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U.S., E.F.O. Specialized Collection, 1847-2012. In 42 Lindner albums (which if you consult the Encyclopedia Galactica, you will note 42 also happens to be "the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything"). The collection contains approximately 7,500 EFO's (EFO's in blocks and multiples counted as the numbers of stamps with the error, ie. a sheet of 50 with perf shifts will be counted as 50 EFO's). Stamps carefully arranged in denomination order on generic Lindner hingeless pages customized for the various sizes and varieties of errors and freaks abounding in this collection. Unlike many EFO collections that seem to be more of an accumulation, this collection appears well thought out with an amazing variety of issues, from early classical issues, to just touching the earliest forever denomination issue and everything in between. Everything you can imagine you would find in an EFO collection will be here, various misperfs: with diagonal misfed perforations, foldovers, extra perforation rows, etc., inking varieties: overinking, under inking, ink spots, partial prints caused by foreign matter, some missing various colors and even the occasional albino, occasional printing errors, with splices or wierd cuts from foldovers and even the occasional guttersnipe (including a few interesting full gutters), etc. This is probably the most advanced collection of it's kind available on the market and should be viewed by anyone serious about building or adding to their EFO collection, some notable items include: 1 with vertical preprint paper fold, 11 with small preprint paper folds, 24 and 63 with dramatic preprint paper folds, 73 with slight perf shift, 114 single with preprint paper fold and misperf pair, 117 mint with slight perf shift, 220 corner strip of three with foldover, 230 corner margin strip of three with diagonal perfs, 231 corner margin foldover pair, 264 corner margin strip with extra diagonal perfs, a couple dramatic 296 vignette shifts, 298 with vignette shift to right, 401 corner margin foldover with double perf shifts, various Washington / Franklin and 1922 regular issue singles and blocks with various perf shifts, diagonal perfs and foldovers, 510 preprint paper fold pair with partial missing printing of bottom stamp, 530 pair with horizontal perfs shifted diagonally, 537 block of four with shifted horizontal perfs 40%, 633 and 634 imperf printers waste imperf pairs, 702 group of shifted cross singles and a couple foldover blocks, various 1938 Presidential and 1954 Liberty perf shifts and over/under ink errors, miscut booklets, gutter snipes, etc., 804 gutter pair, 806 freaky foldover error block of 20, 807 freaky foldover error with partial four stamps of adjoining pane, 832 plate block with dramatic vignette shift, many 3¢ commemorative perf and gutter snipe errors, freaky 1033 booklet miscut roughly into a triangle shape with perfs all over, 1117 with large dramatic foldover error, 1331-32 missing red flag on capsule, 1470b, 1500 block of 30 with dramatic black color shift, 1597 imperf transitional sheet from perf to imperf, 1622 full sheet with major foldover error, 1789c, 1845 dry print full sheet of 100, 1953-2002 misperf complete sheet, 2014a, 2194 $1 Hopkins with shifted horizontal perfs complete pane, 2276 complete sheet with multiple downward color shifts, 2618 diagonal vertical perf shifts, 2756-59 full pane with corner foldover error, 2863-66 pane with extra row of perforations at right, 2870 Recalled Legends pane, 4144a, various OIHO bureau precancel errors, C3 used, slightly shifted up, C3 mint slightly shifted down, E6 mint with large preprint paper fold, J61 used block with preprint paper fold on two stamps, three albums of postal stationery with miscuts, albinos, partial indicia, etc., group of used revenue stamps with preprint paper folds: R5c, R15c, R25c, R27c, R36c, and extra row of perfs: R13c, R41c, R152 and finally an album for various oversize items and errors used on cover, occasional faults should be expected (sometimes due to the nature of EFO's, like creases from foldovers, printer mangling, etc), but vast majority appear fresh and attractive with many great pieces that should find plenty of interest if you wish to break down for individual sale, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $25,000 - 35,000.

