up with some choice Confederate States issues; a wonderful collection for any dealer looking for choice usable stamps from a collection that hasn't been picked over.
Estimate $12,000 - 18,000.

Realized $17,400

Lot 116


U.S., Magnificent Fancy Cancellation Study; Ex: Skinner. The finest fancy cancel collection ever to hit the market intact and as received; nearly 280 hand picked fancy cancellations from the Hubert Skinner collection attractively assembled on stock pages with corresponding reference number next to each stamp; there are fancy corks including masks, clovers, leaf, targets, patent, hearts, shields, flags, along with some major rarities including Scott #65 Waterbury "Skull and Cross bones" (PH-S 6) with 1986 P.F. certificate; Scott #65 with beautiful strike of "US in star studded fancy wreath" of Albany, New York (PT-C 17); Scott #65 - two examples with Corry Pennsylvania fancy "Eagle with three bars" (PT-E 4) plus another Corry, Pennsylvania fancy Eagle with Four Bars" (PT-E 3); Scott #73 with fancy Waterbury "Man In Hat" (PH-F 9); Scott #114 fancy Waterbury "Skull and Cross bones" (S-E PH-S 12) with 2001 P.F. certificate; all of these eye catching examples are fully described, and already priced; the marked retail is an incredible $113,860.00; the perfect lot for any show dealer specializing in better quality fancy cancels or an Ebayer's delight - as all the work is already done; this is one of the most important lots in the collections sale and is a lot not to be missed, not only for its incredible value - but for its absolute beauty, Ex: Skinner.
Estimate $30,000 - 40,000.

Realized $27,600

Lot 136


U.S., Back-of-the-Book, Absolutely Spectacular Collection. One of the most impressive back of the book collections we have had the pleasure to offer in some time; beautifully presented in Lighthouse Hingeless album, this wonderful offering includes complete Airmail issues with a stunning top quality used set of Zepps C13-C15 - the top two values with graded P.S.E. certificates, along with a nice assortment of salable plate blocks C11, C17, C19, and C25-31; the Special Delivery issues are complete and are mostly mint E1-E21; Postage Dues are well represented with J1-7, J18-21, J22-28, J38-43, and J45-50; 1919 U.S. Offices in China complete K1-K18 with extra K13 in differing shade; impressive 1873 and 1879 Official including O1-9 complete, O12-14, O15-24 complete, O25-32, O35-45 complete, O47-56 complete, O57-67, Scarcer O68 - $2 State Dept., O72-82 complete, O83-93 complete, and some decent soft paper issues; the scarcer Newspaper issues are better than normally encountered and include PR1-8, PR9-13, 15, 18, 22-23, 57, 59-63, 66-67, 70, 72, 78, 81-83, 86, and 114-125; six P.S.E. certificates accompany this elusive group; there's a select complete set of 1912 Parcel Post issues Q1-12, and Parcel Post Due JQ1-5; U.S. Possessions include a gorgeous group of Guam #'s 1-12; completing this impressive collection is a complete set of 1869 Pictorial card proofs 112-122P4 - each a bit faded probably from being displayed in sunlight, otherwise quite elusive; an entertaining collection overflowing with value and a lot that certainly shouldn't be missed.
Estimate $15,000 - 20,000.

Realized $16,200

Lot 172


U.S., Enormous Accumulation. Loaded into a fancy travel suitcase overflowing with sheets, plate blocks and singles; impressive group of Columbians including 238 never hinged x (6); outstanding quantitites of C3's, C6's and C18's; everything imaginable in this suitcase including a large quantity of better sheets plus even some Duck sheets, important Newspaper stamps, etc.; you will need extra time to fully evaluate this impressive holding and the lucky buyer gets his own traveling suitcase to take it all home.
Estimate $15,000 - 20,000.

Realized $19,200

Lot 199

U.S., Spectacular Airmail and Back-of-the-Book Dealer's Stock. Powerful accumulation strong in better airmail issues, neatly presented on black cards or dealer stock pages neatly organized in hinged, and never hinged selections; highlights of this great lot include C1 x (232) along with sic blocks of 4, C2 x (82) plus sixteen used examples, C3 x (105) plus two blocks/4, C4 x (258) plus four blocks/4, C5 x (182), and C6 x (130); other Back Of The Book issues include a beautiful selection of Official stamps - particularly #O35 x (14), seven of which include P.S.E. certificates of authenticity; there's also a decent grouping of the 193 Parcel Post issues with a nice group of never hinged examples; an impressive holding that would yield a ton of value if broken down and sold individually.
Scott $76,387 Estimate $10,000 - 15,000.

Realized $13,200

Lot 288


U.S. and Possessions, Old Time Stamp Collection, 1845-1909. Type collection in old time Scott International large bound album with lovely gilt edged pages, with stamps carefully mounted in their proper place with some highlights that include: 9X1, 1-2, 9, 12, 15, 27, 28, 29, 30A, 36B, 37, 38, 39 mint, 71, 78, 86, 90, 91, 92-101, 112-17, 119 (2), 120-22, 134A, 135A, 138A, 139, 143, 144, mixed set of National and Continental banknotes, 215-18, 219-29, 248-63 (not checked because many had paper adherence to back), 230-45 (mostly mint, middle values from 6¢ to 30¢ are used), 277, 278, 285-93, 298-99 mint, 312, 331-42 (mint except higher values are used), E3 mint, E7 mint, mostly used officials (papers mostly correctly identified): O2-9, O10-14 (mostly unused), O15-24, O25-34, O35-45, O48-56, O57-68, O72-82, O83-93, PR1-4 mint, PR114-25 mint, R94a, perforated first issue revenues mostly complete only missing three expensive key stamps, R103-27, R134-49, R159-60, R179-81, R189, Confederate States 1 mint, Canal Zone 1-3, 4-8 mint, 27-30, 31-35, Guam 1-8, 10-12, E1, Hawaii mixed set of banknotes, red and black Provisionals only missing a few values, O1-6, Philippines 39-42, 43-47, some Alfonso XII with some overprints and a decent amount of Newspapers, mostly complete Alfonso XIII long sets, 212 mint, 224 mint, 226-36 mixed mint and used, E1 mint, J1-7 mint, Puerto Rico high level of completion of Alfonso XII and XIII sets, 210-14 mint, J1-3 mint, Samoa decent Palms with surcharges and Provisional overprints, generally Fine to Very Fine appearance.
Estimate $12,000 - 18,000.

Realized $21,600

Lot 801


Worldwide, Philatelic Pastiche, 1860-2000. A real old time collection of thousands of stamps & souvenir sheets with dozens of pages of first day covers, postal stationery & commercial mail & large blocks of mint stamps added to sixteen Scott International albums, includes mint Albania 393A, Alexandria C1-C8, used Brazil 3, 7-10, 27-28, Republic of China 1556-1562, 1682-1693, Iceland 232-235, with exceptional coverage of mint, used & covers of the following countries- Belgium, Bhutan, Egypt, French Colonies, Hawaii, Hungary, India & States, Ireland, Japan, Monaco, Portugal & Colonies, Romania, San Marino, Thailand & Turkey, this represents one man's labor of love, enormous break up value, examine with great care, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $7,500 - 10,000.

Realized $13,200

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