Realized $26,400

Lot 205


Worldwide, Collection, 1840's-2018. Mostly mint stamps, neatly organized on black double sided stock pages in 102 large white three ring binders, mostly individual country albums (which we mentioned below, but the list is not complete with smaller country collections not mentioned), with some countries spanning several albums and occasional smaller countries combined into single albums by first letter of country name, good selection of modern issues with many better complete sets and souvenir sheets from the 1990's to 2018, with higher face values adding up to decent value, some better sections and better individual countries, including: Argentina 611-18, Australia, Austria Costumes set, a few better late 1940's and early 1950's semi postal sets, C57-58, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Bulgaria, Newfoundland 61-71, 74, 78-85, 104-14, 183-99, Canada 96-100, China with good sections of Republic of China and many great PRC sets with good sections of complete sets from 1970's and 1980's, Czechoslovakia, France 64, 89, 123, 131-32, 142, 296-97, some better semi postals, C8-14 (top two values used on piece), C15 on piece, C27, French Colonies, French Southern and Antarctic Territory some earlier better mint sets, C1-2, C3, C4, C6, C11, C12, C17, C26-27, Germany, DDR, Gibraltar 132-45, 147-60, Great Britain 112-17, a couple Edward VII higher values, diverse Machin heads, Isle of Man, Jersey, Greece, Hungary 486, Iceland 152-61, 193-94, 203-8B, 284-86, Ireland, Israel, Italy C23-26, C79-83, C89-94, Japan 87-90, plenty of parks sets, several 1940's Sports blocks and sets, 422, 479, many values from 1949 Famous Japanese set, good early 1950's Scenes sets, Malta, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Monaco, a few better mint Albert I values, Netherlands 81, 105 used, New Zealand 333-52, Portugal and Colonies, Romania, Russia some nice early classics, Ryukyu, San Marino, St. Pierre and Miquelon good amount of 1942 F.N.F.L. overprints, 393-95, 408-11, 412-14, 415-16, B9-10, C25, C35-36, C44, C47-49, C50-54, Singapore, South Africa several good runs of Animal's definitives, Spain and Colonies, Sweden, Switzerland good semi postals and a few better souvenir sheets, Thailand, Turkey, United Nations, United States Duck Stamps with several earlier mint and used ducks, a few Junior duck stamps, a decent amount of mint modern ducks and several pages of State Ducks, Vatican City, etc., generally Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $150,000 (Owner's) Estimate $20,000 - 30,000.

Realized $21,600

Lot 3


U.S., Collection on Album Pages, 1847-1956. Uncle Fred's estate, intact as received. A compact but remarkably comprehensive collection, classics mostly used but in varying quantities, begins with 14 lovely #1's in a variety of shades (includes at least one #1b with certificate) and cancels; 1851-57 includes dozens of 1¢ and 3¢ and a couple of 5¢, 10¢ and 12¢; 1857-62 run to the 90¢ with a large variety shades, cancels, and types, occasional mint and unused stamps included; 1869 run to 15¢; starting with the banknotes, grilled and ungrilled, almost all values are represented, used unused or both including good shades and cancels, small banknotes are complete unused; Columbians are complete to $2.00 with extra values and several never hinged, the bureaus are complete except for a few dollar values, including many duplicates; Trans-Mississippi complete to 50¢ with several never hinged; Pan-American complete with most never hinged; 1902 regulars run to 15¢, many never hinged; from there on we're largely complete with many extras and most never hinged; airmails include C1-C6 never hinged; two C13 and C14, never hinged except one C13 lightly hinged; Special Delivery from E5 on except E10, earlies lightly hinged, rest never hinged; a very nice run of officials; parcel post complete; and a nice group of Confederates, an astounding variety of the classics, worthy of further study and classification, generally superior condition throughout although the usual faults may be present, numerous hidden gems reside as well as hundreds of solid stamps, huge break up value or a superb basis for culling and expansion, thorough examination will be rewarded, generally Fine to Very Fine or better, 40 Certificates are included.
Estimate $15,000 - 20,000.

Realized $22,800

Lot 206


Worldwide, Collection, 1840-2003. Filling 15 large boxes (when shipped to us, before repacking) filled with 35 albums worth of Scott International albums with years ranging from 1840-2003 (missing binders and posts), containing U.S. 112-17, 119, 230-40, 285-91, 1030-53 mint, E6 mint, plus 37 different glassine counter boxes for various sizes from #2-#4, each packed with glassines adding up to many tens of thousands, presumably duplicates, in glassines, containing individual stamps and occasional sets, seven different Whitman Coin albums, with several dollars worth of early silver, including some early Quarters and Mercury dimes, three boxes filled with various worldwide covers and several binders full of more modern mint with larger plate blocks and souvenir sheets, a group of mint sheet files containing many mint and used complete sheets, etc., although there aren't many individual items to enumerate, there are many $10, $20, $50, etc, sets and singles floating about that add up to significant value. You should take a little time to look around to properly evaluate, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $15,000 - 20,000.

Realized $10,800

Lot 2


U.S., Collection, 1851-1965. In Scott National album, with unused (and purchased as such, including a few which may be used): 7, 9, 17, 20, 26, 30, 30A, 32, 35, 36, 37, 42, 68 (2), 72, 76, 77, 87, 89, 92-99, 112, 115, 116, 118, 119, 121, 125, 127, 128, 129, 130, 133 with PF certificate, 135, 138, 146 with copy of PF certificate, 148, 149 o.g. with P.F. certificate, 152, 153, 161, 162, 165, 179, 185, 189 photocopy of P.F. certificate, 191 (3), 206, 209, 211, 212-16, 219-222, 219D with PF certificate, 224-26, 230-39, 246-52 (251 with P.F. certificate), 255-60, 262, 263, 264-75, 277-78, 279-82, 283, 285-86, 288, 320 NH plate number strip of three with NH P.F. certificate, 323-27, 343-47, 357-58, 390-91 line pairs, 401-403, 405-7, 410-13, 441-47, 452 line pair, 455 line pair, 524, 525-30, 531-34A, 547, 548-50, 551-73, 591, 599A, 614-21, 630, 692-701, 803-34, 1030-53, E2, E3, E7, E8, E10-13, Q1-7, Q10-11, JQ1-5, F1, J1, J3-5, J7, J15-20, J27-28, J33 with P.F. certificate, J35-37, J38-44, J48, J52-54, J61-67 and (used): 8, 10, 15, 18, 19? 25, 27, 28, 29, 67, 69-71, 75, 78, 85, 85B, 85E, 90, 91, 100, 137 with PF certificate, some small faults, but overall condition seems better than usual with plenty of attractive singles, generally Fine to Very Fine or better, quite attractive overall, ex- McClellan.
Estimate $15,000 - 20,000.

Realized $24,000

Lot 46

U.S. and Foreign, Duck and Hunting Stamp Collection, Inception to 2008. In five Scott Specialty albums of state ducks, in order by State and then by year, with most of the little panes, varieties and a numbers that can sometimes be difficult to find, with better items that include: California 1-2, Colorado 1a-4a, Connecticut 1b signed single and plate block of four, Florida 1, Illinois 1-7a, 17a, Iowa 1, 8, Louisiana 1a-2a, Michigan 2, Missouri 1 with tab, Montana 34 left and right pair from booklet pane, New Hampshire 1a-3a, New Jersey 11b-12b, 21c-22c, 21c full pane, North Dakota 32, 1982-1987 better booklet singles, Oregon 2 booklet single, 11b imperf, 19, Rhode Island 1a-4a, South Carolina 1-5, 2a-5a, Tennessee 1-4, 3 (3 part card), Texas 16-17 in booklets, Wyoming 1-6, plus two albums of worldwide ducks from 16 different countries, with strong sections of Australia, Canada, Quebec and United Kingdom, etc., adding up to approximately $7,000 of additional Sam Houston retail value, Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $55,000+ Estimate $15,000 - 20,000.

Realized $14,400

Lot 191


Persia, Incredible Mint / Unused and Used Stock, 1876-1966. Housed in twelve large Elbe binders of stock pages, with copious quantities of most issues represented and a multitude of reprints and forgeries as well; including 1876 Nasser-Eddin Shah Qajar 1s (28, eight unused), 2s (36, four unused), 5s (55, five unused) and 10s (36, four unused), 1879-80 Nasser-Eddin Shah Qajar 1k (27), 5k (40), 1s (30, eight unused), 2s (18, three unused), 5s (31, one unused) and 10s (31), 1881 lithographed 5s (38, eight unused), 10s (26, two unused) and 25s (8), 1882 recess 5s (18, six unused), 10s (28), 25c (35) and a large quantity of Paris forgeries, 1882-84 Nasser-Eddin Shah Qajar 10s (45, with four unused), 50c buff, orange and black (30), 50c. gray and black (24), 1f (45, two mint), 5f (55, one mint) and 10f (55, six mint), 1885 lithographed 5c (17, with shades), 1885-86 typographed 5c mint and 5k used (31), 1885 "Officiel" overprints are represented by a large selection of each value with a significant number classified as genuine by the owner, as well as the usual forgeries, 1891 lithographed in Vienna 7c gray mint (2), 1894 typographed 50k mint with U.P.U. Specimen red line mint (brown gum), 1897 Provisional surcharges (100), 1898 Mozaffar-eddin Shah Qajar both originals and reprints in fairly large amounts mint, 1900-02 surcharges and typeset issues reference in large quantities throughout, 1902-04 Mohammad-Ali Shah Qajar 10k (11), 20k (20) and 30k (22) mint with many never hinged and 50k used (3), 1906 typeset issue, 1907-09 Mohammed-Ali Shah Qajar 4k bister (37), 5k (39), 10k (44), 20k (34), 30k (41) and 50k (7) mint (some never hinged), 1909 Arms 1c to 30k mint and used, 1911-21 Ahmad Shah Qajar issue with overprints and surcharges mint and used, and 1915 Coronation issue with reprints 1c to 24c corner blocks of four printed on both sides with one side inverted vignette unused and overprints, all in large quantities as previously, 1926 Pahlavi government commemoration overprints, 1926-29 Reza Shah Pahlavi 1k (6, one with blind double perforations at top and imprint number) and 2k (6) mint, 1929 Reza Shah Pahlavi 5k (2), 1t, 2t (2) and 3t mint and 3t used (18), 1931-32 Reza Shah Pahlavi 1c to 27c mint (4 sets, only two examples of 6c and 9c), 1933-34 Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 5r mint, 1935 10th Anniversary of Reign 5d to 1½r mint (5 sets) with additional 1r mint (4), 1935 Reza Shah Pahlavi 1.50r (2), 2r (2), 3r (3) and 5r (3) mint, 1935 "Postes Iraniennes" overprints with 5k lightly cancelled, 1942-46 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and Buildings 2r light blue (3), 2r sage green (3), 3r bright violet (2), 10r (2), 20r orange and black, 30r gray black and emerald (regummed), 30r emerald and black (2), 50r dark blue and brown red, 50r bright violet and black and 100r mint, and 20r chocolate and violet (40) and 30r gray black and emerald used (40), 1949 Victory 25d to 5r mint (10 sets), 1949-50 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and Buildings 5d to 50r mint with additional 30r and 50r, 1950 31st Birthday 25d to 5r mint (7 sets), 1951-52 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 50r mint (5 sets), 1953 Sports 1r to 10r mint (10 sets), 1954 Naturalization of Fishing 1r to 10r mint (10 sets), 1954 World Forestry Congress 1r to 10r mint (10 sets), 1955-56 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 50r mint with additional 1.50r (11), 20r (7) and 50r (2), 1956-57 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 200r mint with additional 100r, 1957-58 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 200r mint (no 30r and 50r) with additional 100r, 1958-59 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 200r mint (4 sets), and 1959-60 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi 5d to 200r mint with additional 100r and 200r, Semi-Postals with 1950 4th Anniversary of Liberation of Azerbaijan 10d+5d to 3r+1.50r mint (8 sets), Airmails with 1928 surcharges 3k to 3t mint with additional values (12), 1929 overprints mint (3 sets), 1930 1c to 3t mint (3 sets), 1953 50d to 200r mint, 1953 3r to 20r (8 sets), Officials with a wealth of 1902-11 overprints on large quantities for each issue and value, 1915 Coronation overprinted reprints mint (25 sets), 1941 Arms 20r (3), 30r (3) and 60r (3) used, Newspaper, Parcel Post with 1915 Coronation overprinted reprints mint (25 sets), and Postal Tax Stamps, and a volume of Miscellaneous with 1899 "PP" overprints, 1902-04 Typeset overprints, Postage Dues 1899 Boital unissued 1c to 1t mostly unused (50), 1903-04 Postal Tax and Postage Due overprints, Charity 1918-19 stamps including Tabriz Famine relief 1s label, Locals with 1896 Tabriz 1s label used on piece and 1904 Isfahan overprints on 2c (4), and a range of Rebellion 1908-21 issues; also literature with handbook and catalogs, Fine to Very Fine with better throughout.
Estimate $12,000 - 15,000

It goes without saying, but expect considerable number of reprints and forgeries, especially among the overprints and surcharges. Nevertheless, this is a remarkable holding, in all probability one of the largest such surviving stocks in existence, representing a wonderful opportunity for the specialist

Realized $19,200

Lot 197


Turkey, Highly Specialized Collection, 1863-2007. Housed in fourteen albums or stockbooks, which seem to have been in the process of transition from homemade stock books into Palo hingeless albums, but still need a little work to fully transition, many better items from the difficult early sets through to the modern issues, with many specialized items you just cannot find in most collections, including 1863-64 first issue Scott 1-7, thick paper 20pa., 1pi., 1865-76 Duloz issue with 1865 color trials (six of the different colors of each value) 13, 19, proofs, blocks, varieties, reprints, 73, 1891 printed matter 10pa - 5pi, 1892 2pi Tête-bêche pair and block of four (98a), 99a (50pi at upper right var.), P34a (50pi at upper right var.), 1901 Foreign and Domestic issues along with Newspaper overprints, 1905 issues with Newspaper overprints, 1908 internal postage and printed matter sets, varieties, 1909 set and printed matter set, 1911 Sultans Visit to Macedonia postage and newspaper sets for each of the four cities issued, 1913 G.P.O. Constantinople set, 254-270, 286a (inverted surcharge), 1915 Star and crescent issue with many varieties 1917 Bulls head overprinted with many varieties, 1922 Turkey in Asia War sets with and without overprints, 1923 Republic set in various printings with varieties, 625-632, 634-647, 648-658, 659-672, 676-681, 682-704, 705-726, 737-757 in various printings, 765-773, 1059-1074 proof set, B54-B68, a fantastic and largely complete range of later issues with miniature sheets, Postage Dues, Officials, Red Crescent with 1912 and 1915 se-tenant strips of five, Obligatory Tax, Aviation Fund with RAC1-4, RAC5-14, RAC 23, Alexandretta, Hatay, etc., overall condition mostly Fine to Very Fine, needs close inspection.
Estimate $12,000 - 18,000.

Realized $8,400

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